Kagome snuggled closer to Inuyasha as the late night air blew gently through their window. The entire house was quite, everyone fast asleep. Tashio slept quietly in his cradle besides Inuyasha and Kagome's bed, giving them the rest they so desperately needed. No one noticed the faint light coming from the corner of the room or the two forms that seemed to materialize out of thin air.

"Aren't they the cutest thing?" Izayoi said softly, smiling at her husband.

"Our little boy has grown into quite a man," InuTashio replied, wrapping his arm around her waist like Inuyasha had done to Kagome a million times. "I never thought I'd get to see him again." InuTashio sighed, remembering his last moments. He had been killed shortly after receiving word that Izayoi had given birth to his son, Inuyasha. His biggest regret was not being able to see his son and hold him at least once. "I wish I could have protected you both," he said softly, looking at his wife.

"You protected us as much as you could," she replied, stroking his cheek gently.

"But I still left the two of you alone. I know how hard it was for both of you, especially for Inuyasha. I wish I could have been there to protect him from some of the world. He suffered too much."

"He died," Izayoi agreed, the memories of her son's life saddening her. "But he's happy now. He has a home and a mate and now he even has a son. His life had a difficult beginning , but he's happy now. And that's what matters." Izayoi moved to their bed, sitting on the edge of it. 'My little boy,' she thought, smiling lovingly at Inuyasha. 'You've grown up so much. You've grown into a strong, honorable man and I am so proud of you.' Inuyasha's silver hair was fanned out on the pillow, mixing with Kagome's black hair.

"Inuyasha picked a good mate, don't you think?" InuTashio said softly, standing behind her as he looked down at his son.

"He did. I'm glad he was able to find someone who truly loved him. I was worried about him being able to find someone because he's a half demon. I never thought he would end up with a miko though."

"Our son is full of surprises," InuTasio laughed. "I didn't think he would take a human for a mate."

"Why not? He's so much like his father."

"Really?" he asked curiously.

"Of course. Same beautiful silver hair, same adorable dog ears, same stubborn streak and curiousity. He's even taken a human for a mate and had a son. Your son is very much like you," she said, smiling at you. "Maybe your grandson will be like you too." Izayoi got up from the bed and moved to the cradle where Tashio slept peacefully, her husband close behind her.

"The future of the Inu race, our little Tashio." InuTashio gazed down at his grandson, his eyes shining with love. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would have a grandson. He thought the Inu race would die with his sons. Sesshomaru showed no interest in taking a mate and Inuyasha had spent 50 years pinned to a tree. Even after Kagome had released him, they couldn't get their act together.

"Isn't he the cutest little thing?" Izayoi cooed. Tashio's ears were pressed gently against his head, his little hands gripping the blanket Kagome's mother made for him. "I'm sorry I can't be here for you Tashio," she said softly, kneeling beside the cradle. "I'm your grandmother Izayoi and I love you very much. You look so much like your father when he was just a pup."

"Does he?" InuTashio asked, leaning closer to Tashio.

"Yes, Inuyasha had short silver hair too. But you can see some of his mother's features in Tashio."

"It looks like you got quite a bit of the family traits," InuTashio replied. "I'm your grandfather InuTashio; I'm your name sake. I feel like I've missed out once again Izayoi. I missed being there for Inuyasha's upbringing and now we're going to miss Tashio's upbringing."

Izayoi went to his side, leaning against his side. "We'll be there to watch over him at least. It won't be the same but he'll always feel us around."

"Tashio, your grandmother and I will always be around you even if you don't know. If we can, we'll come back at night and tell you stories," InuTashio said with a smile.

"Like the time your father fell in the koi pond when he was just a little kid. He was a little clumsy growing up," she laughed softly.

"And I'll tell you some stories about your uncle Sesshomaru too. We'll have lots of stories to tell you Tashio. Just live a happy, peaceful life; that's all we want."

"And listen to your parents okay? We love you very much." Izayoi smiled down at Tashio, thinking about the bright future her grandson would have. It wouldn't be easy but he had all the love he needed. Izayoi walked back towards Inuyasha's bed, standing next to him. "And I love you Inuyasha and Kagome. Take good care of each other." She leaned close to Inuyasha, her lips just a hairsbreadth away from Inuyasha's forehead.

"They'll be okay together," InuTashio said, taking her hand. "Are you ready to go?" Izayoi nodded as they began to fade into a faint light before disappearing.

Inuyasha woke slowly, feeling Kagome's warmth against his body. 'What's that scent?' he thought, opening his eyes. 'It's not Kagome, but it smells so familiar. It smells likeā€¦mother.' Inuyasha sat up quickly as he recognized the scent, waking Kagome. Inuyasha knew without a doubt that it was his mother's scent, but how could that be? His mother had been dead for decades.

"Inuyasha, what's with all the commotion?" Kagome said, pulling him from his confused thoughts.

"Sorry Kagome," Inuyasha replied, lying back down and breathing in his mother's scent, letting it relax him.

"I had the weirdest dream last night you know," Kagome said softly, snuggling back in his arms.

"What did you dream?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her tightly.

"There was this man and woman in our room and they were talking to each other. The woman was dressed in a kimono and had long black hair and the man was dressed kind of like Sesshomaru and he had silver hair and dog ears like you. And they went over to Tashio's cradle and they were talking to him but I can't remember what they told him; it's too fuzzy. And then they came back to our bed and I remember the woman said for us to take care of each other. Weird, huh?" Kagome said, laughing.

Inuyasha had stiffened as Kagome described the man and woman, knowing exactly who they were. 'Mother and Father,' he thought, his head spinning. "Kagome when I woke up I smelled something that shouldn't be possible."