"Matcha is actually made from the same tea leaves that are used to make the tea gyokuro. It's quite a unique flavor to it and one that some people find they need to grow accustomed to, but if you can, it's one of the best health benefits you can give to your system."

Ducky placed the cup down in front of Ziva, smiling softly as he took a seat across from her. She leaned down to smell her own cup, her face taking on a rather curious expression. "I see what you mean by ah - unique."

Chuckling, Ducky went to grab a lump of sugar, stirring it into his drink. "My mother used to complain that she thought it tasted of spinach water. I admit, it's got a bit of a ... buttery taste to it. Or perhaps nutty. But it's quite delicious once you get past that first few sips. It's also a great cure for most ailments." He went to take a sip from his cup only to pause before the edge could reach his lips. He lowered it again, a story having obviously struck him, as he began to go on. "There was actually a time when I was making my way through the country side in Japan. I had to stay with a family when I was unfortunate enough to have caught a rather bad stomach bug. I was in a rather large amount of pain and the boy made me a cup of gyokuro in order to help satisfy my ailments. It was quite a big deal at the time, the tea is rather unique, you see, and so it costs quite a bit of money. But the family was relatively well off and I found that after having only three cups, I'd come to be much more like myself again. If I wasn't a man so devoted to science, I likely would have credited it to some sort of magic with how quickly it was able to help."

Ziva lifted her cup, taking a small sip of her own tea. Despite the taste, she found it was quite nice once she added in a bit of sugar. A taste she could truly grow used to. "It must have been quite a relief. No wonder you go out of your way to continue to drink it when it's attached to such a... interesting experience."

"Yes. Quite. That boy was very kind to have made me a cup. He was also quite a smart young lad, beginning some of his schooling. He wanted to become a doctor. We got into some lovely discussions about anatomy..."

Settling into her seat, Ziva couldn't help but smile as she listened to him continue to discuss his adventures in Japan. It was a rather nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, really. She couldn't think of anywhere better to be.