There is something that has been bugging me. I have gotten many comments throughout my life along the lines of you are really polite for an atheist I can't believe you're not insert religion here another similar one being you are very polite for an American. These people are making the rather strange assumption that they are being polite when they are insulting me. In all honesty belonging to one country or religion does not really determine if you are rude or not. So if you ever find yourself in the position of using a similar phrase stop for a second a see how much of a jackass you are being.

Alex cried out on the marble floor his body rocking hoping to find some release. Desperately he started to try and press the dildo in and out of him. Sobbing Alex wished for the real thing the pumping into him instead of a thin toy. Resigned Alex cracked open the door to see Yassen calmly reading on a chair. Letting lose a sob of despair he stumbled towards the imposing figure desperate for a true release. When he finally had reached the assassin he collapsed on the floor next to Yassen.

Looking down at Alex Yassen raised his eyebrow and said "Is there something you need pet?"

Gasping Alex moaned "Please I need… I need you."

Observing the shaking boy Yassen stood up with his usual effortless grace. He gently placed a hand under the trembling boys chin and softly whispered

"I know what you need but you are a kitty and kitties do not speak nor do they walk good kitties crawl. Follow this rule and I think this could be quite a pleasant experience for you.

In a couple of long graceful strides Yassen entered the bedroom. He undressed in his usual fashion neither hurried nor slow. Yassen then sat in the middle of the chair his cock jutting upwards.

"Come here kitty if you want cock you are going to come here and fuck yourself on it."

Blushing Alex crawled to the bedroom his tail still twitching from side to side. Climbing onto the bed he tentatively approached Yassen. Smirking Yassen turned over and grabbed a bottle of lube from the bedside table. Slicking his cock he motioned for the squirming teen to come forward.

Tentatively Alex crawled onto Yassen's lap and slowly positioned himself over the throbbing member. (1) Bracing himself Alex gasped at the feeling of fucking himself on Yassen's dick. Tentatively he started to raise and lower himself on to Yassen. It didn't take long for Yassen to get tired with Alex's clumsy attempts and but his hands around Alex's waist firmly guiding him slowly up and down. Typically their fucking was set at a furious pace but the slow firm movements where just as intense. Soft gasps and pants filled the room along with the smell of sex. Groaning Alex felt himself drawing closer to cuming and desperately levered himself up and slammed down hard. Groaning Yassen followed Alex's lead and started thrusting viciously into the tight heat encasing him. Letting out a keening mew Alex came and Yassen soon followed Alex's warm and squeezing channel pushing him over the edge.

Yassen pulled Alex off of his softening member satisfied to see his cum dripping from his boy's hole. Yassen reached down and fingered the leaking anatomy smirking when Alex blushed.

"How utterly sluttish you look your cum dripping from your hole and mine dripping down from your boy pussy."

Bending down over the boy he bit Alex's thigh and started to gently suck on it leaving behind a vibrant mark. He then moved upwards to similarly mark the quivering teen's neck.

Flipping Alex over Yassen laid back on the bed firmly directing his mouth towards his hardening dick.

"Suck I know that kittens love cream so I am sure you will enjoy this."

At the statement Alex jerked up but then a sultry look crossed his face as he licked at Yassen's dick like he would an ice-cream. This was one of the things Yassen loved about Alex most of the time Alex was rather like a shy young virgin but sometimes he became an insatiable slut. While Yassen liked the pure virgin sometimes the slut was fun too. Groaning Yassen forced Alex's head down to swallow him whole. About to cum Yassen abruptly yanked his cock out of Alex's mouth and came on Alex's face and into his open mouth. Alex gasped suddenly the shock of having his face dripping cum driving him back to his usual shyness. Racing for the bathroom he slammed and locked the door which did nothing to hide the sound of Yassen's laughter.

A good half an hour later Alex immerged dripping wet with only a towel to cover himself. Blushing he ran into the walk in closet and groaned. Yassen had hidden all practical clothing and had laid out a slutty catholic school girl uniform on the couch. Scowling Alex inspected the clothing articles, there was a pair of slutty girl, panties stockings, garter, a skirt that would show his butt, a sheer blouse and a tie. The uniform was a red plaid which matched the panties and the garter was black. On the ground by the couch was a pair of flats that Catholic school girls wore. Grumbling Alex got changed before heading out of the closet frowning furiously. Outside Yassen stared shamelessly at Alex stomping forward Alex frowned up at Yassen and promptly tried to knee him in the groin. Catching Alex's knee Yassen dragged Alex across the room and threw him on the bed. Jumping off the bed Alex saw that Yassen had grabbed a pair of handcuff. Approaching the escaping teen he deftly blocked Alex's round kick and cuffed both his hands with two different handcuffs. Throwing the teen once again he connected the other ends of the handcuffs to the headboard. Yassen smiled down at the struggling teen with his butt facing him. Walking towards the closet he brought back a wooden ruler. Climbing onto the bed he pulled on Alex's hair.

"You have been very bad and need to be punished."

Bring down the ruler he smacked Alex's butt firmly. After 12 strikes Yassen noticed something odd. Alex was squirming around grinning he reached in between Alex's legs to fell his very erect cock.

"I always knew you were a slut. Look at you being spanked and you are slutty begging for more. So being spanked turns you on does it?

Alex groaned partly in embarrassment and partly because he tried to hide his face when Yassen was once again gripping his hair. Releasing the cuffs Yassen flipped the boy on his back. He carefully removed Alex's panties and immediately thrust into the teen. Alex gasped and pulled his legs around Yassen's waist drawing him further in. Alex was already stretched from having been broken not an hour earlier. Grunting Yassen climaxed into Alex's squirming body. Gasping Alex quickly followed him being pushed over the edge by the warmth that rushed inside him.

Rolling off Alex, Yassen turned to face the panting teen and informed him that he decided that they would dine with the rest of the faculty and students.

If you haven't already noticed I am a female, I mean really who else would use a cheesy line like throbbing member. Sometimes I am either wildly horny when writing these and other times I just want to laugh at myself for being so cliché.

GreenDrkness I appreciate the ideas and am working on them! Thank you so much I hadn't even thought of Alex pranking Yassen but I have a good idea now. I know that I lied about the next chapter being hot sex but the idea for the sex costume store just flew into my head and I had to do it.