Oh look at that. A new story from me. Don't worry, though. I'm not abandoning There's Nothing Wrong with Two Dads. I'm gonna do my best to juggle the two fics.

Anyway, the idea for this fic was born after my friend Lara said something to me. I've written two other Kogan vs. Jagan stories, and Kogan was always end game. She said to me, "I just want James to win once." So here we are. I hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter One: Freshman Year

James remembered the very first time he laid eyes on Logan Mitchell. It was a hot July afternoon the summer before his first year of high school. He was mowing the front lawn as a punishment because he caused a scene at the stupid country club dance. He didn't even get why he had to mow the lawn either. They had a whole team of gardeners for that.

He lived in a big, fancy house with his mother in Oak Estates. A development filled with mansion-like houses. Each house had its own individual look, large front and back yards, and a pool. James' house was brick with white shutters, a large white front door, and a nice back deck. His mother was very proud of what he viewed as useless shrubbery. Flowers that he could name lined the walkway to their front door. They had two stupid trees in their front yard that sprouted flowers every spring. In the backyard, they had some flowery bush that the butterflies flocked to like it was crack.

James had finally finished his chore and collapsed on the ground. He was covered in sweat, and was still pissed that he had been forced to mow the lawn. He turned his head when he saw a moving truck pull up in front of the house across the street. He sat up, curious. The house had been empty nearly a year and a few weeks ago the house was announced as sold. James couldn't wait to see what kind of snoots would be his neighbors. He would have to make plans with Kendall and Carlos to fuck with them.

A car pulled into the driveway of the stone house. A family of three—five if you counted the two dogs—got out of the car. The dogs were two very excited looking beagles. The people were a man, woman, and a guy who looked to be about James' age.

James automatically pegged the guy for a nerd. He was pale with brown hair. He was wearing khaki shorts and some kind of striped polo shirt. He looked miserable. James felt his pain. Snobs disliked nerds just as much as they disliked people like James. People who enjoyed having fun and didn't give two shits about social status or how much money someone made.

The guy glanced at James. He saw James looking, blushed, and put his focus on the two dogs.

Once the family was inside, James stood. He put the lawn mower back in the garage then headed inside. He took a shower. Then he picked up his cellphone and dialed Carlos' number. "Hey, man. Call Kendall and tell him you two are spending the night. I've got new neighbors. We gotta do some snooping."

Logan looked around his new room. It was a lot larger than his room at his old house. He hated it. His old house had only two bedrooms and one floor. This house had two floors, an unnecessarily large basement, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a pool. His family had absolutely no need for any of it.

Logan sighed sadly and sat on his bed. He looked at all the boxes he needed to unpack. The movers had left an hour ago, and his parents were excitedly unpacking everywhere else. They didn't ask him to help because they knew how upset he was.

Logan's parents had moved into their old house right after they got married. Logan spent the first fourteen years of his life in that house. He loved that house. He adored their small backyard and white picket fence. This new neighborhood didn't even allow fences. They would have to put special collars on their dogs and get an invisible fence. Logan found that cruel. Poor Duckie and Blaine—their dogs—deserved something real.

Logan knew he had to accept this new place. His dad had gotten a new job at a fancy accounting firm that paid much more than his previous job. And apparently one of the partners there was an old college friend of his dad's. This new house was much closer closer to his dad's job, and his mom—a real estate superwoman—claimed they got an excellent deal on the house. Also, it was closer to her office and Logan's soon-to-be high school. Woods Academy, a fancy private school.

Logan got off his bed and went to one of his windows. This window faced the house across the street. Logan had seen a guy his age all sweaty on the lawn earlier. Logan's mom had suggested he try and make friends, but Logan figured that would never happen. The house the guy lived in was the nicest on their street. And he was so... pretty. There was no way he'd be friends with someone like Logan.

"You OK, sweetie?"

Logan turned around to face his mom. "Yeah."

"You'll grow to like it here," his mom said.

Logan crossed his arms over his chest. "Why do we need such a big house?"

