Here is my story like I promised to any who read my previous entry. I already have a hand-written rough draft nearly finished and will type it and post it on the site once the story is finished. Thank you all for waiting patiently. In the meantime, enjoy this prologue and the preceeding chapter.


Year: 2097. Location: Unknown

"Good to see you again, Lieutenant."

"Likewise, sir."

"I heard what happened during the mission. You doing okay?"

"Fine, I guess."

"What happened to him wasn't your fault."

"We finished the mission, but I let my guard down during the extraction. I could have saved him."

"Every leader isn't perfect. Even though you were created to be the perfect soldier, you can never achieve perfection. It just isn't possible."

"I understand, sir."

"Anyway, onto the current situation. I got new orders from High Command."

"I'm listening."

"They concern Blackwing."

"Ugh, those BnL spooks."

"I know you don't like them, neither do I. But remember, they are your creators."

"I know, but they treated me as nothing more than a product. They took no acknowledgement that I was sentient. That I had mind of my own."

"It's okay,son. But if they ever attempt to try anything on you, they'll have to answer to me."

"Thank you, sir. What are those new orders anyway?"

"Your're to be sent back to Blackwing HQ to be put in temporary suspended animation."

"Suspended animation?"

"They're going to run some diagnostics on you and maybe provide some upgrades."

"But what if they try something that isn't . . . beneficial to my condition?"

"Which is why I'm personally overseeing the operation, Lieutenant."

"I can always count on you, General."

"(laughs), remember what I taught you: don't get too reliant on others. Sometimes the only one you can depend on is yourself."

"Yes sir."

"Alright, let's get going. They're probably growing impatient by the second."

"Can we take a detour along the way then?"

"I don't see why not."

Present day

The last thing he remembered before it all went dark was holding up the Holo-detector so EVE could find the plant.

Suddenly, he was hit by a flash of light. The light was brownish in color, which meant he was back on Earth.

He refocused his optics so he could see clearer. As he regained vision, he noticed something white and seemingly familiar in front of him. He continued refocusing and noticed that the white object was egg-shaped an had a familiar, black-colored visor.

"E-vah?" WALL-E said, looking at the probe that he adored and cared for since he first met her.

"WALL-E." EVE whispered. Her eyes turned into upward crescents, indicating she was happy.

WALL-E felt so soothed to be in EVE's presence again. Recalling their whole adventure together: when they first met, he showed her his collection of trinkets that he collected over the last seven hundred years. He carefully protected and cared for her during that shutdown state of hers. He saved the plant from an explosion and she rewarded him with a spark-kiss. He recalled how Auto shocked him with his tazer and put him in an extremely weak state. Then there was the Holo-detector and it coming down on him as his tread slipped.

Even though he didn't look away from EVE's perfect complextion to look around, WALL-E could tell they were back on Earth. EVE must've found the plant, put it in the Holo-detector so the Axiom could jump back to the planet, and took him back to his truck so she could repair him. Since he was standing here, she must've succeeded.

WALL-E felt relieved to know their mission was complete, then he looked down, and what he saw caught him completely by surprise.

He was holding her hand.

"E-vah!" WALL-E said in surprise. He was completely stunned to see her sleek, white fingers intertwined with his rusty, shovel-shaped claws.

EVE giggled. She was always amused by the things WALL-E did. It seemed like he was her best source of entertainment.

As WALL-E's hearing cleared, he heard a familiar song playing.

And that is all

That love's about

And we'll recall

When time runs out

It was It Only Takes A Moment from Hello Dolly. But how was playing? Did EVE turn it on? Even though these questions burned inside WALL-E's head, they didn't matter. Him holding her hand and the music playing meant only one thing: she loved him too.

They stared at each other for a long period of time, embracing each other through the sweet sound of the music. It was so hard to believe that WALL-E had found love in someone so different, and yet, here they were. EVE returned the loving look he always gave her since the beginning.

As the song came to its finishing point, the two robots leaned their heads towards each other, closing their eyes. They took in each other's prescence and embraced it with love and happiness.

WALL-E bristled with happiness. Things were going to changed for the better, he knew it.