For Love. For Us. For Brittany.

A/N: I plan on working on this story every once in a while, but it will be long so I figured I'll just post this one as I go. I'm a law school student so this should be fun to write an AATC crime drama.

This is Alvittany by the way. (I know, I know, I don't usually write things that aren't Simonette, but he wasn't right for this spot.)

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Simon's POV

Chapter 1: Arraignment

I never thought I would see the day when Alvin didn't want media attention. Of course, that wasn't the only thing unexpected Alvin had done recently. I knew he had a temper. But I never saw him like this.

I hugged my brother and wished him luck. I took Brittany by the arm, "Come on Brittany, he needs to do this by himself."

The crowd grew silent as Alvin walked towards the front of the room and took a seat. I took Brittany and sat her down.

Suddenly, a booming voice came from the front of the room. "Alvin Seville, you are charged with the crimes of first degree murder, possession of a deadly weapon, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. Are you ready to enter a plea to these charges?"

"I am." Alvin answered, standing up from his chair. "Not guilty on all charges."

The crowd around us grew angry. After all, this was the trial of the century. Everybody in the world including me knew that he did it. They just didn't understand all of the facts. Our fans had turned on us. People who weeks earlier asked us for autographs were protesting outside that minors couldn't receive the death penalty. Some people even tried to argue that he should be treated like any other chipmunk or animal would instead of a human, and put to sleep. Of course all of those battles were behind us.

Of course this was just the arraignment. In a few weeks, we would have the trial. Finally, Alvin would get to tell his story. We knew that things would never go back to normal, but maybe some people would understand why he did it.

Brittany was of course devastated. She felt responsible for what had happened. Even if Alvin got what he wanted, his life would still never be back to normal.

After more preliminary issues were settled, the judge set a date for the trial. Luckily, Alvin had been granted bail. We knew there was a good chance we wouldn't be with him for much of his life, so this time was especially valuable.

He walked back towards us, through the angry mob. Brittany ran towards him and held him. We left the building, and went home. Home to wait until the trial.

At the house

Our family was obviously shaken to the core by what had happened. We had to move into the Miller's house so we could avoid the circus outside our house. Plus, it allowed Brittany and Alvin to be together for as long as possible.

"Well, what did you do?" Dave asked, as Alvin and I walked in the door of the Miller's home.

Alvin looked up at Dave with a tear running down the side of his face, "Not Guilty."

I looked at Alvin, trying to make him feel less ashamed. "I don't understand why that bothers you so much."

"It bothers me because I am guilty. This isn't like saying I didn't drop a vase when we were kids. I did it, and I should have taken responsibility for my actions."

Jeanette turned to Alvin as she walked out of her bedroom. "Alvin, your lawyer explained this to you. What you did was illegal, but there are smaller charges you can get if you plead not guilty."

"She's right." Brittany said, walking into the house. "I'm just glad you didn't do anything stupid like plead guilty. We know you feel horrible for what happened, but people will understand at the trial."

"I guess I just wanted it to be over." Alvin explained. "I just don't want to have to relive that experience again."

I looked at Alvin, "We just need to stick together through the trial. I know how hard it is, Alvin, but we can make it. We have to."

The four of us went into our room where our two younger siblings were already sleeping. Dave didn't sleep that night. He had hardly slept since. His family was being torn apart, and he still hadn't even heard what happened that night. Besides Alvin and his attorney, Brittany and I were the only people who knew what happened. Alvin swore us to secrecy, partly because he felt ashamed, partly because he didn't want to think about that night.

That was one of the reasons all of us were so concerned about Alvin's plea. He spent weeks threatening to plead guilty, just so that he didn't have to do it. Relive that night. He didn't want to hear the story again, even if it meant spending the rest of his life in prison.

Frankly, most of the world didn't know what to expect from the trial. To the world, it was such a clear case of pre-meditated murder, that there was nothing Alvin could possibly argue at trial. That was the burden I had. I knew what happened that night. That's probably why I'm one of the last people that still truly trusts him. The rest of our family supported him, as a family member. They knew there was something we hadn't said about that night, but they didn't understand what it was.

I remember when it first came out that Alvin had been arrested. I knew what happened but had been sworn to secrecy by Alvin by then. Jeanette walked up to me and said, "All these years I never believed you, but I guess I shouldn't have been that trusting of Alvin."

I looked at Jeanette and said, "Jean, for the first time, I really do know I was wrong about Alvin. You can trust him with your life." Of course most people thought it was an odd reaction to Alvin being charged with murder, but as I said, knowledge was my burden.