Ch.12-Always there

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It hadn't been pretty when Ghirahim and Link had finally returned to the dispensary when the sleepy sun was slowly beginning to set and the grinning moon began to take the stage.

When Nygus saw the two she instantly went into a frenzy, practically throttling the life from him and telling the teen how stupid he was before beginning to scold Link for not bringing him back sooner.

After her frustration and worry was gone, Nygus transformed back to the calm nurse, checking over Ghirahim's chest and shoulder for any new wounds, only spotting some aggravation to his shoulder which Nygus had created when she had shaken Ghirahim.

"I think she snapped a muscle," Ghirahim muttered as he rubbed his arm, which was in a sling to prevent him from moving his shoulder.

"I know she can be a little rough sometimes," Link chuckled as he sat in the chair beside Ghirahim's bed, "but she means well. Shadow and I have been on the receiving end of her scolds for years."

Ghirahim tilted his head slightly when he saw Link staring out the window with faraway eyes as if he could see something no one else could.

"Was it really that bad with your Dyslexia?"

"Not that hard; Shadow protected me from any bullies. Ever since I could remember, we lived on the streets."

"What about your parents?"

"Don't know; I was only three and Shadow never talked about them. I don't remember much, but I know we had to scrounge around for food to just survive until the next day."

Ghirahim's gaze drifted to the side as he muttered, "Yeah, I know what it's like."

"Huh?" Link looked at the white-haired teen in confusion.

"Nothing," Ghirahim shook his head as he stared back at Link, eyes curious. "But why did you become a Meister, then? Wouldn't you have had resentment toward the DWMA since they didn't seem to know that you two even existed?"

"Because," Link smiled faintly, "it was a Meister who saved my brother and I from getting our souls taken by a kishin."

A pair of red eyes peeked over the cart's edge, staring hungrily at the small pyramid of crimson apples, then flickered to the owner of the cart who had his back turned as he talked to a woman about the mangos.

Cautiously, the seven-year-old grabbed an apple, shoving it in the pocket of his faded and torn jeans before he snatched another and then finally took the loaf of bread resting nearby before scampering off with a quiet chuckle.

The owner bid the woman farewell then turned to set the loaf of bread he had placed beside his stack of apples back with the other bread.

He quickly searched around when he saw that it was gone then looked underneath his cart, thinking he had dropped it.

As Shadow neared the alley where he and his younger brother stayed, he heard a ferocious growl and Link cry, "Shadey!"

Cornering the three-year-old was a large kishin in the form of a raccoon with smoldering red eyes and needle point teeth.

"Oi, stupid!" Shadow threw one of the apples at the kishin, striking the back of its head.

With a soft growl, the kishin slowly turned, fixing the black-haired child with furious crimson orbs.

"Leave my brother alone, you dumb animal!"

The kishin shook its head when the second apple hit its forehead then snarled at Shadow as it charged, teeth dripping with saliva.

Shadow ran at the kishin then slid underneath it to avoid its snap at him and ran toward Link, standing in front of him and holding onto the loaf of bread as if he were holding a sword.

With a confused snort, the huge raccoon stopped, rapidly glancing around for Shadow before it turned to face the two brothers and narrowed its eyes as it snarled.

Shadow growled back at it, baring his teeth.

The kishin roared, dashing at the two once more, but before it could even get two feet, three thick arrows sank into its chest, causing it to howl in pain, trip over its own feet, and collapse to the ground.

"You two okay?" a voice asked as a male around twenty-three landed in front of Shadow, wielding a silver and red crossbow.

His spiky hair was purple and eyes an emerald green. He wore a thin black trench coat with no shirt beneath it and black cargo shorts.

The man glanced back at Shadow and Link as the kishin slowly clambered to its feet.

He said nothing, only gave a smile, before he turned back to the kishin and shot two more arrows, hitting the beast's forehead and easily destroying it.

The Meister flipped his weapon partner into the air and a woman his age landed beside him, chocolate brown hair resting neatly around her shoulders and brown eyes kind.

She wore blue jeans and a plain white tank top.

As the woman took the kishin's soul, the man faced Shadow and Link with a grin.

"Hey, there, little guys. I'm Sunao Igan and this here is my partner, Autumn Bara."

The woman stepped up beside Sunao and gave a small bow.

"How do you do?" she asked politely.

Shadow growled at the two, still holding up the loaf of bread in front of him as he used his other arm to push Link back.

"How do you do what?" Link asked childishly, poking his head underneath Shadow's arm to look at the Meister and his partner.

The two looked at each other before they laughed.

"Isn't he just the cutest thing?" Autumn asked sweetly.

Shadow scowled at the two and tossed the bread at Sunao, hitting his head.

"Stop laughing at my brother or I'll bite you!"

