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Post-It Thief

Chapter 1 – What the hell?

A sigh escaped my lips as I let my bag fall to the floor next to the door of my apartment and shrugged off my coat. I kicked the door shut without looking and made my way to the living room where the first thing I did was turn on the stereo. With my favorite music filling out the relatively small space I call my home, I let myself flop down on the couch, enjoying the feeling of sinking into the soft cushions.

I took my time to relax, after all it wasn't as if I had anything planned for the evening. Work today had been exhausting, there had been a few rude customers whose ignorant demands really tried my patience. To top it off, the damn old panda had made me reorganize all the books in the store because our customers were obviously too dumb to put the books back where they belong after they've finished looking at them.

I sighed again, though this time it was in annoyance. I should really stop thinking about this.

My stomach growled, reminding me that the last time I ate something was around lunch break, so I stood up, briefly regretting to have to part with the comfortable cushions so soon.

I walked over to the kitchen and opened the door of my fridge. My face fell as I noticed that there wasn't much food left, safe for a few yoghurts and other random stuff that I didn't feel like eating. There was also leftover lasagna from the previous evening, but the thought of eating lasagna again didn't sound all that appealing at the moment.

I shrugged even though there was no one there to see it, slammed the door of the fridge shut again and left the kitchen. I stared at my phone. Take-out? Nah...

Back in the living room, I turned off the stereo, filling the room with silence again. I didn't like it when the room was silent, it reminded me that I lived here alone; but right now that didn't matter, for I was going to go out anyway.

Grabbing my jacket that had fallen to the floor on top of my bag earlier and pulling it on, I decided that I didn't need to take my bag with me, so I took my wallet out of it and pocketed it. My keys were already in the other pocket of my warm winter coat, so I pulled them out and shut the door behind me before locking it up.

As I opened the main door to the apartment building I lived in, cold winter air greeted me. I shuddered despite my warm coat and buried my hands in my pockets. I could feel the fabric of my gloves in there, but I was too lazy to pull them on right now.

I turned right and started walking towards the nearest subway station, hiding my nose behind my favorite, bright orange scarf to protect at least part of my face from the freezing wind. I loved that scarf, it was like my trademark. During winter, you never see me without it, except for when I sleep.

Luckily the next subway station was only a two minute walk from my apartment building, so before I knew it, I was underground and waiting for the next subway to arrive. It didn't take long, of course, just a few minutes. I took the subway to the next station, knowing that there's a supermarket near its exit.

As I reached the top of the stairs that lead me away from the subway station, I could already see the flashing neon lights of the supermarket. Another wave of cold air hit me, so I quickened my pace to reach the building faster, dodging pedestrians on my way.

I entered the supermarket and was welcomed by warm air that caused me to loosen my scarf and smile slightly. I waved at the cashier as I passed her on my way to the shelves, receiving a smile in return. I go to this store a lot, so the woman remembers me by now.

I browsed the shelves, looking for something that I felt like eating. I decided to be lazy this time and took a few different types of convenience food with me. I decided to try out something new, so I also didn't hesitate to pick some Asian convenience food as well, taking with me what looked the most interesting.

I grabbed some fruit, too – even though I didn't feel like eating it at the moment, I didn't want to eat completely unhealthy.

The cashier looked up as I neared the counter, placing my stuff on the surface in front of her. She smiled at me again and asked, "How's it going?"

I absentmindedly watched her work and replied, "Oh, same old, same old. Gramps makes me do a huge amount of work, and we had some really bratty customers today. 'Why don't you have that book in stock? I need it right. Now! You hear me? Don't waste my time, go and see to it immediately!'"

As I said this, I imitated the shrill voice of an angered woman – quite well if I may add –, causing the cashier to laugh.

"Must've been tiring," she said.

"You bet."

I paid for my stuff and began putting it into a plastic bag that she handed me, when she looked past me through one of the store's glass walls and said, "Really, those homeless people are scaring me. Always lurking around the store... I just wish this building didn't have glass walls everywhere."

I didn't need to turn around to know what she meant. Homeless people weren't unusual for a city like this one; I found it sad that there were people living on the street, especially in this cold weather, when others lived in prosperity without a care in the world... but there was nothing I could do about it, or was there?

It didn't come as a surprise to me that homeless people stayed near supermarkets and the like; The possibility of someone pitying them and giving them food was a tad bit higher here than somewhere else, after all.

"There's no helping it," I replied, shrugging. "I don't think they mean any harm, though. They're just hungry."

She sighed. "I know..."

By now, I had finished packing my stuff in my plastic bag, so I said good bye to her and left the store, grinning at the reflection of the tall, slender redhead with the eye-patch that was me before it disappeared when the automatic doors opened.

The cold wind that greeted me when I exited the store had me shivering instantly. In front of me, a sea of people rushed past; It had gotten dark by now and there were a lot more people around than when I entered the store. On top of it, the unpleasant weather caused them to be in more of a hurry than usual.

Within seconds, my hands were freezing, but this time I could not bury both of them in my pockets. The handles of my plastic bag were digging a little painfully into my cold hand, so before I tried to fight my way through the crowd, I stopped about five steps from the supermarket's door, not too close to where most of the people were rushing about. I set the bag down on the sidewalk next to my feet and fished my gloves out of my pocket, pulling them on.

Suddenly, a body crashed into mine, the impact throwing me back a step.

I looked up to see a hunched old man, a few strands of grayish hair visible under the big hood of his old, dark gray hoodie. I frowned, not happy about being bumped into, and wondered if this would be another of those people who collide with you and don't even say sorry for it. I couldn't see his face though, for it was overshadowed by his hood and it was dark, anyway.

"I'm sorry, sir" he apologized to me, his raspy voice sounding strange, somehow.

Surprised at the unexpected sincerity in his voice, I blinked and said, "No problem."

Before I could say anything else, though, he was gone, disappeared in the midst of the crowd. I shrugged and finished pulling on my gloves, for he had interrupted me in doing so when he collided with me. I could already feel my hands warming up again now that they were surrounded by black fabric instead of cold wind.

Without looking, I reached down to grab my plastic bag, but missed. Frowning, I looked down at the part of sidewalk next to my feet and found – nothing.

"Huh?" I asked stupidly. I turned around, looking in every direction, but no plastic bag in sight.

"Damn it!" a curse escaped my lips. It's gone! It must've been that old man just now. Why didn't I pay more attention?

My gaze fell on a yellow square that lay on the ground about a feet away from me. Frowning even more, I bent down to take a closer look. A Post-It? It didn't look like it belonged here; It would've been already stepped on if it had been lying there for long.

I picked it up to see if something was written on it; Maybe a previous customer had dropped his shopping list, or something.

There was indeed something written on it, but it wasn't at all what I had expected. My only visible eye widened.

'Thank you for the food! I'm sorry for stealing it.'

"What the hell?"

.Chapter 1 FIN.

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