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Chapter Seventeen- Christmas- A variety of Gifts

Christmas eve was a lovely day for the massive group residing in Grimauld place. Everyone was bubbly and friendly, without the hectic noise that Christmas day would inevitably bring.

After seeing his mother a few days before, Draco was in a brilliant mood, and, to everyone's surprise, spent the morning of Christmas eve learning how to make trifle with a diluted firewhisky sponge.

Molly was more than happy for him to help her in the kitchen, and Harry joined in, laughing as Draco made a mess with the ingredients.

The scene had a strong family vibe, and it gradually attracted everyone until they were all seated at the massive dining table, watching the Slytherin boy, of all people, giggle as Harry tapped his nose with a strong white flour that they weren't even using.

Molly, ever the mother, knew to keep space between the two boys and her soup, and once the lunch was ready sent a happy but untidy pair to change while she set the table. She promised Draco that everyone, including Snape, would try the desert, and the two boys had stumbled up the stairs to their room, allowing the older of the two female Weasley's (discounting Fleur, who wasn't really a Weasley) to cast cleaning charms all over the kitchen, a necessity caused by the fact that they seemed to throw flour about four feet around them.


It turned out, as absorbed in their own relationships as they-quite rightly- were, that none of the Hogwart's group had paid much attention to that of Mad-Eye and Tonks, who were more discreet than any of the younger couples, and did not have a disappeared mark or wedding ring to draw much attention to them. (To be perfectly honest, they both had rings, but kept them on chains, neither really bothered over whether everyone knew or not. )

So, when it came to trying the trifle, there was a great amount of surprise for everyone.

Remus was trying to convince Severus that even Harry and Draco could not have made a lethal pudding, when Tonks, who had almost finished handing around the bowls, placed one in front of Moody, and paused to wrap one arm around his shoulder, then kissed his cheek softly, her hair turning from Weasley ginger to bubblegum pink.

And as if that wasn't strange enough, he wrapped an arm around her waist, and his normally rather severe face creased into a grin.

"I think pink really suits you, 'Dora."

Everyone was watching, and the weight of the audience suddenly hit them both, as Mad-eye let go of Tonks, turning his attention to the surprisingly edible trifle whilst Tonks took her usual seat next to Ginny, her hair morphing back to ginger.

Most of the group then resumed conversation, and Draco nudged both Severus and Harry, causing the former to glare and the latter to smirk.

He ignored their reactions, for he knew he had the attention of both of them. "How the hell did we miss that?"

George overheard, and gave four of the six gay men a cheeky wink.

"You were all too busy with each other."

Not even one of them could miss what he was implying, and both couples looked horrified; Severus even let out a snarl.

"I don't know which part of that is worse. That you think I'd hook up with two teenagers, that you think I'd be okay with Rem screwing two other people, or that it's those two."

Harry snorted. " Don't worry, we don't wanna do you two either."

Draco smirked. "Speak for yourself." He regretted the joking remark two seconds later, when both his godfather and his boyfriend smacked him upside the head.

"Joking, Merlin. That hurt."

"Good." Both Harry and Sev replied simultaneously, smirking at each other. The camaraderie between them was slightly disconcerting, but it appeared that both was aware that given the multiple situations, they would have put up with each other for awhile. And that would be easier for everyone if they were on good terms.

" Imply anything like that again, and I'll have you scrubbing cauldrons before you can say 'Dear Merlin'." It didn't matter that George was no longer a Hogwarts student, the potions-master's threat had the desired effect, and he visibly gulped, hastily turning back to his food.


The day was one for surprises, and the relationship between Tonks and Moody was not the only happy interruption throughout the day.

Around three o'clock, eight Hogwarts owls appeared on the windowsill of the kitchen, causing the wards to go haywire until Harry opened the windows to allow them in.

As Harry was taking he letters from them and handing each a treat before letting them go, Remus ran to join him, clearly excited.

The rest of them watched in amusement as the teacher bounced on the balls of his feet, even clapping his hands together twice.

"Merlin, you'd think it was Christmas eve!"

Remus turned around to childishly stick his tongue out at his boyfriend, then quickly back to Harry, who had finally gotten hold of all of the post.

"Harry, can you hand me one of the letters? They're all the same, so it doesn't matter which."

The brunette nodded, handing Remus the one with his own name on it, before distributing the rest to the named recipients.

Severus watched his partner tear the envelope with wide eyes, completely motionless until his arms moved automatically to catch Remus, who had bounded up to him, almost knocking them both over in his excitement.

"Sev, look!" Remus waved the parchment in his face, causing the Slytherin to catch his hand just to stop the movement.

Keeping hold of Remus, Severus read the letter carefully, eyes going round in surprise.

Mr Potter,

This is a notice to inform you that all Defence Against the Dark Arts students will be requiring a copy of 'Severus Snape's Defensive and Offensive spells' for the following term.

In addition to this, every Potions student will need to be in possession of Severus Snape's amendments to Potions, instead of the standard textbook.

Yours sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore.

"You're joking?" Severus breathed. He was absolutely astonished. There was a big difference between a long boring conversation followed by voluntarily giving out his Gringots information and seeing it on a book-list to be taught to all young witches and wizards.

"Nope. Not at all." Remus kissed his cheek. "Well done, Love."

Everyone started talking at once, sending their congratulations to a suddenly rather embarrassed Severus Snape.

"Wow, now I'll actually be allowed to use your book!" Harry grinned, and Severus rolled his eyes.

"I don't know why you're so happy, Harry. Using the book is no longer cheating." Hermione commented lightly. Ron laughed. His girlfriend really had hated not being the best at Potions.

Hermione was good at everything though, so he did not see why she had been so bothered by it.

"Hey, I liked the book because it made me good at potions. Not because it was cheating." And Harry genuinely meant it.

The book had come with a sense of discovery, but that had vanished once he'd found Snape to be the vandal. The only thing left from the book was the abilities that it gave him, ones that his mother had naturally. He liked being slightly more competent at her favourite subject.

"Yes, but this means that the book will make everyone good at potions." Hermione stated as if she assumed Harry would consider it a bad thing. He frowned.

"So long as I stop blowing up cauldrons, I don't really care who else is good at it."

That caused a round of holiday-induced laughter, for it was not really funny, and would not normally merit such a response. But Christmas bought hilarity, and the day was spent in merriment, accompanied by a glass too much firewhisky apiece.


It was very late by the time that everyone retired to their rooms, but with a happy alcohol induced buzz, Harry was not tired enough to ignore the black mark on Draco's arm. He had decided earlier not to simply try it, as the situation was more delicate than that, and the Slytherin would be distraught if it didn't work.

Draco did no speak of the theory, and Harry figured it was from fear, so he too said nothing at all.

It wasn't until late into the night, with Draco sat astride him, did Harry attempt to remove the mass of black magic and ink.

Their initial desire had worn out, and their love-making turned slightly lethargic, Harry rocking them gently as Draco did the lions share of the work, and Harry, as he often did, showered his lover in kisses, starting at his collarbone and working his way down his chest and arms.

This time, he avoided Draco's arms until he could feel Draco letting go, eyes closing as he always did when he came. Then, Harry kissed the mark, lingering as he felt himself let go. He came back to earth quicker than Draco, and was ecstatic with what he saw.

The space was not blank, like Sev's arm was.

On his wrist there was a small line of script, pale brown colour that was barely noticeable.

It read, quisque unam pretiosam memoriae,

ubi perfecta sunt omnia.

Everyone has one precious memory, where everything is perfect. And that was both Harry's and Draco's.

The End.

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