Hey, I'm back. This has been on my computer for who knows how long. I finally found the time to get back into this and reread it. Hope you enjoy!

Their Secret

Cat and Jade used to be Charlotte James and Lucy Dunn. One day they did something very horrible and almost got arrested. The judge felt they were too young and he didn't

want to ruin their lives. He told their parents to change their names, take them to another state, and never come back to Indiana. Now they are Cat Valentine and Jade West.

They will forever be a part of one another, the only one who knows what the other is going through. They share a secret, a horrible one, one they never want anyone to know.

But all secrets have to be revealed eventually, right? Can they keep it between themselves, or will it be thrown out into the world?

AN: This is just am intro to the story. I'll try to get at least the first chapter up this week end. I am also working on two other stories at night and have some songfics I wanna do. I'll try to get them up soon too. Please review!