Okay, so this is a sneak peek at my second Moze and Jason story! And some of you will wonder why I'm teasing you with this...because i can mwahahaha! Okay evil laugh over. Not sure when I'll get to the next part but this is the first of it! As to Jason meeting a girl...he will just way later in this story! He will age a bit first right now he's thirteen but he will get older. Work in progress!

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Prologue: Nightmares

"Moze?" I called, but no answer. I really didn't expect one. I walked the empty halls alone and as I did an eerie feeling washed over me as if I was being watched. I went towards my room in the dark and as I did I heard a sound coming from my brother's room. I paused and waited to hear it again. The sound of something hitting the floor came again and I turned with a smile. It was him!

"Moze? Xerxes?" I said and I ran over to the door. I pushed it open. "Moze are you…." I paused upon seeing no one there. "…here?" I sighed heavily. Once again I had let my hope build up for nothing. The room was as he had left it, spell books and scrolls here and there. His bed made and tidy, something I never did. I felt something on the back of my neck and I felt the hair rise up. Pivoting slowly, I turned to look behind me. I sighed with relief…nothing. Shaking my head I started for the door. Just being paranoid I guess.

I shut Moze's door and then went to my room. With a yawn I shut my door and sat on the edge of my bed. I missed Moze, I concluded, that's why I keep thinking he's there. I slipped my boots off and then flopped back on my bed with a sigh. I lay there with my eyes closed, wondering where my brother was now. As I was almost asleep, a scratching noise had me sitting up, eyes wide. Looking around wildly, I didn't see anything so I relaxed. All the sudden I heard it again only closer. It sounded like it was outside my door. I stood shakily as the scratching started upon my door. I bit my lip, afraid and walked cautiously to my door.

"Destane?" I said with a frown. "Are you trying to get on my nerves?" That stupid mamluk, why won't he leave me alone! "Go away!" I shouted irritably, but the scratching grew louder. Unable to stand it anymore I flung my door open, only to stumble back in fear. A devil-like creature stood in the doorway of my room. It was black and red skinned almost as if it were made of hot lava that was just starting to cool. Its eyes were a bright yellow and seemed to glue me in my spot. I couldn't move, couldn't look away. It smiled at me and I whimpered slightly, wishing I could move. Two small curved horns rested on the top of its head and a forked tail swung behind it.

"Wh-wh-who-what are you?" I finally managed to stutter. It grinned wider and I saw that it had fangs that were wolf-like. Gritting my teeth I rose my hand up, letting it glow blue. "Get out of here!"

"Hello, little lord of the sands." It purred and then it took a step forward. I took one back. "Are you the one in charge?" It asked, ignoring my question. I let my hands glow more and it cocked its head to one side and then quicker than I could register it slammed into me, knocking me into a wall. I slid down and it came forward some more, trapping me along the wall. I closed my eyes, dizzy, as it reached out to touch me. I gritted my teeth as it grasped my chin and it laughed, causing my eyes to fly open.

"Don't you want to play a game?" It asked and I tried to shake my head. "Oh, yes you do, I think you'll enjoy it. I know I will little one." I whimpered as it stroked the side of my face with its long black claws. "The rules are simple. If you can get away, I'll let you leave. But if I catch you…I win and you belong to me." I shivered as it let go of me. "I give you to the count of three." It said as I edged to the door. "One…" I got out the door. "Two…" I was running down the hall. "…Three."

"No!" I sat up breathing heavily, sweat pouring down my face. It had seemed so real. Trembling and feeling sick to my stomach, I lifted my shaky hands to my face. I started to sob as soon as I had covered my face. I wish Moze was here. Damn you, Aladdin! I pounded a fist into the bed. It had been a month since the hero and his stupid genie had sent my brother away in a ballooned cage. Moze still hadn't returned. As I was sobbing, I heard something suddenly at the foot of my bed. Uncovering my face slowly, I gasped and my eyes widened at the sight at the end of my bed. The daemon was standing at the end of my bed. It can't be real! It was just a dream! But I suddenly realized with a sense of dread that it was all too real.

"N-n-no!" I stuttered backing into the corner of my bed, drawing my knees up. It smiled at me and then crouched as if to pounce.

"I win little lord." It said and I didn't have time to scream nor blast it off as it jumped.


"No!" Mozenrath jerked awake and sat up abruptly peering around the ballooned cage in fright. Xerxes had heard him scream, and was now flying worriedly about his master's head. The sorcerer pushed a pale hand through his pitch-black curls letting the wind dry the sweat that had made it cling to his forehead. The dream had seemed real, too real in fact. He frowned worriedly, what if…No! Mozenrath shook his head, that's not possible. Mozenrath frowned in thought. Surely the street-rat wouldn't have let his brother go back to the Citadel alone. Would he? Jason probably had pitched a fit at the hero for launching his older brother into the sky and had more than likely threatened him. Ha, Mozenrath smirked, the street-rat probably felt awful after doing it. Serves him right. He started to stroke Xerxes, who had been twittering nervously about his head still. The eel gurgled and was soon back to sleep before Mozenrath knew it.

But Mozenrath couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Something was going on he could feel it. He only hoped that his dream had only been that…a dream. If not, then he only hoped that Jason wasn't anywhere near the Citadel.

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