Hello to my first Jigoku Shoujo fanfiction. I watched the anime about 4-5 years ago and I would not say fell in love with it but it struck a cord with me. I know many writers have told stories about different scenarios but what about the first season characters. How do they live their lifes after such things happening? Sit tight with me and I will give you my own interpretation on said show. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Jigoku Shoujo Season 1: Aftermath

The Model Student-Mayumi Hashimoto

"Alright, now who here can give me the answer to this solution?", a teacher asked his attentitive, or at least he hoped they were, students if they could possibly give him the proper answer to the complicated math problem on the board. As if on cue, several hands shot up. Those few students who were unsure kept their hands down. The teacher scanned the rows of student and pointed to a girl.

"Ahh, Mayumi, what have you got for us. The girl in question stood up. She had on her Tokyo University uniform and wore her hair in a high ponytail.

"It is 5x+20 over z". The room went silent waiting for the teacher to respond.

"I would have to say…that is correct! You have down it again Hashimoto-san", he stated happily. Mayumi bowed smiling and sat back down. Her peers grumbled in jealousy. Of course, she would state the correct answer. She was here only just a few months and already seemed to have every answer ready at the palm of her hands. The teacher continued writing a few more problems on the board when the bell rang.

"Oh my, look at the time. Now everyone do note that there will be an exam this Friday. Don't stay up too late studying but don't idle either. You are Tokyo-U students. Nothing but perfection is wanted here. Good day and I will see you tomorrow".

Everyone didn't waste time stuffing their bags. Most of the people grumbled again as they did so.

"Perfect little Mayumi. Always the perfect student", one girl sneered to her friends.

"I have to say that Hashimoto girl is one of a kind", a female teacher said to two other teachers.

Mayumi sighed. A female teacher passed by and gave her a pat on the back for bringing the reputation of this school higher than it's ever been". Mayumi shook her head.

"Nothing to it really, sensei. Just fulfilling my duties as a student in this institution", she stated humbly.

"Nonetheless, you have made everyone here proud. Who knows someday you might be teaching here?" she suggested. Mayumi didn't stay to say farewell to her teacher. She only smiled and bowed before going her way.

It was true enough. Mayumi was what every well to do parent wished their daughter could be. She was attentive, got good grades, was on executive committee at her middle school, responsible, respectful, and honest. In spite of the approval she got from adults for doing so, it also made her a target for bullies and ridicule. Mostly from the female variety. She supposed that is why Aya Kurodo singled her out; jealousy and boredom. Perhaps, she speculated that Mayumi's potential outweighed her and could not handle that someone less prettier than her was hogging the spotlight. She could have also been a little unhappy in life. Like her, Aya was part of a middle class family. However unlike her, Aya's parents never seemed to be home. Was that really an excuse for doing the awful things the girl did? Absolutely not.

If she had not sent that photo of her "activities" to the principal, Mayumi would never have pulled the string. But desperation had taken over. The need to take back her life and reputation weighed out the options of forgiveness. As cruel as it sounds, she didn't feel any qualms for what she did. Aya got what was coming to her. No one seemed to care that she just "disappeared", not even her followers. It was like she never existed. It was quite sad to think about.

Oh well at least it gave Mayumi time to make changes in her life. Her hair that she once held in pigtails was now held up in a ponytail like her mother. On days she wasn't required to wear her uniform, she wore form fitting girly clothes. Not in the sense, that they were revealing to begin with. She still acted proper and ladylike. If she were to be anything else, it would bring shame upon herself and her family.

She knew that it was only a matter of time that she would have to own up to the consequences of what she did. Until that time came, she is and always will be Mayumi: The Model Student.

Here it goes for my first Hell Girl fanfiction? Tell me, was it good or bad? This is just a take on what happens to the characters after their encounters. There shall be more following Season 1. I will mention Ai and her companions later on. Some of them will be angsty but what do you expect? It's Hell Girl/Jigoku Shoujo.