"It was the most convenient one. It's a short distance away from my work, your dad's work, and your school. It was a good deal, and your dad can impress clients. And... I always wanted a fancy house."

Logan frowned. "You didn't like the old house?"

"I did! We have so many memories there. It was the first house I ever owned, and I owned it with the man I love. My first and only baby grew up there. But this is pretty much my dream house."

Logan sighed. "I promise not to complain too much. Since you love it here and all. Maybe I'll grow to love it too."

His mom walked over to him and gave him a hug. "Thank you, sweetie. Once you make friends, you can invite them over any time you want."

"Yeah. Sure." Logan highly doubted he'd make friends, but would pretend to dream for his mom's sake.

His mom stepped back. "Dinner's ready."

After eating, Logan finally started unpacking. He put his sheets, blankets, and pillows on his bed. He put all of his nicer clothes and shoes in his closet. He put the rest of his clothes in his dressers. He filled his two bookcases with books. He put his TV on top of the dresser across from his bed and hooked it up. Then he hooked up his DVD player. He put his DVDs on the shelf that came with his desk. Then he placed his laptop on the desk. Next, he took his other towels and toiletries to the bathroom. Once he was done with that, he put up the few posters he had on his walls. After that, he set up his lamp and alarm clock. Then he put his bags on the closet shelf, and took the empty boxes downstairs. When he was all done, he decided it was time for a shower.

"This guy is boring," Carlos said, looking through the binoculars into the house across the street.

"Well he's not gonna do anything interesting today," Kendall said, taking the binoculars from Carlos. "He's gonna have to do a lot of unpacking."

James smiled at his two friends. The three of them had been close since pre-school, and he wouldn't trade them for anything. Carlos was on of the sweetest, happiest, most loyal people James had ever met. Kendall would defend his friends to the death, and would always push them to be better people and sometimes do crazy things. James usually did goofy stuff with Carlos. He usually competed with Kendall over things. Kendall mostly won, which pissed James off to no end.

"You're right, James," Kendall said. "He looks like a real nerd. He has a shit ton of books. He's got two bookcases that are freaking overflowed with books. Who reads that much?"

"Someone who doesn't have a social life," James said and took the binoculars from Kendall. The guy had left his room about fifteen minutes ago, so James peeked into the living room. The guy's mom and dad were sitting on one of the couches watching TV. One dog was on the other couch, and the second dog was in the woman's lap. James caught movement in the guy's room again and looked. The guy was in only a towel. James was pretty surprised by the guy's muscle tone. A nerd who works out, he thought. Impressive. The guy's back was facing James, and... there went the towel. James got a nice view of his ass before he put on his underwear. James quickly put down the binoculars and thanked God Kendall and Carlos were fighting over a bag of chips. They couldn't see that James was slightly aroused. Over a nerd. A boy nerd. He had yet to tell them he might like both girls and boys. He calmed himself down and snatched the bag of chips out of Kendall's hands.

Logan spent the remainder of the summer inside for the most part. Occasionally he took the dogs for a walk or did some laps in the pool. He spent a lot of time in his room reading, watching TV, or playing World of Warcraft.

But sometimes his eyes would drift to his window that faced the house cross the street. A few times he saw the pretty guy arguing with his mom in their driveway. Sometimes he watched the pretty guy mow the lawn. Once the pretty guy's mom came home with a date. Pretty guy stormed out of the house, hopped on his bike, and rode off. A lot of the time, pretty guy's friends were over. One day, Logan watched them have a water gun fight.

Logan longed to know what it was like to have friends. At his grade school, kids decided he was too weird to hang out with. So from pre-school to eighth grade he was ignored. He would wish that he at least had been bullied. Because then his existence would have been acknowledged. Instead, he was all alone. A kid who used books as friends, and put more effort into his studies to pass the time. He wondered if high school would be different, but didn't want to get his hopes up.

Logan was a bundle of nerves as his mom drove him to Freshmen Orientation day at Woods Academy. Woods Academy was a small, private school. A person only got in if they were rich or really smart. Logan was blessed enough to be both.

