FuFic: Here There Be Dragons

by: Maven Alysse

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Featuring: Peter Caine

Time Line: Set during Requim.

AN: Originally posted on an old geocities site and written sometime between 1995 and 2005. Original story betaed by Aislinn. Edited and revised (with no beta – all errors are mine) in 2012.

When Peter paused briefly before taking the brands, perhaps he was thinking these thoughts.

Here There Be Dragons

Peter Caine stood before the cauldron, mesmerized by the flames flashing through the iron cutouts of the crane and the dragon. Is this where his life finally led him? Was he really ready to become a Shaolin like his father?

A poem he'd read once, long ago (a life time ago), flashed through his mind and he could help the wry smile that graced his lips at how appropriate the sentiment echoed his current situation.

Here, there be Dragons.

A folktale used to describe the unknown and the unimaginable.

A phrase meant as a warning, a warding off.

A line drawn between the sane, familiar world and one full of the fantastical.

An obstacle and a challenge.

So what happens when you take that challenge?

What happens when you transcend that boundary?

Move away from the normal and find...


Something new?

Or just another way of seeing the world?

Upon gazing on that which before had been inconceivable -

Is the world now different, or is it you that has changed?

As far away as across the universe,

To as close as turning a corner,

Here, there be Dragons.

Peter nodded decisively to himself. 'There are definitely dragons here. Let's see how they change my life.' He took a deep breath and stepped forward to accept his destiny.