You're out on the streets alone. You see only one guy standing in the shadows; you walk over to him because he looks at you and smiles. When you get over there he takes your right hand puts it up to his lips and gently kisses it. He says hello and asks for your name but you are to dumbstrucken to speak he makes a slight giggling sound and you come out of your trance. You say your name is Rose and ask him his name he says I am the man of your dreams.

Suddenly you have collapsed and the guy has picked you up in his arms and is carrying you. You don't know where you are or going and you don't care as long as you are with him. He brings you over to his car and sets you down in the back seat. You want to talk to him but you can't seem to find your voice. Next thing you know is you're passed out in the back of his car and you are awaken by thunder and lightning in the background you are afraid because you find yourself on a couch in a dark scary mansion.

You don't know what to do so you get up and try to find the owner of the house, but as soon as you do you realize you made a huge mistake. You hear a girl scream and your terrified but you want to help so you go to investigate. You find a door at the end of a hall and open it you find your dream guy hanging over the 15 year old girl's neck. You back out the door slowly hoping to god he did not see you but when you turn to run he is standing there not one inch from your face with a smirk on his face.

You try to scream but nothing comes out you look down and away from the bloody face of your dream guy. He takes you and forces you back into the room where you see the young girl was not 15 but only 10 years old. You feel so sorry for her she is panting and trying to hang on for life so you run over to her and take you hands put them behind her back and holds her up then take your scarf and wrap it around her neck but not to tight.

He grabs the girl and tells you to get out of his sight before he changes his mind so you scrabble to your feet and flee out of the mansion. Later that evening you find out the young girl was my younger half sister named Annabeth. We went back to school the next day and she told everyone one about her encounter with the mystery man and sometimes when we walked in the city park we saw him standing there flirting with his next victim but we knew to stay away from him.