His mom dropped him off at the front of the school. "Remember you go to the cafeteria."

"I know, Mom," logan said patiently.

"Alright. Good luck. Try to make friends."

Logan sighed. "I'll do my best." Logan got out of the car and walked up the stairs leading to the front entrance. He, along with other Freshmen, followed signs to the cafeteria. Once there, he took a seat at one of the tables toward the front. Instead of talking like the rest of his classmates, he buried his nose in a book.

Finally, the vice principal made everyone get quiet and made some announcements. They would be divided into their homerooms, and various business would be taken care of there. Then they would get their pictures taken for their school IDs/yearbook pictures. Next, they would go through their class schedule, meet their teachers, get their books, and get a summary of what they'd be learning for the year. After that, they would have lunch. Finally, they would go home after one last homeroom meeting. Logan would have to take the bus home.

Logan watched as homerooms were called, and people walked off. He saw the pretty guy, and got a weird feeling in his stomach. Then he saw pretty guy's Hispanic friend. When Logan was called for his homeroom, he saw that pretty guy's friend with the prominent eyebrows was also in his homeroom.

They were allowed to pick their own seats, and Logan wondered of eyebrow friend sat behind him on purpose.

They were all given their locker number and combination. They went into the hall and tested out their lockers a few times. They went back to their classroom, and were given paperwork their parents would have to sign. As they waited to be called to get their pictures taken, they were allowed to talk.

Logan grabbed his book and prepared to read. A tap on his shoulder stopped him. He turned around in his seat and looked at eyebrow friend.

"You live across from James, right?" eyebrow friend asked.


"Tall, kinda brown hair, tan, looks like a girl?"

Logan laughed a little. "Yeah. I, uh, never knew his name."

"Well, his name is James Diamond. And my name is Kendall Knight."

Logan nodded. "I'm Logan. Logan Mitchell."

Kendall smiled. Logan liked Kendall's smile. It was all dimples, and seemed so genuine. "You, Logan Mitchell, have been quite a mystery to James, Carlos—our other friend, and I."


"Yup. We've kinda been spying on you since the day you moved in."

"That's... creepy."

Kendall laughed. "Yeah. I guess it is. But we had nothing else to do this summer. We hoped to learn a bit about you to keep us busy. But you barely left the house."

Logan shrugged. "I don't know anyone. I did a lot of reading and gaming."

"You could've talked yo us," Kendall said. "We're very nice people. Though James has rude moments."

"Who doesn't?"

There was Kendall's nice smile again. "Exactly. You should sit with us at lunch."

"I... Um... Will James and Carlos be OK with that?"

Kendall appeared to think that over. "Carlos will be fine with it. James... I'm not sure. That's dude's a mystery. Just ignore him if he's being an ass to you."


"So you'll sit with us at lunch?" Kendall asked.

Logan took a deep breath. "I will."

James was pleased that the last class he'd have everyday would be with Carlos. What a terrific way to spend last period.

He and Carlos went to the cafeteria, got their food, and sat.

Where's Kendall?" Carlos asked as he started to eat.

James shrugged and scanned the cafeteria for their friend. He smiled and waved Kendall over when he saw him. Then his eyes landed on the guy next to Kendall. James' heart started to pound in his chest. How did Kendall end up with his neighbor? And why was the guy about to sit down with them? No one else ever sat with the three.

"Guys," Kendall said as he and his new buddy sat, "this is Logan Mitchell. Logan, that's Carlos Garcia and that's James Diamond."

"Ho," Logan said quietly with a nervous smile. Logan's eyes locked with James' and James saw a tint of pink cross Logan's cheeks. "We're, uh, neighbors."

"I know," James said.

Logan cleared his throat and looked at Carlos. "I hear you guys have been spying on me."

Carlos choked on his food, making Kendall laugh.

"Kendall! Why'd you tell him?" James demanded to know. Logan may start closing his curtains, and James really enjoyed sneaking peeks at Logan post-shower.

