The Time Turner and Unforgivables

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It had been twenty years since the war had ended. And within those years, arose another war. A mere fifteen year break before another wizard decided that it was his time to shine. His time to succeed in what the previous Dark Lord had failed to achieve. This wizard, a wizard no one would have suspected, and the only indicator had been his Slytherin placement, was one Blaise Zabini; an arrogant, old fashioned pure-blood who enjoyed the same sick and twisted entertainment that Lord Voldemort once had.

In some ways he acted just as Voldemort had, in others, he was a unique type of twisted. He had begun his movement ten years after the end of the war; working on the lesser communities of Africa and South America. It wasn't until five years ago that he had taken a larger approach by targeting larger countries. He was ruthless and unmerciful. The wizarding world had been shocked to find that another dark wizard had grown to power right under the Ministry's nose. But this time they had an adult and very experienced Harry Potter heading the Auror department, and that gave the wizarding world hope, despite the sorry state of the community.

Hogwarts, despite their best efforts had closed, and the world seemed to be under attack...again. For protection, and to create a unified front, the property which held the Burrow now held more homes for more families. Houses had been built for all of the Weasley children, and by extension, Harry and Hermione. It was a Saturday afternoon that they had all managed to squeeze into the Burrow for family night, all the children sitting on the floor and spouses sitting in their counterpart's laps. Despite the constricted space, the atmosphere was happy and cozy.
George had just finished retelling the story of how he and Fred had managed to run the pink toad Umbridge from the grounds of Hogwarts when the floo flared to life.

Susan Bones stepped out of the fireplace. Susan was head of the Department of International Affairs, and had been missing for the past six months. Percy Weasley, the Minister of Magic, had risen quickly to greet her when he froze, as did the others in the room. Susan's face was pale and her eyes glassy. She was physically present, but not mentally. The Imperius Curse. Noticing this, Harry shot to his feet, causing Ginny to land promptly on the ground beside her daughter. But before she could speak Susan opened her mouth. Her voice sounded monotone and forced.

"Hello Mr. Potter. You'll be pleased to know that the American, Brazilian, and Russian Ministries have fallen and are now under my control. Britain is next." When Susan finished her forced message she collapsed to the ground as the spell was released from upon her. The younger children screamed. The older ones looked around at their parents to judge their reactions. But the adults in the room had seen many things and had fought many battles. They knew how to keep their face void of any and all emotion. Ginny, who was now back on her feet, turned toward her mother.

"Mum, it's getting late. Could you please take the children and make sure they are ready for bed?" She gave her mother a meaningful look. All of the children would be staying with Molly and Arthur tonight.

"Of course Ginny. Come along children. You heard her." She looked over at her husband and smiled warmly. "Arthur dear, could you assist me?"

Without word he rose to his feet and kissed his wife on the cheek before ushering all the children out. Once the room was clear of children, minus Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley, both of whom were now adults, everyone began speaking at once.

"Alright quiet you lot!" Bill Weasley spoke over the others, slowly rising from his seat, allowing his wife to take the spot he had vacated. "We aren't teenagers anymore. One at time!"

Ginny, a leading healer in the wizarding community, rushed over to assist Susan. Her face paled. Susan Bones was dead. She looked up at the other waiting faces and shook her head sadly.

"Her body couldn't fight the curse. And when it was released, her body gave out." Ginny declared. The others lowered their heads some, but Harry spoke up.

"Zabini has to be stopped. Tonight." The others looked at him with a mixture of shock and awe. Harry hadn't rushed into a fight since the final battle. And here he was now, suggesting that Blaise Zabini be killed tonight. Ron, Harry's best mate, gave a curt nod before leaving the room to change into something more appropriate for the job. He stopped though when Hermione had begun to follow behind him.

"You aren't going." He told her boldly. She blinked a time or two.

"I'm sorry; I thought I heard you tell me that I wasn't going. Surely I misheard. Because my Ronald Weasley would know better than to tell me what I can and cannot do. Especially after everything we have been though." Ron flushed and had the decency to look ashamed. Hermione may head the Department of Mysteries, but she was just as capable as her Auror husband and best friend. Hermione stepped forward and together they walked out the front door. They would return momentarily, ready for action. Harry turned to Ginny.

