She could hear footsteps, in the hallway. The door knob turned quietly. Light crept slowly into the room. A shadowy figure travelled across the cream carpet. Narcissa peaked over her quilt, her heart fluttered against her chest. When she identified her midnight visitor, Narcissa began to relax.

"Bella," she whispered, "you scared me." Bellatrix simply brought one long pale finger to her lips.


Narcissa fell silent and stared curiously at her sister, who proceeded to pull back the covers of Narcissa's bed and climb in beside her. "What are you doing here Bella?" Narcissa murmured rubbing sleep from her eyes. Bella rested her head on the pillow and began playing with Narcissa's hair. "Nothing Cissy, I was just worried about you, that's all." Bella's voice was, as usual, devoid of all emotion. But Narcissa knew better. Bellatrix was leaving for Hogwarts next week and although she smiled and boasted that she was going to learn magic and Dromeda and Cissy where not, there were times however when she thought no one was watching. Times, when her arrogant demeanour would vanish to be replaced by that of a nervous little girl. Narcissa had asked Dromeda about it. Andromeda knew everything.

"Well," Andromeda had told her sister who was sitting comfortably on her lap, "I suppose Bella's simply nervous."

Cissy looked at her sister in surprise. "Bella nervous, what about?" Bellatrix Black had made it perfectly clear to her youngest sister that she, Bella was not like everyone else. Nothing, not anything fazed Bellatrix Black. When Narcissa explained this to Andromeda her sister had simply laughed.

"I use to think that too. That Bella was invincible, but I know better now. That is what Bella wants everyone to think, but it doesn't make it true. She gets scared and anxious just like the rest of us. Bella just hides it better than us. I think Bella is nervous about going to Hogwarts and I also think," she paused and whispered the rest of the sentence in Cissy's ear, "Bella is going to miss you."

Cissy positively glowed, "Do you really think so Dromeda?"

"I'm quite certain of it." She replied a smile playing on her lips.

"Will she miss you?"

"Very much, after all what will she do without me around to pester? Of course she will never admit it and you mustn't tell her we know. Bella's ability to hide her emotions is one she treasures greatly and if she knew we had glimpsed behind her maskā€¦"

"I won't tell. I promise!"

Andromeda smiled fondly at her little sister, "I knew you wouldn't. Now would you like me to read to you?"

Narcissa pulled herself back to the present and stared into Bella's dark eyes. She opened her mouth to tell Bella that she knew why Bella was really there. But something stopped her. She had promised Dromeda she wouldn't tell and Narcissa Black never broke a promise. Instead she snuggled closer to her big sister, taking comfort in her presence. "I'm going to miss you when you go."

"I know."

"Meda will too."

"I know."



"Never mind..." Narcissa closed her eyes and was soon drifting to sleep. Bellatrix stared at Narcissa's still form. "I'll miss you too. Both of you.", She said and kissed Cissy's forehead before going to sleep herself. When Bella had spoken it had been quietly almost too quiet for anyone to hear. Almost. Narcissa had heard and that night she slept peacefully with the ghost of smile on her face. Andromeda did know everything.