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Hidden Affections (Of A Brotherly Nature)

Ireland looked round the room with a look of boredom. He puffed and blew some his bright orange hair away from his eyes. Greece was being still presenting, and the rest of the nations were not paying attention. Is anyone doing anything interesting? His green eyes quickly scanned the room. France was (unsuccessfully) flirting with Canada, America was playing on his phone and Japan and Hungary were…reading a comic? Damnaigh, why is it that when I need entertainment the world fails to provide it?

Ireland thought for a moment and smirked. Of course! I can annoy my dear deartháir! He glanced at England and took a double take. England was hunched over a pile of papers scribbling frantically; eyes bloodshot, hair messy and face gaunt. He shot a worried look at the blond. Why does Artur look like he's been he died and came back to life…?

He shook his head. Ha, he probably just went out drinking last night. Bastaird baeg can't hold his alcohol for shit. He grinned slyly and grabbed some paper and a pen. He wrote a simple 'How was last night?' and crumpled the paper into a ball. His eyes scanned the room to see if anyone was watching and when assured no one would see, he threw the paper ball at England.

Yeah! Bullseye! The ball hit the green eyed nation on the head. He ignored it. Ireland's grin faltered, before he frowned and threw a blank paper ball at England. England once again ignored it in favour of filling out his forms. Ireland growled lowly in his throat. That fucking wanker is ignoring me! He grabbed his pen and threw it at England in a fit of anger. It hit the island nation on the forehead once again.

He saw England sigh and turn his head up to look at Ireland. He gave him a dull stare before going back to what he was working on. Ireland gaped in shock. Sasana looks like hell! He bit his lip and stared at England in worry. England looked dead on his feet and was doing nothing but dutifully filling out form after form. Something's wrong…

Mild applause shook Ireland from his reverie. He looked back at the podium to see that Greece had finished his presentation. About time too, who wants to hear about fucking cats, ar son Dé. Now, whose turn is it next…? He tried to think who was next, but gave up when he realised he hadn't even bothered to properly check who was presenting today. As long as it's not me, I don't give a flying fuck.

He looked back over to the chair where his brother was sat and saw England awkwardly and messily collecting his papers into his briefcase. I guess it is Sasana's turn now. The other nation was walking up to take his position, but Ireland couldn't help but notice once again how bone tired his brother looked. He chewed his lip once again before sighing. Meh, he'll be alright later. Reassured, he sat back and tuned into what the blond was saying.

"Good morning. I'm here to update you all with the status of the Summer Olympic Games that are being held in London this year," England said, in his 'this is serious business' tone of voice that Ireland hates. He almost tuned out again, until he heard something unusual in England's voice.

"My Prime Minister proposing a plan to double the budget dedicated to the opening ceremony," He continued. Ireland thought for a moment, trying to think what was wrong. Suddenly, it came to him. He sounds tired and unfocussed. Ireland was confused, why on Earth was England unfocussed? He was usually extremely meticulous and dedicated when it came to his duties as a nation. Why is he acting so strange? He focused his attention on England again, trying in vain to not worry. Heh, I'm probably imagining things….nothing's wrong with Artur…he's fine…

The next moment, Ireland's worries increased tenfold when he saw England swaying on his feet. "M-mr. C-cameron believes th-that this will n-not push the Games over…over bud…get…"

England collapsed.