"Love, I know you want to come. But I have to ask you to stay with the kids." His voice was pleading. Ginny bit the inside of her cheek, to stop herself from saying something she might regret, before nodding.

"Of course." And then with a look of determination she said sternly and confidently, "I will see you in the morning when you get back." And with that she placed a heated lasting kiss on her husband's soft lips before retreating up the stairs to help her mother and father with all the children.

Harry blushed as the others smirked at him with knowing looks. He cleared his throat. "We need a way to find Zabini."

Charlie, who had been sitting quietly with his wife, opened his mouth to speak. But as if a god above had heard Harry's prayer, the floo flared to life for the second time that night. This time a tall, aristocratic blonde stepped through the fireplace. Without a word he cleared his attire of all soot, and after looking up from Susan's body he made eye-contact with Harry.

"I see you managed to locate Susan." He said in a smooth, calm, and composed voice.

"She arrived here not too long ago under the Imperius. She relayed a message to us and when the spell was released from her, her body gave out in exhaustion." Harry answered. "No doubt having been subjected to the Cruciatus Curse as well."

"Her family will be sad to hear of it." The blonde spoke quietly.

"Yes, they will." Harry said equally soft. "Draco, why have you come here tonight? Is everything alright? Astoria, Scorpius, are they ok?" Harry questioned his friend. After the final battle, when everyone had returned for their seventh year, Harry and Draco had managed to place everything aside and start anew. After all, Draco's mother had saved him, Harry Potter's, life. Since then, the two had maintained a steady friendship and quickly learned that the two had many common interests and got along. Draco smiled at his friend, always the worrier.

"They are fine. I have them in a heavily guarded manor in a secluded manor in Poland. I have come to tell you that three more ministries have fallen," He looks down at Susan. "But I assume you already know."

Harry nodded. "We do. We are going to find him tonight. We'll search all night if we have to." His voice was thick with determination.

Draco smirked, not a rude smirk, but a knowing one. "I suppose," he drawled, "It would take all night...that is, if I hadn't come here to not only tell you of the ministries, but to tell you where Zabini is." Harry's eyes, along with the others in the room, widened incredibly. Draco, along with being a new friend, had made the sacrifice of his godfather before him and had become a spy. He wasn't in the close position that Severus had been with Voldemort, but he was close enough. Draco chuckled at the looks on their faces. Harry huffed.

"Well don't just stand there Malfoy. Tell us!" He reverted back to the use of "Malfoy" as he often did in his frustration; just as Draco would revert back to the use of "Potter."

"Well it just so happens, that he decided to make a visit to the ruins of Hogwarts. It is my belief that he is searching for something there. What, I do not know, but I thought that this information would be of some use to you." He bowed his head in recognition of Harry's expertise in the area.

"Useful indeed." Harry said contemplatively with his finger on his chin, tapping. He was ready to go; he just had to wait for the other two-thirds of his trio. As soon as the thought came, the couple walked in the door ready for battle.

"Malfoy." Ron bowed his head in acknowledgement. He treated Draco with grudging respect and that was all. Draco returned the gesture.

"I was just telling Harry where Zabini is."

Hermione perked up. "Oh? Where is he then?"

"Like I told Harry, I do not know why, but he is at the Hogwarts ruins. It is my belief he is searching for something."

Like Harry had done earlier, Hermione looked thoughtful. Ron on the other hand was getting impatient. "Come on guys. Let's go!" He tugged on Hermione's arm, who quickly grabbed Harry's arm and they were being dragged out of the Burrow by Ron. Before Harry cleared the room he called back to Draco. "Thanks Draco. Do me a favor and let Hannah and Neville know. Tell them we will be okay though." And with that they were out of the house. They quickly found themselves running to break through the ward barrier so they could Apparate to Hogwarts.

It didn't take long, and soon they found themselves amongst rubble and debris. Harry pulled out his invisibility cloak that he carried with him at all times and enlarged it to cover the three of them.