"I just wanted him to know we were curious about him," Kendall said. "He's not creeped out by it."

"As long as there aren't any cameras in my room," Logan joked.

Carlos and Kendall laughed. James just continued to stare Logan down. He was surprised Logan made a joke; he seemed more like a serious type of guy. And James noted that Logan looked surprised with himself too.

Conversation flowed pretty well. Though Logan and James didn't speak to each other again. Logan seemed to fit well, and it annoyed James. Who did Logan think he was, coming in and acting like part of the group? And why were Carlos and Kendall so accepting of him? Why would they let this other person in so easily? Didn't they know a new member of the group would change everything? The thing that pissed him off the most, though, was that Kendall was the one who brought Logan in. James saw him first. He should've been the first to talk to Logan. He should've been the one to slowly make him part of the group. Instead, Logan was thrust into the group by Kendall. It wasn't fair.

Lunch ended. James quickly threw his things away and went off to his homeroom again. They took care of their final business and were dismissed. James left the classroom and went to his locker. He put all his books and notebooks in there. Then he ran off to catch the bus. There was only one seat available, at the back of the bus, next to Logan.

James sighed and took the seat next to Logan—who was reading a book. James looked at him until his eyes went away from his book and onto James. James immediately snapped, "What?"

Logan blinked in what looked like shock. "You... you were staring at me."

"Whatever." James stared straight ahead, ignoring Logan for the rest of the bus ride. Thankfully, they were the first stop. The bus dropped them off at the entrance to their development.

Quietly, they walked together to their houses two streets away.

"Bye," Logan said when they reached their destination.

"Uh-huh," James muttered and went up the walkway to his own house.

The best part of James day was when he saw that Logan didn't close his curtains after shower time.

Logan couldn't believe his luck. He had friends. People he sat with at lunch, and talked to before first period. He actually had someone to chat with in homeroom. They alternated whose house they hung out at. It would go: Kendall's, Carlos', James', then Logan's. They went to the movies and the mall together. They had sleepovers. Carlos never failed to make Logan laugh or smile, and always offered a hug when he was in need of one. Logan could share anything with Kendall. He definitely felt closest to Kendall. Then there was James. Logan didn't know what to think of James. Sometimes James would smile a little at the things he said, and sometimes James got snappy with him. James always accepted that Logan would be around, but he was usually somewhat cold toward Logan. Logan was always nice to James, and couldn't understand why James acted this way. Logan just wanted to be his friend.

Homecoming was coming up soon, and Logan was the only one without a date. Kendall and Carlos were trying to get him to ask Camille, a girl in his Italian class.

"I don't know..." Logan said at lunch.

James groaned. "Oh my god, Logan. Stop being such a pussy. It's not that hard. Go up to the chick and ask her to go to Homecoming with you."


"No," James interrupted. "Shut up. She's into you. She'll say yes."

"She's into me?" Logan asked.

James rolled his eyes. "Yes. She does a stupid, flirty giggle when you make bad jokes."

Carlos nodded. "And she always had to be touching you when she talks to you."

"They're right," Kendall said. "James knows his shit when it comes to this stuff too. Go ask her. Now. She's throwing her garbage away."

"OK." Logan took a deep breath and stood. He practically ran over to Camille. "Hey."

Camille smiled at him. "Hi, Logan."

"So... Homecoming is Friday."

"It is."

"Do you, um, wanna, you know, go... with... me?"

Camille giggled and touched his arm. "I'd love to go with you, Logan. We'll meet outside the dance like Jo, Lucy, and Stephanie are doing with Kendall, James, and Carlos."

Logan smiled brightly. "OK. Sounds like a plan."

"See you then." She walked back to her table.

Logan pretty much skipped back to his. "She said yes!" He did a little victory dance before he sat.

Kendall laughed. "Hopefully you dance better than that."

Logan smacked his forehead. "Crap! I can't dance! What am I gonna do?"

"Do you ever not freak out?" James asked.

