Teddy was a sap.

A romantic, lovesick sap.

And everyone knew it.

The blonde-haired teen was ever doting and affectionate towards his boyfriend. Not only that, but he also showered Billy with spur-of-the-moment gifts. Of course, in turn, Billy gave his alien bf a hard time; begging the hybrid not to spoil him so much, go out of his way—or completely overboard for that matter. But did he listen? Of course not.

On a Wednesday, Teddy surprised Billy with an alligator pillow-pet.

"Oh Ted—" Billy exclaimed, holding the fuzzy pillow up to eye-level. He turned to face his boyfriend, his expression grown stern. "What did I say about buying me stuff!"

Teddy feigned looking hurt, squinting his eyes and sniffling. "You don't like it…?" He whimpered.

Rolling his eyes, Billy let his face soften, returning his gaze back to the not-so-fierce looking alligator. "No." He said. "I love it, Tee." He smiled, giving the animal a squeeze. "It's so soft and… green." His smiled grew, spreading across his face. Green. Like his favorite Young Avenger.

"I know." Teddy smirked, pulling Billy, and the pillow-pet, close. "I was just thinking ahead."

The shorter boy cocked his head. "Ahead for what?"

"For whenever I'm not around and you're in need of some green." The blonde leaned forward, closing the gap between them with a kiss. It was one of those sweet, gentle kisses that made Billy's insides melt. Needless to say, his favorite.


The couple pulled apart as a grimacing Tommy zipped into the room, going overkill with disgusted noises.

"Whydon'tyouevertakemyadviceandGETAROOM?" He schreeched.

Billy sighed and crossed his arms, glowering at the speedster. "Of course. Cock-blocked by my less than favorite twin brother. Again."

"Wow, a pillow-pet? Really, Ted?" Tommy spewed slowly, snatching the fuzzy beast from his brother's arms and gawking awkwardly at it.

"Oh fuck off, Tommy." Teddy snorted, reaching for the alligator.

The white-haired boy eased up and handed the pillow over, snickering all the while. "I'm so glad you guys finally decided to adopt. What's it gonna be, Billy?"

The black-haired witch raised a brow. "What's gonna be what…?"

"His NAME, genius! Whatareyougonnanameit?"

"Oh." Billy perked up, giving Teddy a quick glance. "That's a good question."

Teddy breathed a laugh. "You don't have to—"

"Greenie. Gatorade. Skrully. Scully the Skrull. Theo. Tedders. Tedward. T.J.—Teddy Junior—" Tommy blurted out breathlessly.

"Aw come ON guys!" Teddy whined, coming between the identical twins.

Billy smiled. "Naaaah, I have the perfect name for 'im." He said, taking the green plush from his boyfriend.

Teddy paled, watching Billy's dark eyes light up.

"Well?" Tommy snapped, impatiently. "Who'sthelittletykegonnabe?"

With a devious chuckle, Billy hugged the alligator close.

"Dorrek IX." He declared proudly. "After all, he is Skrull royalty."

(And thus, the simultaneous facepalm of Teddy and Tommy was heard throughout the Young Avengers' hideout.)