"Hello again Tara."A voice came from behind.

"Raziel!"Joy filled me was always a positive energy to be around.

"How did you get out of the Soul Reaver?"

"I didn't,since you are in the dream realm you are able to visit me." He said while we walked in the lonely dark atmosphere.

"So this is all a dream?"I disliked things that were only figmints of the mind and dreams were one of them.

"Not fully,I am real as you know."He said as his talons rubed against my face.

"Thats a good thing, hey if I can see you in my dreams can Kain see you aswell?"

"No only you."


"That remains a mystory."

"Oh." That was fine I guess mysteries were what made life more interesting.

"So how are you and lord Kain?"

"Fine."I looked away and hoped that he wouldn't ask about what Kain was up to because well you know why.

"I have to thank you for benefiting him."

"What do you mean?"My eyebrow went up.

"You changed him,I would never think in a million years that he would care for a human. His glowing eyes widened."I also know that you will be future queen of Nosgoth."

"Yes but hes going to change me eventually when the time will be a ceremony and that is when I will be turned into a vampire."I looked down,I wasn't sure how I would handle being one just thinking about it made me uneasy and there were alot of reasons to touch of water burning,No sunlight,and living off of blood yup alot of resones to think twice.

"Are you okay?"He asked softly.

"Huh? Oh yes i'm perfectly fine Raziel"I was caught in my thoughts.

"You know, you do not need to become one of us if it is not what you wish for."

"I know but it's not to me."

"You never know he might does love you."

"Yeah not like hes ever told me those specific words,all he ever says is how he cares for me nothing more.

"That is how he shows love he has never told me that he loved me but inside I know he did.

"Hmm I guess."I disagreed but wouldn't say it.I changed the subject.

"So Raziel, you told me that you didn't always look this way."

"Why do you ask?"

"I don't know maybe I want to know more about you. I bet you were beautiful."My eyes went closer to his I was curious.

"Well thank you, I was the best looking out of the rest of my brethren if I do say so."He chuckled.

"Oh really and who are your brethren? I was never told of them before.

"I will explain everything the next time we meet, i'm afraid your beginning to wake up."

"So soon?"Before he could answer everything went black.I opened my eyes to the warm radiant sun peaking it's way through my window.I sat up looking around to see if I was alone the chair across from was empty Kain was up probably doing work I decided I would go freshen up before I would face whatever the day had planed for me.I got in the tub, it was so relaxing to look at the waters movement being alone in a warm bath and feeling peaceful.

"To think that I would ever want to leave this."I loved water and for something so meaningful in nature becoming my own enemy is such a horrible a couple of minutes to myself I got

out, dried off,and got dressed.I then went outside to get fresh air.

"Ah what a beautiful day."I breathed in and out.

"Beautiful indeed."I was startled a bit but reassured that it was only Kain.

"Kain I was enjoying this wonderfull morning we have."I looked back.I always had to explain what I was doing but this time I didn't mind was nothing wrong with relaxing without a care in the world and that was something you could hardly get in Nosgoth with all conflict going on.

"I am very aware of that.I see that you deserve a day without training so you don't have to worry about getting anymore bruises for today."He said almost laughing a swares hes funny.

"Thank you my lord, I appreciate it very much but can I ask you something?"

"Yes what do you on your mind?"He went next to me when I was staring at the trees and he tried to get a good look at what I was observing.

"Why must I be a vampire when it's my time to rule?"I turned my head to him.

"Well you can not be human and expect to over power the rest of my you think they would even follow your orders?"

"You have a point,still there are so many things i'm going to miss."

"I see it discomforts you."

"A little but don't worry Kain it isn't a big deal."It was a big was pointless to stress over something that wouldn't happen until i'm an older explained to me that his vampire life would end one day but by what? Vampires were said to live for centuries and beyond that so this made no sense and it made me get a feeling that he was hiding something. Still didn't bother to question though.

"I wish I could get out of the mansion for the day."Being trapped in a cage like a useless pet is what I resembled to for the most resone thats how it was.

"You know that we can not reveal our selfs to turned to me."Do you know how hard I have spent to keep my, yours,and everyone of my servant's identity hidden from the outside world?"

"They won't know if I cover my face maybe a cloak would help." Without hesitation I headed for the stairs so I could find had been a set of cloaks in his room closet they were to big for my small body but it had to hood of it was used to hide the faces of vampires and block the suns ray from burning them aswell. Kain's smell was all over it which I loved.

"Okay i'm ready!"I stood tall and proud like I found the perfect solution to the problem in my eyes that is.

"Hmm are you sure your the little girl I saw two minutes ago?" He scratched his head while thinking I new he was only playing.

"Yes it's me are you going blind?"

"No but I must be honest that I can not see you."He pulled the hood off of my head and smiled.