Carlos elbowed James in the side. "Just tell her you haven't danced before, and she'll offer to teach you."

"Good plan!" Kendall said. "Then she'll grind all up on you. Wonderful."

Logan felt himself blush. "Oh god. Grinding."

"You'll dig it," James said, and Logan was surprised James was being civil. "The boner will be inevitable, though."

Kendall chuckled. "So true."

Logan let himself laugh too. "I'm actually excited. My first dance ever. Is that lame?"

"Very," James said.

"It's not," Kendall told him. "Everyone's allowed to be excited for their first dance. You'll have fun."

"Can we sleep at your house after, Logan?" Carlos asked.

"Um. I'll ask. The girls might not be allowed to stay..."

"That's fine," James said with a shrug. "Who needs them? We can be all dude-like without them there."

James was a little surprised at how well Logan was dressed for the dance. He almost gave James a run for his money. And James felt a little twist in his gut at seeing Logan.

"Do I look bad or something?" Logan asked when he noticed James staring.

"Um..." James searched his head for the words. "You actually look shockingly good. For a nerd."

Logan gave him that stupid smile that James had grown to love the past few months. "I do?"

"Yes. Now stop fishing for compliments and go dance with Camille."

Logan gave him another smile and went up to Camille. James sighed and went to his date, Lucy. "Ready to dance?" he asked her.

Lucy took his hand. "Sure."

James couldn't stop himself from watching Logan. He saw that Logan took their advice and told Camille he hadn't danced before. It looked like Camille was guiding Logan with her voice and body. And Logan had this fucking goofy grin on his face.

James took a deep breath as his hands settled on Lucy's hips. He wasn't totally sure how he felt about Logan. Logan was a weird kid, after all. Like, One time he tried to describe World of Warcraft to them, and attempted to convince them to start playing. One time at the mall, he spent a good hour and a half at the bookstore. The dude bought six books. Logan even tried to talk him and Carlos out of the crazy stunts they had planned. The dynamic of the group had changed too. Kendall and Logan seemed really close, which made James and Carlos closer. What really irked James, though, was that Logan wasn't close with him at all. How did Kendall and Carlos get to know Logan so well, but James didn't? Then james remembered that maybe, just maybe, he was sometimes a little rude to Logan. But with all the damn conflicting emotions he felt, how was he supposed to act?

It was time for the first slow dance of the night. Lucy rested her head on James' chest while they danced. James' eyes drifted to Logan and Camille. He saw Camille whisper something in Logan's ear and Logan nodded. Then Camille lifted her head and put her lips to Logan's. After the kiss, Camille placed her chin on Logan's shoulder. Logan caught James' eye and smiled. James wasn't sure what to do, so he just gave Logan a thumbs up. It wasn't as if he could go up to Camille and punch her like he wanted to. Fuck Logan for stirring all those emotions.

James saw Logan and Camille kiss several more times—once she even slipped him some tongue—before it was time to announce king and queen.

"I wanna win king one day," James and Kendall said. They glared at each other. "I'm gonna win. No! Me!"

"Guys, stop fighting," Logan said. "Wait until we're Seniors."

"But you gotta work for this shit now," James reminded Logan.

Logan rolled his eyes and James wanted to smack him. "Whatever," Logan said.

There were only a few more songs after king and queen were announced. Once the dance was over, they said good-bye to their dates, and Logan's dad drove them back to Logan's house.

They went straight to Logan's basement and changed. Kendall picked a movie for them to watch on the TV down there while Logan set up the inflatable mattress. James and Carlos each got to sleep on a couch while Logan and Kendall would share the mattress.

They talked about their dates as they watched the movie. Carlos, Kendall, and Logan would all be going out with their girls again.

Soon, they all fell asleep.

James woke in the middle of the night thirsty. He got up and went upstairs to the kitchen. He got a bottle of water out of the fridge and drank.


James gulped in surprise and choked a bit on his water. "L-Logan. I was just getting some water."

