WALL-E had a good life. He enjoyed every minute of his new life.

It's been four years since the Second Coming: the return of the second BnL starliner to earth. Since then, more starliners had returned to the planet and now recolonization was almost complete. There were grass, trees, and several other kinds of plants thriving on the grounds. This was what the earth was supposed to be.

WALL-E was pouring water on the small garden in front of his home. As time had gone by, the highway his truck sat on was stripped down for construction material. His truck wasn't taken along, but instead carried to a newly established town by the Atlas Rounders and had a house built next to it. WALL-E now lived in a single floor house with a grassy backyard where the truck resided and a nice front yard.

"Hey WALL-E."

WALL-E turned to get a friendly push from REX. Of course, EVE, REX, and Neon lived in the house too. They were his family, they all stayed together.

REX looked over their garden, which consisted of specially-made blue and green roses. "Remember when we picked these for the girls."


"A great Valentine's gift. And I really liked how Neon showed her appreciation for it."

"E-vah . . . same."

"I could expect that. They're sisters, so they tend to do the same things together. Much like how you and me are brothers and we do the same things."


"That's right. We're a family."

WALL-E enjoyed how the days went now. Recolonization was complete in the city and now other parts of the earth were being worked on. WALL-E and his family didn't have to work anymore, so they spent their days with friends, doing new things, and most of all, being with each other. It was like living in a paradise.

But doing new things was something they did alot. Usually with the sisters and the rouges, the robot family would go out and do different things for the fun of it. Mostly it was just volunteering for recolonizing work, but other times it was going on trips to other parts of the planet for exploration and also exploring more of the Hangout.

REX gave WALL-E a playful shove. "C'mon, let's go see how the girls are doing."

"Okay." WALL-E said. About a week ago, EVE and Neon had said they weren't feeling well, so REX had them taken to a newly established hospital that managed both human and robot patients. The hospital was named "Redemption" and was run by John and Mary. When the girls were brought in, they were carefully looked over by John as he became an experienced doctor and robotics technician. He said it was nothing serious, but had them kept in the hospital until he figured out what the problem was. Every day since, WALL-E and REX would come to visit their wives and spend as much time as possible with them.

The two brothers then set off for the hospital. They went into the newly remodeled city that had all the makings of what a populated environment would. Thanks to the work of the Atlas crew, the city was restored and now abundant with citizens, human and robot.

The city was now completely deprived of trash thanks to the works of the WALL-As and the Atlas tankers. Now, the city was filled with buildings suitable to live in, stores, traffic streets and cars to go with, and all other sorts of things that WALL-E didn't know about, but made up a city as he was told.

WALL-E couldn't help but ponder how his life went. At the start, all he did was work with his brethren counterparts to clean up a desolated planet. WALL-E's brothers then broke down through time, leaving him alone. WALL-E found love when he met EVE and discovered a new meaning in life. REX came along, and WALL-E discovered a long-lost happiness by becoming his brother. Add Neon making REX happy and discovering love as well, a family was created. WALL-E had a family that he cared for deeply, and they cared for him just as much.

They came up to the Redemption hospital and went in. At the main lobby, they found Mary—who was now in great physical condition after a brutal fitness program led by REX—sitting at the clerk desk. She smiled and exchanged greetings with the brothers.

"How are they doing?" REX asked.

"John and Elise just finished another scan," Mary replied. "They found the problem."

"What is it?"

"Actually, EVE and Neon want to tell you themselves."

WALL-E felt slightly uneasy. He hoped it wasn't something bad that was happening to EVE and Neon. It would tear him apart if EVE was sick. Once before she contracted an electronic virus, which was similar to the human flu, and she was very sick. It upset WALL-E a great deal to see her so weak, so he never left her side not even for a second the whole time. He wasn't cheerful until EVE had recovered, and then she repaid the care he provided with an abundance of affection, then WALL-E was happy again.

"Fine," REX said. "I trust John and Elise, but the girls are family. I take their word over anything else."

"Elise, can you guide them?"

Elise chimed in. "Certainly."

REX and WALL-E made their way through several hallways by Elise's directions. A city-wide network had been established some time ago to provide aid to the colonists with all sorts of assistance, and Elise was in complete control of the network. The AI worked all around the city with numerous problems thanks to her ability to be in several places at once provided that she had access to the area of interest.

Eventually, they got to the room where EVE and Neon were at. They found John (who was also physically fit), Angel, Izzy, and Vi waiting by the door.

"They're doing fine," John said. "Just complaining on how it's taking you two to get here."

"Yeah, they're not much for patience." REX joked. He turned to WALL-E. "Don't tell them I said that, or I'll be forced to sleep on the couch again."

WALL-E nodded in agreement. He remembered how that went. Whenever REX cracked jokes or pranks, the girls would make him sleep on the living room couch. It didn't really make much of a difference though, as WALL-E had once found Neon sleeping with REX on the couch during a midnight stroll. When he asked them about it, Neon would say she felt lonely in bed and wanted to sleep with REX.

The two went into the room. EVE and Neon were resting comfortably in bright white beds snuggled up in blankets. When they saw the brothers, they smiled and beckoned for them to come.

WALL-E went up to the side of EVE's bed while REX did the same with Neon. EVE pulled WALL-E into the bed and hugged him tight. Four years of being with her, and still WALL-E enjoyed her affection. He was glad his love for her never faltered, he didn't want it to.

John and the sisters came in a few seconds later. John had a slight grin on his face and the sisters were giggling enthusiastically.

"What they have," John said. "is something very special."

"Bottle." Angel said.

"Carriage." Izzy continued.

"Diapers." Vi said with an ongoing giggle.

WALL-E was getting confused. What were they talking about? It must've had something to do with whatever EVE and Neon had. He needed to get the full story from EVE.

"WALL-E?" EVE asked. "Bring?"

"Uh-huh." WALL-E opened his compartment and pulled out the telepathic communicators. The communicators weren't that important in their lives, but they used them to have a good chat every once in a while. It was fun to talk.

WALL-E handed EVE one communicator and they activated them. WALL-E felt that unpleasant feeling he always got when it activated, then he was able to speak perfectly.

"Eva," he said. "How are you doing?"

"Better now that you're here." EVE replied. She pulled his head towards her and gave him a spark-kiss. "WALL-E, I feel so happy now."

"Eva, what's wrong with you and Neon? I've been going nuts stressing about you having a possible illness. I can't stand it when you're sick."

"Oh WALL-E, that's so sweet of you." EVE smiled. "But I'm not sick, and neither is Neon. We have what Elise called a second signature."

"What does that mean?"

"It's something very special. Something that will make you and REX very happy because it's something me and Neon are giving to you."

There was a loud thud. WALL-E saw REX face-first on the ground and unmoving, it looked like he fainted. Neon was giggling uncontrollably in her bed as she looked at REX.

EVE giggled too. "She must've told him. I never expected that kind of reaction from him."

"Eva, what is a second signature?"

EVE turned to WALL-E and took his hand in hers. She gave him such a beautiful smile, that WALL-E already knew it was something good.

"WALL-E, you and REX are going to be fathers."