Hi guys I had this idea in my head and figured what better place to share it than Fanfiction.This is also my first story on here so I hope that like what I have so far:)

My name is Tara, Kain is my master he trains me to become more found me and took me into his own care at age six. Though I don't call him father I respect him dearly. He says that one day when his time of being king is over he will pass his role to me and I will be queen but he is a vampire so he won't be going anywear for a long time.

"Wear am I?"I observed my surroundings,I was in a dark place but there was nothing.I began walking which seemed like hours but no matter how far I got I wasn't getting any wear.

"Tara."A voice called my name from behind me.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?"

"Do not worry Tara I will not hurt you."I felt a gental touch on my shoulder but then I turned around to see a figure. He looked like nothing but meat and bone and he was blue his eyes also glowed and it made the place lighter, the man didn't show his face fully. What the hell was he?

"Wh-who are you?"

"I am Raziel, Kain's first born."

"First born? You don't look anything like Kain to be his son stop toying with me creature!"I said in anger.

"Oh but I am you see I he created me and my breth-" Everything started to fade away.

"Tara,Tara wake up already."I was shaken awake.


I struggled to lift my head but when I did I saw Kain next to me on my bed he looked pain in my stomach made me feel uneasy maybe because I was hungry.I had a terrible feeling that I had done something wrong the message that Kain was giving me from facial expressions made it clear enough.

"Tara why did you not wake up when I told you?"

"Oh, I am truly sorry my lord pleased don't hate me."I looked up at him with a frightened face.

"I don't hate you,I believe no matter how many times you make a mistake I will always care for you."He kissed my cheek.

"Me too."I huged him tightly I loved feeling his long white hair so soft and straight and seeing his beautiful yellow eyes.

"What are you thinking about child?"

"Your hair."

"My hair?, for what resone would you have any interest in my hair?"

"It's so beautiful and long."

"Really? I am thankfull to hear that you admire me. He stroked his his talons against my jet black hair.

"Get dressed I have a specail gift for you."

"Present, what is it?".My face lit up with excitement and my master smirked.

"Get changed and you'll see."He said while leaving.I changed out of my night gown and hurried to the thrown room to see what he was talking about. He never got me anything like toys and little kid stuff he always said those were for weaklings meaning other humans .I thought that his hatred towards humans was understandable but I was a human myself so I couldn't disppise them eather.

"Kain?" I looked around but then I felt something kick me straight down on the had caused excruciating pain that made unwanted tears run down my face.

I managed to look up and it was ofcourse Kain standing above me. Some kind of a trick.

"Shame,shame,shame on you Tara I would expect you to be more cautious of your surroundings."Kain stood there with both of his arms crossed and one foot on my back. Why didn't I see this coming he was testing me.

"Why did you have to stomp me to the floor if this was only a test?"

"Well when you face actual enemies they will try to do much worse to you then this so be strong and don't whine."

"Okay, but Kain."


"Can you get off of me? because your crushing my back."I said struggling to break free.

"Very well." He then got off. I put my hand on back hoping that the feeling would go away.I looked up while he was facing my at direction but It was hard to tell what he was thinking. He always had that lifeless face.I bet the whole suprise thing was a made think twice about trusting anything he says I mean it's not like he hadn't done it before I remember on my tenth birthday he told me that he made me "a specail treat" and it ended up being a dagger thrown straight at me which almost cut my neck off. Some treat that was.

"So Kain you lied about the gift?"

"Oh no the gift is real."

"Then wear is it?" There was nothing that looked new in the room but then he walked towards me and handed a long object. It was a beautiful blade. The sword was white and silver and it had markings on it.

"What do the markings mean?"I asked while sliding my hand on the blade.

"It represents you."

"So will this be my sword from now on?"


"This is amazing Kain thank you."

"No need to, you have done that enough." Kain when to his chair and picked up his soul reaver he was so fascinated with it. That sword really must of been special.

"Shall we?" He said smiling at me.

"Shall we what?"I was lost on what Kain was hinting.

"Fight!"He came running towards me faster then ever with his sword ready to pierce my very only thought I had was to use my sword to defend my self I had no other choice. His soul reaver clashing with mine I had tryed to cut him one good time but he was to fast for me.I collapsed to the ground.

"Kain what are you doing!" Screaming didn't help because he didn't stop he was just about to slice my face until I punctured his leg and rolled off the ground.I was furious by now he had been wounded but I didn't care for some reason.

"Go ahead Tara kill me."He said with a grin.I picked my sword up ready to cut him in half but then I something flashed in my head and I began to flashbacks showing Kain bringing me into his home as a younger girl. Then changed to me waking up today this morning "I don't hate you I belive no matter how many times you make a mistake I will always care for you." Then I snapped out of the flash back.

"Well I am waiting."

"K-Kain I c-can't."

"Why not?, are you to weak?" He said teasing me.

No not because I'm weak!,I said more enraged than I've ever been."Don't underestimate me Kain you may be king and you may be a vampire but that doesn't mean I can't hurt in many ways aswell!"

"Is that so then why don't you?"

"I won't because..."


"Your my master."Tears were streaming down my face I tried to hied them but he noticed anyway

I fell and layed my head on his shoulder and he looked at me with pitty.

"I am proud of you Tara."

"What? but I hurt you aren't you just a bit angry with me?"

"No child, if you have not noticed todays lesson was strength and respect you showed me that you can be strong and stand up for your self but you still are loyal to me."

"Kain i-i'm sorry, you were right I am weak,nothing but a human."I said putting my hand on his began to appear wear my hand was and then the damaged leg began to heal.I was amazed with myself and by Kain's look he was shocked too. I observed his leg and it had no scar it was as if I had reversed time.

"How did you do that child?"

"I am about as confused as you are." I said analyzing my hand.

"You are not human if you have the power to heal."

"A super human I suppose?"I wasn't so my self.

"I have never heard of any thing called a super human, humans do not posses such strength.

"Well what am I then?"

"I will have to see more of your abilities tomorrow ."Kain got up and walked away and my whole day focused on what had happened until I remembered the dream.

"What did it mean?"

Yeah I hope you enjoyed it because I am working on chapter 2 so don't worry there are plenty more of my chapters on the way.