Birth of Trezziak

Chapter One: Knowledge

The best days were gone in Tom's life. He knew it, after all. Having to languish in obscurity for decades, Tom and his best buddy Jerry's view on the world was dark. When they though they would have a comeback, something comes to take their place. Not that Tom cared about that anymore. All he cared about now was where they would stay that night, and what they could catch and eat. T'was the sad reality of an old toon, forced to live on the streets, waiting for someone to give them a new job.

Then Tom noticed someone passing by. It was a young girl, looking to be in high school. "Excuse me, miss." Tom asked, his British accent coming out especially strong. "Do you have room for two down on their luck gentlemen for tonight?" Jerry, who had been sleeping, woke up, and then gave Tom a questioning look. The girl looked at Tom. "Why are you asking me?" Jerry raised an eyebrow. "Well, duh. We're homeless, and need a place to stay." The girl crossed her arms. "I'll let you stay for one night. Though I doubt mom will be happy."

Later, while Tom was about to go into the room that the girl had assigned, he noticed that the door to her bedroom was open. Tom peeked in. The girl was doing her homework. "Need any help?" Tom asked the girl. She looked at him. "Shouldn't you be going to bed?" Tom nodded. "I was, but then I noticed you writing your homework." He crouched down. "What is this homework about?" The girl sighed. "Stupid history assignment." Tom smiled. "History? I know a lot of that." He put his arms out wide. "In fact, I'm kind of history myself." He chuckled. The girl chuckled back at Tom. "Okay, I guess you can help me with my homework." It only took an hour, and then Tom went to sleep in the bed the girl had picked for him.

"Thomas William Van Beuren." A voice cut into Tom's dream, clear as crystal. Tom was startled, but he did not wake up. The surroundings he dreamt up turned to black. "How do you know my name?" Tom asked. The voice replied "I know everything. I am God, after all." A flash blinded Tom. "Do you know who you just helped?" Tom looked worried. "Is she bad?" The voice laughed. "No, not at all. She is the girl that will grow up to be a cartoonist, and revive you and Jerry in the future." Tom stuttered. "W-Why are you telling me this?"

"I have picked you and two others as the chosen ones." Tom gasped. "Ch-Chosen ones?" A green crystal appeared. "Indeed. I had trouble with choosing the crystal that would best embody you at first. But I have chosen the Knowledge Crystal for you, for your helpful smarts that will help that girl become the best cartoonist that the world will ever know." The crystal flew into Tom. There was no pain at all. In fact, it was kind of relaxing.

And then he woke up rather adruptly.

"Jerry! I had the strangest dream!" Tom yelled, shaking Jerry awake. "What was it?" The memory of the dream almost completely jumped out of Tom's mind. "All I remember was this green crystal, and something about chosen ones." Jerry looked at the clock. He looked back at Tom. He sneered. "Tom, go back to sleep." Meanwhile, Heeza was watching them from his holy kingdom, amused by what was going on. "Use your new powers well, Tom Van Beuren."