Logan chuckled. "I know. I, uh, woke up when you did and wanted to talk to you."

"About what?"

"Why do you hate me?"

James was taken aback. He didn't know Logan thought he hated him. "I don't hate you."

Logan scrunched up his eyebrows cutely. "But... you... Sometimes you're so rude to me."

James sighed. "It's complicated, Logan."

"Can you try to explain it to me? I just wanna be friends, James."

"We are friends."

"You don't always act like it," Logan said softly. "Most of the time, actually."

James ran a hand through his hair. "You're really nice, Logan. You are. Kendall and Carlos are, like, fucking obsessed with you. But I... I don't like change."


"Kendall, Carlos, and I have been best friends since we were little. We had a certain group dynamic. Then you came along and everything changed. I was afraid it'd be like..."

"Like what?" Logan asked.

"Like... when my parents divorced," James told him. "I was ten and it sucked royally. They fought plenty before the divorce, but it got worse during. They even went to court to battle over custody of me. Then I barely saw my dad, and like a year later he got married to a chick way younger than him. Now they live three hours away and I never see him. After my dad moved out, my mom remodeled the house. She got rid of anything that reminded her of Dad. It wasn't a home anymore. It still isn't. It always has to be spotless and perfect and I get bitched at if I mess something up. My mom started dating soon after my dad got married, and she always brings her dates home. I can hear them have sex, Logan. And it's always a different guy. I leave the house when she brings one over now. I hang out at the playground a street over, no matter what time it is. Shit. I never told anyone that last bit..."

"So you were afraid another big change would lead to bad things," Logan said.

James was so glad Logan understood. "Yeah. Um. Could you not tell Kendall and Carlos about me running off to the playground?"

"You could always come here when your mom has a date."


"Yes. I don't want you hanging out at the playground late at night." Logan put a hand on James' shoulder. "You're always welcome here."

"Thanks, Logan. But, uh, promise not to tell?"

Logan gave James' shoulder a squeeze. "Promise. You wanna know a secret about me?"

"Um. Sure."

"You, Carlos, and Kendall are my first friends ever."



"How the hell does that happen?"

Logan took his hand off James' shoulder and James immediately missed it. "Kids in pre-school decided I was weird," Logan told him. "So they never spoke to me. Every school year I hoped it would change, but it didn't."

"So... they all bullied you?"

"No! I would've preferred that! At least then people would've know I exist! But no! I would talk to people and no one would say a thing. They acted like I wasn't there. I was so miserable. Then Kendall spoke to me. And Carlos did too. Even you sometimes. I've never had that before. It's great having friends. I just want you and me to be close, James."

James gave Logan a smile. "I want that too. I was, uh, a little jealous that Kendall and Carlos were close to you, but I wasn't."

Logan poked James' chest. "Your fault, buddy."

James chuckled. "Right. I'll try to be nicer. But I'll still tease you and shit for being a nerd."

Logan grinned. "Bring it on."

They were eating lunch in the cafeteria when James said to Logan, "I know what I'm gonna get you for Christmas."

The gleam in James' eyes made Logan a little scared. Since Homecoming their friendship had improved, and Logan was happy about that. Until he saw that gleam. "Do I even wanna know?"

James nodded. "I'm giving you a makeover."

"Logan doesn't need a makeover," Kendall said.

James rolled his eyes. "He kinda does. His fashion sense is horrible, and his hair is tragic."

Logan scowled at James. "Yet it all got me a girlfriend."

"Good for you. But you could use an improvement."

"Are you calling me ugly?"

"N-no!" James sputtered. "You're a good looking nerd. But I can make you a really good looking nerd. Please, Logan? I was having so much trouble figuring out what to get you."

Logan sighed. James was looking at him with pleading and hopeful eyes. "Fine. When do you wanna do this?"

The very first day of winter break, James showed up at Logan's house bright and early. Logan sat on his bed and watched James go through his closet and drawers, tossing various items of clothing into garbage bags.

"Uh... what are we gonna do with my reject clothes?" he asked James.

