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Inuyasha sighed happily, burying his nose in Kagome's hair. 'This is happiness. I have Kagome as my mate, we're living in our own hut in the Feudal Era, and we have a pup together. Even better pup seems to be sleeping through the night,' he thought, wrapping his arms around Kagome's waist. They had both spent quite a few nights up with their son as he woke up crying. Kagome had told him it was normal for babies to wake up at night crying but it was still tiring. Just as Inuyasha began to fall asleep, a small cry reached his ears. Inuyasha got off of the bed carefully, not wanting to disturb Kagome. 'I spoke too soon,' he thought as he lifted his son out of the cradle Kagome had brought back from her time. He wrapped him quickly in his haori and carried him outside, Tetsuaiga in hand.

"What's wrong Tashio?" Inuyasha asked softly, gently bouncing the baby boy as he paced back and forth in front of his house. "I thought you were gonna let me and your mom sleep tonight." Inuyasha ran his hand gently over his son's ears, carefully rubbing his ears. After a few minutes of rocking, Inuyasha's son finally stopped crying, looking up at his father. "You're not gonna fall back asleep anytime soon huh pup?" he asked, looking down at his son. "How about I tell you a story instead? You seemed to like my voice a lot when you were inside of your mom." Inuyasha sat on the ground, his back leaning against the wall as he cradled his son carefully.

Inuyasha looked up at the full moon, wondering what to tell his son. "You know when I was a little pup my mom used to tell me stories at night when I couldn't sleep. Your grandmother had the most soothing voice," Inuyasha said softly, smiling at the memory. "Even though other people didn't like me and your grandmother, she didn't care. She only wanted me to be happy and safe. Your mother and I will never let people hurt you like I was hurt," Inuyasha said fiercely, kissing his son's brow. "But what I wouldn't give to be able to introduce you to your grandmother. She would absolutely adore you Tashio. I think she'd be a lot like Kagome's mom, fussing over you and spoiling you. Another person to love and protect you."

He sat quietly for a moment, watching his son as he shook his little chubby fists. "You get your name from your grandfather you know. My father, InuTashio. Your mom actually picked it out. I didn't get to spend anytime with your father; I don't really know anything about him except what your grandmother told me. That's why I was a little worried when your mom said we were gonna have you. I didn't know anything about being a father; I was scared to mess up. I'm still scared. But your mom's a good mom; she'll be able to help a lot." Tashio cooed at Inuyasha, drawing a smile from him. "Guess you agree squirt." He tucked his haori more securely around his son, protecting him. "I don't know much about your other grandfather; that's a story you have to ask your mom. I've seen pictures of him in your grandmother's house. But I think he was a good guy. He helped raise your mom and she's amazing, isn't she?" Inuyasha smiled, his thoughts drifting to his mate. After a minute, he glanced down at his son, finally sleeping in his arms. "Sleep well Tashio; I'll have lots of stories to tell you one day."