"This better not be a trap!" Ron hissed. The other two rolled their eyes. Ron still very much disliked Draco...only in private though. Hermione pulled out her wand.

"Point Me Blaise Zabini." She whispered softly. The wand swiveled in all directions before pointing to their right. They turned and Harry led the way.

They came upon a few of Zabini's men that were easily stunned and banished to the Auror Department at the Ministry. They followed the direction the wand pointed. They had been walking for a few minutes when Ron tripped on some of the rubble and yelped out loud. Harry had clasped a hand over his mouth but it was too late. They were surrounded by the enemy. Harry sighed. Ron muttered an apology and Hermione quickly said, "It's only six of them. We can do this in our sleep."

The enemy was taken by surprise when three figures appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Ron, using a new favorite tactic he learned, immediately stepped forward, quickly pulled his arm back before sending it forward with such strength and speed that the man's jaw cracked in a volume that caused everyone to pause in favor of watching the man drop to the ground in great pain. Ron smirked. Harry and Hermione used the distraction to their advantage and Harry, preferring wands over fists, cast the first spell, effectively stunning an unsuspecting attacker. Hermione raised her want to strike.

"Crucio!" Cried a voice that…wasn't Hermione's? Harry glanced over to see Hermione twisting on the ground in pain as a man stood over her with a twisted smile on his face. He stunned the man who had just cast a cutting curse against him and was about to turn to help Hermione when the man holding her under the Crucio fell dead to the ground. Ron stood right behind him with a look on his face that frightened even Harry somewhat.

"Stupefy!" Harry yelled, wand raised, to hit the wizard who was coming up behind Ron as he was bent over helping Hermione up.

"Confringo!" Came Hermione's hoarse voice and Harry had to duck so it wouldn't hit him. His back felt hot and he heard a small explosion and turned around to see a female wizard up in flames. Hermione had saved Harry from a terrible fate.

"Thanks!" He said relieved as he rushed to her side, where Ron was supporting her.

"I'm fine Ronald." She said weakly. The group stood there for a few minutes so Hermione could regain enough energy to keep moving. They continued in the general direction when they finally came upon the one they were looking for. He had been bent over, riffling through the rubble when they approached, but he slowly stood up as they came to a stop behind him. Zabini was backed into a piece of larger rubble that ironically resembled a corner. Ron smirked.

"Backed into a corner now Zabini."

The man didn't react. "Thank you, Mr. Weasley, for pointing out to me what a corner looks like. I see Hogwarts did you a lot of good."

"Should you really taunt your captors?" Hermione asked smoothly, masking her pain.

Zabini sneered at her. "Do not speak to me you filthy Mudblood." He spit in her general direction. Here, Harry expected Ron to attack. And had they still been in Hogwarts he would have. But since the final battle, he had been able to use restraint. Restraint that Severus Snape, critic of all Gryffindor's alike, would have approved of.

Hermione however, ever so calm and composed, allowed herself less restraint in certain instances. And this was one of them. Zabini, a second later, found himself contorting on the ground in pain; it lasted for only a second, as it was more righteous anger, but it long enough for the message to seep in. He was now leaned back against the corner breathing hard to catch his breath.

He looked up at the three who had their wands pointed directly at his heart. His face broke into a cocky grin. He raised his hand and muttered something that the trio couldn't hear. In the next instant, dirt and sand whirled around the three in a mass storm. Their vision blocked, they couldn't see Zabini. But within seconds, Hermione had raised her wand and yelled loudly over the storm,

"Alesto Momentum!" The dirt and muck didn't stop, but it slowed down enough for them to see Zabini.

He had a chain out around his neck, and attached to it was a golden circle, with an hourglass in its border.

"But they were all destroyed in our fifth year! How..." Hermione trailed off. Zabini had begun to spin the notch as he stared intently within the hourglass with a sly smile twisting his features.

Without a second thought, the three raised their wands and simultaneously yelled, "Avada Kedavra!" Bright green light burst out in all directions and filled them up. The only thing they could hear other than Blaise Zabini's final scream, was the sound of glass shattering. And then all was black.

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