"Donate them. The country club is doing a clothing drive for those in need this weekend."

"Oh. That's nice. Um. Are you actually buying me new clothes?" James had discarded a lot of clothes. Logan barely had a wardrobe now.

"I am. Got my mom's credit card and everything."

"How are we gonna get to the mall today? I mean, both our parents are working and can't drive us."

"We'll take the bus. No biggie." James put one final shirt in a bag. "Done. Ready for the mall?"

"I guess."

They walked to the bus stop, and waited in the cold for the bus.

"How are we gonna do this?" Logan asked.

"First we'll pick out a new wardrobe for you. By the time we're done with that it'll be noon, so we'll take a lunch break. Then we'll go buy you some hair products. After that, we'll go back to your house, dress you, do your hair, and then go out to dinner with Kendall and Carlos."

The bus arrived. They paid the fair and found some seats.

"This is gonna take all day?"

"A makeover is serious business," James said. "And I don't want any whining. Try to enjoy yourself."

"But I hate shopping."

James let out a huff. "If you're good, I'll buy you books too."

Logan couldn't stop himself from smiling. "Alright then. I'll try not to complain. But, um, are you gonna dress me like you?"

"No way," James said. "We'll try to keep your own style. I have a plan. Don't worry."

As soon as they got to the mall, they went to James' favorite store. James grabbed a bunch of clothes from pretty much every section. Then he shoved Logan into a dressing room. Logan was forced to try everything on then "model" it for James.

Logan had to admit that James had an eye for fashion. He picked out typical, yet stylish Logan clothes. There were jeans and trousers, vests and sweater vests and cardigans, T-shirts and dress shirts, ties and gloves and scarves.

Once they reached the third store, Logan realized he was having fun. He liked it when James approved an outfit. And the rare times something didn't work, he enjoyed joking about it with James.

At lunch, James said, "We've picked out some great stuff so far."

"Yeah," Logan agreed. "You know, this is the first time we've hung out without Kendall and Carlos."

James smiled. "You're right. Are you... having fun?"

"A lot of fun actually. I never enjoyed shopping before. You make it bearable, I think."

"Glad to be of service."

Logan laughed. "I'm happy we did this."

James gave him a look that he wasn't sure how to place. "Me too. I like spending time with you, Logan. Despite your nerdiness, you're a cool guy."

That was one of the best compliments Logan had ever gotten. "Thanks. I'm sometimes afraid that I'm too much of a dork to be your friend."

"Nah. We need a smart guy to keep us out of trouble and tutor us when we need it. You fit, Logan, and I'm glad you changed things. It's shown me that change isn't always bad."

They smiled at each other for awhile before going back to eating.

They went to two more stores then got hair products for Logan. They caught the bus and went back to Logan's house. James picked out an outfit for Logan, and made him change into it. Then he showed Logan how to do his hair, giving him a lecture on how to take care of it as well.

Logan looked at himself in the mirror. "Wow. I look good."

"I'm a genius, I know," James said.

James liked how much closer her got to Logan as the school year went on. Sometimes Logan would call him before school if he wasn't sure of an outfit—James was so glad he went to a school with a dress code instead of a uniform. James always went to Logan if he needed help with homework or studying. If Kendall was too busy with Jo, Logan would go to James for relationship advice. James always did his best to help, even though it kind of bothered him to see Logan and Camille all couple-like. Every time his mom brought a date home, James would spend the night at Logan's house. Sometimes James went with Logan to walk the dogs.

Logan made James smiled with some of his nerd talk. James got a little jealous whenever Logan hung out with Kendall or Carlos alone. He loved joking about silly things with Logan. He had fun goofing off with Logan at the playground once it was warm out. He liked teaching Logan about clothes and hair. He enjoyed making fun of Logan for watching educational programs.

James definitely had a soft spot for Logan. And he didn't mind it one bit.

Just so you know, the next few chapters will be kind of summaries of their high school years. It may seem trivial now, but it's necessary I think. You'll see.