I was sitting on Sasori's bed and was waiting for his observation to done already. I've been sick and depressed all week, so I must have some kind of bug. I went to Sasori since he's like the doctor here to find out what's wrong.

He made me go through some awkward stuff: taking a urine sample, physical examination, as of now, he was taking my temperature.

I was starting to wonder if he just wanted to grope me from the so called physical. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. He checked the thermometer, "Hmm, your temperature is fine."

He wrote down a few notes and tinkered through some vials on his desk. I was trying to be patient and not disturb him while he was working.

He picked up a vile and extracted some fluid with a dropper and then placed a drop on a slab. He placed it under the microscope to see it up close. Sometimes I can't help but watch him work, for some reason it's fascinating.

He suddenly tensed and looked at me. I didn't like that look, "Is something wrong?" "Let me double check." He had the same reaction again and picked up his clipboard. "Wait here."

"Aren't you going to tell me what's going on?" I tried to follow him but he pointed at the bed and glared, "Sit."

I knew that tone only too well and did as I was told without a word. Last time I disobeyed, he broke out the paddle and that thing hurt! He shut the door and all I could do was wait until he got back.

Other's POV

Sasori found Kakuzu reading the paper in the kitchen, "I need to have a word with you." "Have you figured out what's making her ill?" "Yes. Where's Hidan?" "The bedroom I guess, so are you going to tell me?"

Sasori shook his head, "No, you both need to hear this." Kakuzu quickly put the paper down and jumped up, "Is it that serious?" Sasori stayed silent and left to go get Hidan, "Answer me Sasori!" He just pointed, "Just get Hidan, I don't want to repeat myself."

Kakuzu didn't have to drag him out like usual and soon had him in the living room. "Is she fucking ok? Kakuzu said it might be serious." "It is in a manner of speaking." "Sasori, just hurry up and tell us!"

Sasori sighed and pointed at both of them, "One of you is going to be a father."

Time seemed to stand still and there was no reaction from them for a few minutes. Hidan looked like he was going to vomit and Kakuzu was a total blank.

Sasori waited for a response, "You two heard me I take it." Hidan clutched his stomach and sat on the floor, "What do you mean one of us? Are you fucking serious?"

"It's not possible to bear a child from two men and yes Hidan, I double checked. She is pregnant." Kakuzu took some deep breaths before speaking, "Does she know?" "No, I thought it'd be best if one of you two tell her." "Do I know what?"


All three of them whipped around and stared at me. I left the room to go the bathroom (despite the warning) when I happened to hear that. Why's Hidan so pale? I went to find out but Kakuzu took my hand and led me into the kitchen.

I sat in a chair and waited, "Kakuzu?" He cleared his throat, "Olivia, we know your ailment now." He shifted around nervously; I've never seen him like this, it must be something big. He took my hand and tried to speak calmly, "Don't get too upset but you're…"

He didn't get to finish when Tobi burst in, "YOU'RE PREGNANT OLIVEE?"

Kakuzu glared and jumped up to strangle him, "You stupid boy!" I watched Kakuzu beat up Tobi and shakily left the table. What did he just say? I slowly walked into the living room and everyone seemed to have gotten back from their mission; that explains Tobi's appearance.

He didn't say what I thought he said, did he? My heart's beating too fast. I was sure getting looks from the others from my expression no doubt, "Are you ok?" "You look like you've seen a ghost un." I approached Sasori and barely choked out, "Am I ...…the...p word?" He nodded his head and everything went black.

Other's POV

She freaked out and ran into the bathroom with Sasori shouting, "Kakuzu get in here!" Hidan snapped out of his daze and quickly followed her. "Olivia! Open this fucking door!" "NO!" He kicked it open and freaked out himself, along with Kakuzu who appeared behind him, "YOU FOOL!"

They both had to hold her down and take the blade away, "WHY ARE TRYING TO FUCKING KILL YOURSELF?"

"I'M GOING TO KILL IT! I CAN'T HAVE IT, I CAN'T!" "Sasori give her a sedative! She's hyperventilating!" Sasori came in a flash and injected her with a small amount, just enough to calm her nerves.

"What's wrong with her Danna un?" "I'll explain in a moment Dei." He took his hand and led him back to the other room.

Kakuzu and Hidan held her as she relaxed somewhat from the drug. She was panting softly and Hidan shook his head, "Fuck, I never thought she'd take the news like this." Kakuzu was seething, "It was damn Tobi's fault, he burst in and blurted it out before I could tell her!" "FUCK! How'd he know anyway?"

"I don't know but we have to forget that for now. We need to focus on her and figure out what we're going to do."

Hidan frowned, "Yeah, but how Kakuzu? How'd she get fucking pregnant? We fucking ensured that would never happen unless we wanted a child. Did you forget to do it?" "No, did you?" "No."

It didn't make sense, what went wrong?

To be continued: