After a long, awkward introduction, Adriane, Zach, Drake, and . . . Jaaran and Kee-Lyn went to visit the Fairimentals in the huge dome-like building in the center of the Garden. The Crystal Keep. It certainly lives up to its name, Adriane thought wryly. Indded the shimmering, pristine building did. Adriane stole a quick glance at Kee-Lyn and Jaaran. Apparently they had something so urgent to tell the Fairimentals it couldn't wait. Jaaran noticed her staring at the two of them and winked at her.

Adriane flushed bright red, but from the embarrassment that Jaaran had made it obvious he had feelings for her in front of . . . Zach. Zach was completely oblivious though. Lost deep in thought Adriane bumped into a moving cart, causing its contents all to spill to the side. Adriane watched in slow motion as precious data crystals holding important information fell to their doom on the slick, linoleum tile floor. Suddenly, a bright burst of red magic swirled from unknown origins and the cart suddenly reversed, as if rewinding a movie.

Adriane, mouth agape sidestepped the cart easily this time and whirled around. Zach looked at her modestly face as red as his dragon stone. 'What?' he said innocently. Adriane playfully socked him in the arm. 'You've been holding out on me!' she accused. 'No, you simply didn't ask' Zach said darting away from her. 'Sure . . .' Adriane said rolling her eyes. Zach imitated her and then lunged and grabbed Adriane as they both fell to the ground laughing.

Jaaran cleared his throat and Zach and Adriane immediately shot up, both a shade of scarlet and dusted themselves off. Kee-Lyn smiled at Adriane from behind Jaaran's back. Adriane looked away sheepishly and then suddenly notice the look in Jarran's eye. Was that . . . remorse? Hurt? Angst flitting across his face? When Jaaran noticed Adriane looking at him, his face returned to normal composure. His face went flat like the sea . . . but underneath was a swift current ready to pull you under.