My mother Rose had told me her stories about her and her half sister Annabeth when I was young and always told me to be cautious about my surroundings and never let strangers put you in a "trance" as my mom said. Well one night when I was thirteen, I was walking home from the basketball courts when I spotted a young beautiful girl standing over by the swing set starring at me with those big blue eyes. I never saw someone so pretty in my life. I walked right up to her and introduced myself. She said what a wonderful name, Jesse, she said hers was Lilac and asked me to walk her home I said sure being the young gentleman I was and walked her home carrying her school books for her.

She told me she lived on the other side of town. So I and she walked to the south side of Washington until we came upon a huge eggshell white mansion with heavy dark blue drapes pulled shut and no lights on I offered to walk her inside the house she said it was not the best idea and told me her father was not a nice man and he should be feared but I insisted and walked her into the house. That's when I saw the coffins and the 100's of dead bodies all over. I tried to run but Lilac grabbed my arm and told me her father already new I was there she said there was no use in me running. Then the father came out and said if I die and drink if it is not the son of Rose.

I was so shocked that it was the man in my mom's stories I always thought she told me them so I would be home on time but they were real. WOW. He told me how he had grabbed my mom when she was 23 and he half sister when she was 10 and how easy it was to be lured in just like Lilac had done to me tonight. I was so surprised she would do this to me; we had something real I thought. That's when Lilac spoke up and said how she didn't want her father to hurt me and to let me. The father said but no we have the best child in the world here why would we let him go? So that's when I started to step backward while the man was bickering with Lilac and he did not notice she did but he didn't and I was thrilled to death. But as soon as I got my hopes up the front door slammed shut and caught my hair.

I screamed out in pain while the father came over grabbed me by the arm and unhitched my hair. He said if I tried that again that he would definitely kill me. The first question that was on my tong was what was this guy's name? Whenever mom mentioned him it was either "dream guy", "stranger", or "blood sucker". The question suddenly slipped the tong and he started laughing, he said his name was Alec and I was surprised because it reminded me of a movie my mom loved, Twilight New Moon.

He said yeah he was the guy and was surprised I recognized him by his name. I figured I had to think fast so I said how could I not recognize you, you are so popular. You are the main character how could I not have known who you were. He was thrilled I said that and he decided I was worth keeping alive so he let me go and believe me I RAN. I went home and told my mom she hugged me so tight that I could not breathe. I was just happy I was alive!