"Now you can."I said in a giggle.

"Well there is no need to wear this I have one for you."He took out a pretty blue and silver cloak it with familiar designs like my sword.I then took off the big one and put on mine I had to admit he new how to make clothing.

"This is beautiful I love it." I smiled my heart stared to beat fast I don't understand why but I ignored it.

"Take this,You'll need it."He handed my blade.

"Okay."I was all set to leave I went over to the mirror and made a list in my well hidden check,protection which is my sword check, and well that was really soon as I was about to leave I had to stop I didn't know what happened I figured that why not do something nice for my master look at the things that he did he made me my very own weapon, a gorgeous cloak,and privileged me with getting some time out in town without an argument.I had to do something so I slowly came over to him and this time with hesitation.

"Kain only thing that was in my mind was to run but what would that do?

"Aren't you going?"He said while polishing the soul reaver.

"A yeah but...I was wondering if you want to come along with me?"The last two sentences were little squeals.

"Come with you?"He questioned me.I soon regretted saying anything.

"I mean you don't need to come if you do-"He cut me off with a claw on my mouth.

"I appreciate your offer and yes I will go."When he said those words the stress sliped away. I got Kain's cloak that had layed flat on the floor and ran over to handing it to him watching both arms go through the hood hid his eyes but you could still the tip of his nose.

"Now we're ready."I said while holding on to his arm making sure I held him tight like I was scared to let then left.


We walked in the town of Nosgoth the place was filled with humans. Some terrorizing others of their own kind it was of them pushing shoving like animals and one of them almost fell into me which made Kain ready to rip him to bits.A women who seemed to be pregnant was being held by two ugly looking men one placed a knife on her face then tracing it down to her beged for them to stop.

"Stop whining filthy slut!"The other man turned his head to see the camotion he growled in disgust.

"See how useless these humans are."He tuged me with his arm signaling that he wanted to leave this area.

"But Kain we cant leave her shes going to get killed."I quickly said trying to make him understand.

"So that is none of our concern now lets go."He wasn't going listen I knew that for sure.

"She is an innocent women who has done nothing wrong to deserve losing her and the childs life!"I was able to get loose of Kain's grip.I pulled my blade out and ran to the men ready to send it's point right into the one holding the knife I knew what I was going to do and I know that it was wrong to kill "Father please forgive me for I will sin."I whispered. Right through his stomach it went then he fell and it was then I pulled it out blood poured from his wound and his soul slowly slipping away.

"You little bitch,you want to die to I see!"The second man soon as he grabbed my arm he had something coming for him now.I was furious, to think that a man would even think to touch me he was knife in the mans hand was about to go directly at me and though I tried to remove his dirty hand from me I couldn't.I closed my eyes ready to face my death I felt ashamed why hadn't I listened to the one that saved me the only one I had in my life. No I couldn't back down.I felt that his hand had released my eyes open only to see that the guy was being flung away from me he hit a tree and then fell head first to the he was unconscious. Was it Kain? I was completely confused.

"What?" I looked around to see Kain standing across from me with a grin and clapping his hands together like he had just saw the greatest performance in his life.

"Very well done my !"He said in amusement I made him proud but for what I did know.

"What did I do that impresses you so much?"There was defiantly nothing to be amused with I had I caught the attention of others around us.

"You truly are a fighter."He said while lifting me up with his hand.

"I don't understand wasn't that you who saved me?" Telekineses was not an ability that I have ever shown.

"No it was you,it seems we share certain powers." I couldn't believe. The fact that I could do something so effective like that.

"Come now we must leave."We were both about to leave until I remembered the lady.

"Wait we should bring her with us."The women was unconscious aswell I think it may have been from anxiety.

"Tara I will not bring some rat into my home."

"She needs help and i'm not going to let her die."He was so stubborn at times.I then shook the female. Hoping she would wake up because I couldn't carry her luckily she did and we began walking.

"You dare help an enemy, you will be punished!"

"Please my lord I promise she won't be a threat." Hopefully he would allow me to proceed with tmy decision.

"You want to disobey my rules fine this thing is your don't run to me when you wish for my forgiveness!"

"Very well."I be honest it was like the trust between us two had faded walked the rest of the way in silence and when I looked at him he wouldn't do the stupidity created so much made me even care for this women?the best thing to do was to let her perish on the cold streets but it was to late. We arrived and I brought her upstairs and layed her on my weak female began to wake up.

"W-wear am I?"

"Shh your safe now."Reassuring her was the best thing to do.

" softly said.I-if I may ask what is your name little girl?" She was scared to ask.

"My name is Tara."I smiled.

"What a beautiful name and your age?"

"I'm thirteen, I'll be turning fourteen next month."

"Really? You seem so mature for your age sat up."My name is Rena."Rena that was a beautiful name too.