While Sunao rubbed his wounded head, Autumnn crouched in front of the two children, causing Shadow to bristle in alarm and snap his teeth in warning.

"Where are your parents?" she questioned.

"Our parents left us," Shadow said, giving a quick glance at Link.

Autumn understood the underlying meaning of the words.

"I'm sorry that happened," she said and looked at Sunao. "We should take them to the DWMA."

"I don't think Shinigami-sama would like us taking in strays," Sunao said as he stopped rubbing his head.

Before Shadow could stop him, Link ran up to Autumn and pulled on her hand to get her attention.

"Does this BWMA have food?" he asked.

Autumn chuckled, "Yes. Yes, it has all the food you can eat."

With a gasp, Link looked back at Shadow with a grin.

"It has food, Shadey! We should go!"

"We can't trust them, Link," Shadow protested, "What have they ever done for us? No, we should—"

"All right, c'mon, little guy," Sunao said, picking Shadow up by the back of his shirt while Autumn gathered Link in her arms. "Let's go to Shibusen."

"Let me go!" Shadow began to struggle, trying to hit Sunao with his hands and kicking his legs. "Let me go, bastard!"

"Such a foul mouth for a child," Sunao muttered, apparently amused by Shadow's vain attempts at freedom.

Despite many protests and curses, Shadow eventually grew accustomed to life at DMWA.

It was difficult for him and Link to read and write and Sunao thought it was because they had lived on the streets.

They soon learned it was because the two had Dyslexia.

Sunao then concluded that maybe the two should try to learn Hylian, an ancient writing system for Hylians. He suggested that maybe it was because the two were Hylian that they couldn't read English.

Even though he wasn't Hylian, Sunao taught them the bygone alphabet, saying he had once been to a city called Skyloft which, to him, was ironic since the town wasn't even located in the sky.

Shadow briefly mentioned their parents had been from Skyloft, but had moved to Death City for some reason.

He said nothing more after that.

When many of the other students learned of their disability, a few picked on Link, who was shy, the opposite of his outgoing brother.

Of course, Shadow would soon come to Link's rescue and began attacking the offenders, clawing and biting them until they ran off crying.

He became known as the Black Demon and no one messed with him, never openly taunting him about his Dyslexia.

At the age of nine, Shadow already found his partner, a shy, indifferent boy by the name of Vaati.

Everyone was surprised at how compatible the two were, since it was hard to find a partner that perfectly matched the other's soul wavelength.

Sunao and Autumn, who had become like Link and Shadow's parents, were proud of the dark-haired boy while Link was a bit jealous.

He liked Vaati, since the boy didn't make fun of their Dyslexia since he had it as well, but Link wanted to find his partner soon; five was too young to have a weapon partner anyway.

Shadow and Vaati became famous after that. At ten, Shadow turned into a Two-star Meister. And then three years later he was a Three-star, the youngest at DWMA.

Link didn't mind; he had made his own friends and he was learning to handle his Dyslexia and the complex slowly beginning to form.

Shadow soon left, as he was allowed to travel to other states to help keep the kishin population down.

The two promised to write to each other and Shadow vowed that one day he would return to visit.

Sunao and Autumn of course went with Shadow and Vaati to help them.

A year later, Shadow wrote to Link that Sunao and Autumn had been killed by a rogue kishin.

Link was devastated by the news, but he knew that everything died eventually.

When he was eleven, Link finally found his partner.

It had been after a group of kids had bullied him about his Dyslexia and he hid in his usual spot—underneath the cherry blossom tree at the far end of Shinigami-sama's rose maze.

He had been crying, still not used to having Shadow not come to comfort him, and when he had looked up he saw a girl his age hanging upside down from a nearby branch, staring at him blankly.

It surprised him and he had quickly stumbled back, tripping over a root of the tree.

The girl flipped over, holding onto the branch with her hands before dropping to the ground and heading over to Link.

He learned that her name was Fi and she was a strange, polite girl who was a weapon.

The two instantly got along.

When Link was 14, just a few months from turning 15, Asura attacked.

He was disappointed when he was told by Spirit and Stein that he could not join his friends in battle against the Kishin, but he knew that he would probably just get in the way.

He was relieved when Maka and the other returned alright and everything around Death City calmed down with only the occasional kishin appearing.

"Wait, the coat that your brother has," Ghirahim said after Link had finished the story.

"That's Sunao's. Shadow took it to remember the one who saved us from dying."

Ghirahim stared at his lap, unsure of what else to say.

"Hey, Ghira…"

"Huh?" Ghirahim glanced up at the blonde. "What is it, Link?"

"Now that I've told you my past, will you tell me yours?"

Ghirahim tensed up a bit, his entire demeanor becoming uneasy as he gripped his bed sheets with his free hand.

"Maybe someday…" He mumbled, glancing off to the side to avoid Link's gaze.

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