"Why are you here?"

Ziva's eyes were red and she shamefully wiped the tear tracks from her cheeks as she made her way back into her apartment. She left the door open, allowing McGee to make his way in, awkwardly standing in the entrance once he'd closed the door behind him. Despite having come over to be of help, Tim really wasn't the best at comforting people. It made his stomach get tied in awkward knots and the most he managed was well timed hugs or hand holding. But she needed him. She needed someone, at least, and he'd been the only one brave enough to show up.

"I just... I don't think you should be alone right now, Ziva," he said simply, going to take a cautious step forward. "I mean, I know you say you're fine, but clearly you're - well, you're not." He watched as she went to sit rather defeatedly on the couch, grabbing a tissue to blow her nose into and trying to compose herself. She was also pretending to be so strong, even when she wasn't feeling strength in that moment.

"It is not as though she and I had even spoken in years. Not since I was in the military." She shook her head, looking at her hands. "Perhaps my time as an American has made me grow too... soft." She laughed weakly as she felt McGee sitting beside her, not looking at him. "I did not used to cry like this when people died."

"I think that's an improvement, then," he said with a shrug, going to place his hand on her shoulder. "It means that you've gotten away from death long enough to not feel numb about it anymore. It's not as apart of your life as it used to be. You're safe now. Your friends are safe. At least, most of them. This... just kinda snuck up on you, y'know?"

She nodded, sniffling softly, going to place her hand over his and sighing some. She was still trying to compose herself, not used to exposing so much emotion in front of others. Still, McGee had always been there for her, always been supportive and strong. It was hard to not let her walls crumble a little and she felt her lip tremble. His arm went around her, pulling her close, and she let her head rest gently against his chest. Closing her eyes, she listened to his heart beat, letting it calm her.

"Thank you, McGee. For coming over. Even if I didn't ask."

He smiled a little, rubbing her back soothingly, and nodded. "That's what family is for, Ziva. I'm always here when you need me."