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The Presidential Treatment Chapter 1


"President Cullen! President Cullen! President Cullen!" the reporters shouted at me as I stood at the podium in the Press Briefing Room. Cameras rolled, cameras flashed, and pens and fingers waved in the air.

"Yes?" I pointed at a male who was shouting louder than the others.

"Do you think that this new bill, if it passes, will be the best bet for the citizens of the U.S.?" he asked and I smiled my diplomatic smile at the people in the room before answering.

"I do feel that the Assistance Reduction Bill will allow for some of the budget cutbacks that are important in the recent economy downturn, and that it will also help to reduce the aid for those who have been using it for too long, or for frivolous reasons."

Rosalie Hale, my closest advisor, leaned toward me and murmured, "good answer, and keep smiling."

"Mr. President! President Cullen! Mr. President!" was shouted again and this time I pointed to a rather attractive female standing in the front of the group. And when I say she was rather attractive, she really was. Rich brown hair, slender yet curvy figure, light makeup just to highlight her natural beauty, and she was in a charcoal pencil skirt, red silk blouse, and matching red heels that looked ominous to stand in, let alone walk in.

"So, according to you, the Assistance Reduction Bill will kick people out of government assistance programs because they have been riding it instead of getting a job to help themselves? And that it will kick people out who have multiple medical costs that seem, as you put it, 'frivolous'?" she asked, an odd fire in her eyes as she spoke.

"Well, yes," I replied and made to continue but was cut off by the female.

"So you're agreeing that this bill is designed to kick people out of government assistance programs just because they've been on it for a while, or are racking up too many bills?" she asked again, the fire now in her voice.

"That's not what I said," I replied, smiling at her with my vote winning grin that everyone loved.

"Excuse me? You're denying that you just said all that? When everyone in this room just heard you?"

"No, I said that was not what I said, Ms…?"

"Swan, Alice Swan."

"Well, Ms. Swan, if you listened, I said that the bill would reduce the aid to those that were abusing the programs, not those that truly need the help."

"So, say a single mom needed help for her son who had medical issues, and he had been piling up medical bills since he was born, but the doctors don't necessarily agree that he has an issue so some are stating that there is nothing wrong with the child. Would that be considered frivolous?" Ms. Swan stood there, arms crossed as she glared at me with a look of hatred on her face, so I smiled my winning smile at her and answered her as best I could.

"Doctors are in their positions because they know what they are talking about. If multiple doctors agree that nothing is wrong with the child in question and ascertain that the single mother you mentioned appears to be abusing the assistance she has been given, then yes, the assistance would be cut for her and her child." There, that summed it up pretty well, didn't it?

"You motherfucker!" I heard a female voice shriek and then saw the bright red object flying at my head.

I ducked just as Rosalie hit the floor and Secret Service surrounded me. From behind the podium I couldn't see what was happening, but I heard the screams, the grunts, and the sounds of cameras clicking and people shouting.

I was helped up from the floor as the screaming continued in the room, and saw for the first time what actually was thrown at me. It was a bright red high heeled shoe. Jasper Whitlock, one of my top personal Secret Service agents, held it in his hand, turning it around and around as he directed the rest of the Secret Service surrounding me to escort me from the room and back to the Oval Office.

Right before I left the Press Briefing Room, I looked back to see the reporter who had identified herself as Alice Swan, pinned to the floor under Emmett McCarty, my other top personal Secret Service agent, holding her down roughly as he placed hand cuffs on her wrists. Looking down her struggling form, I saw that she was missing one red high heel.

An hour later, as I sat behind my desk in the Oval Office, I was handed a file by Emmett and Jasper on Ms. Swan.

"Ms. Swan, first name Isabella, middle name Marie, prefers to go by Bella. She's thirty-one, single mother to a seventeen month old son, Seth Swan, father listed as unknown. Works at Stanley Grocery in Mt. Rainier, Maryland. Lives there too in a home left to her by her grandmother when she passed away five years ago," Emmett recited, giving me a partial background on my attacker.

"Sister to Mary Alice Swan, prefers to go by Alice, who's Press Pass she used to gain entry into today's briefing. Her sister, Alice, is thirty-three, but they greatly resembled each other until Alice cut her hair drastically last month," Jasper explained, handing over Alice Swan's Press Pass and Driver's License, along with a new photo of her that was somehow obtained.

I compared the photo on her Press Pass when she had long hair to the photo of Isabella Swan that was attached to the file in my hands. They really did resemble each other as if they were twins.

"Father is Charles Swan, preferred name Charlie, Chief of Police in Mt. Rainier, Maryland. Mother listed as Renee Dwyer, no longer in the picture. Reported that she took off when her children were young, leaving the father to raise them on his own. He had help from his mother, Marie Swan," Jasper continued and then Emmett picked up.

"Bella Swan has no arrest records, no outstanding warrants. Other than the utility bill and the house in her name, which is paid for, she has a prepaid cell phone. No home phone, no internet, no cable. And…" Emmett paused as if to build the suspense. "Her son, Seth Swan…he is on the assistance programs that you are cutting."

And there you have it! She was out for something she didn't deserve. She had a job, a house…she should be able to take care of her child. I mean, how much could they cost to take care of? Just diapers and clothing and bottles, right? It's not like I knew first hand as I was the first president ever elected who was not, nor had been, married. Also, at thirty-six when I was elected, I was the youngest president for that too. Now, two years into my term, at the age of thirty-eight, I had the support of the older voters due to my family's long line of political history, and the support of the younger voters, who actually liked that someone close to their age was in office. It didn't hurt that I had one of the largest female voter percentages in history. Guess my green eyes and odd bronze hair was pleasing to them.

"So, what are you going to do about her?" Emmett asked, bringing me out of my reverie.

"How about press charges for assault on the President, identity theft, fraud, trespassing, and anything else we can tack on to her," Rosalie said as she stormed into my office.

"Wait a second here. Before we press any charges, could I talk to her? You know, to find out why she threw that shoe at me?" I asked, looking between Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper, who was now holding the same shoe that was thrown at me.

"It's a Jimmy Choo Luna Peep Toe," Jasper said in a reverent voice, before suddenly blushing the color of the assault shoe.

"It's a what?" Emmett asked, shock coloring his face while I just tried to understand what he had said.

"How do you know that?" Rosalie asked pointedly.

"Nothing, don't worry about it. But know that this shoe costs more than $600," Jasper said as he sat the shoe gently down onto my desk, as if it was made of the finest china.

But the price of it made my mind start churning. If this woman, this imposter, could afford $600 shoes, then surely she could afford to care for her child and didn't need the assistance. Right? No matter what, I had to find out and stood up, picked up the shoe, and asked Emmett and Jasper to take me to her.

So, um, yeah! I know it's a bit shorter than my normal chapters but I didn't want to give too many details away just yet. I'll try to update soon, but if not then it will be next weekend. Bella's POV will be next!