Al tugged at his tie violently, silently willing it to be anything other than green and silver. His pulling caught the eye of another first year sitting across from him- a blonde boy who looked rather proud of the outcome of his sorting. The boy raised a brow at him.

"Not too fond of the color?"

"Not too fond of the house, more like..." Al grumbled in response. The other boy just smiled politely in response. Then, suddenly, he reached over the table, adjusting Al's tie for him.

"Wear it with pride," he advised. "It matches your eyes."

Dumbstruck, Al just nodded and finally began to eat his dinner. Maybe being in Slytherin wouldn't be so bad after all. As the feast ended and he followed a prefect to the dungeons, he turned to the blonde boy.

"I never did get your name. I'm Al, by the way."

The boy smiled, and his gray eyes brightened up; he stuck his hand out to shake Al's. "Scorpius. Scorpius Malfoy."