Prologue: Power of the Gods

Summary: It's been a few months since Asura's defeat. However, a dark force wants to revive the powerful Kishin using the Triforce. A new student appears at DWMA, claiming to be a Meister, but with all his powers, is he really what he seems?

Really, just like Monster, this is a random story that came about as a result of my friend and I talking and then Kid's theme song came on and I giggled because I was reminded of Ghirahim and Fi basically being like Soul and the other weapons and Demise and Link being their 'Meisters'.

Pft. I looked up Meister and it means Master in...German I think. :/ So...yeah. That also firmed my belief that I should do this story.

As said in the summary, this story is Post-Asura's defeat, meaning Asura's already dead. So, no, he is not alive. This prologue is just, you know, a basic backstory.

So, yeah.

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There is an ancient relic that has appeared in many texts throughout the ages.

It is called: the Triforce.

Legend has it that the three goddesses who created the land—Din, Farore, and Nayru—also forged the Triforce using a piece of their essence.

Din formed the Power of the Triforce to give people the ability to do what they wanted.

Farore made the Courage piece to help the humans uphold law.

Nayru formed the Wisdom shard, allowing people to have the intelligence to think for themselves and create order.

However even though the three goddesses forged the Triforce, they were not allowed to use it themselves. To protect it, they surrendered it to Hylia, the divine goddess who watched over the humans, Hylians, and other races.

The hearts of the different tribes grew dark with desire. When they heard about the Triforce's capability to make any wish a reality, they wanted the sacred relic for themselves.

With the darkening of their minds, their souls sank into greed and lust, resulting in the first evil humans—or Kishin eggs- as the people all scrambled, murdered, and devoured one another to reach the Triforce.

Hylia returned the artifact back to Farore and her siblings to prevent the corrupted beings from obtaining it.

Farore and her sisters agreed to shatter the Triforce, sending the pieces far across the earth where they would be buried beneath the ground with a special guardian appointed to each fragment. The knowledge of the Triforce's whereabouts would be planted in the minds of two humans that shared a quality of one of the Triforce pieces.

The Sheikah, a very secluded and mysterious tribe, were tasked with sensing when the shards of the Triforce were endangered and to warn a being who had the power of a god.

With the Triforce broken and hidden, the tribes returned to their senses, knowing that without the location of all three Triforce pieces then the warring going on amongst themselves was completely void; once again, they were stable in mind, body, and soul.

However that did not stop all the blight within the land.

Kishin eggs continued to grow in number and the first Kishin, Asura, was born. His powers were extraordinary—matching that of the being who protected the Triforce's secret-but dangerous and he was eventually sealed away.

To combat the evil human infestation, a school called the Death Weapon Meister Academy (or DWMA)—founded by the descendant of the Triforce's protector and the same being who contained Asura- was built over the Kishin's shrine, training young Meisters and their weapon partners.

A new evil is on the rise, however, seeking to take the Triforce for its own wicked intentions.

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