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Note- This is a PROLOGUE so it'll be short.


They KNEW that Robin was an ordinary human.

. . . . No, they hadn't checked if he had powers or was an alien.

But they never asked, now did they?

No, he doesn't have powers. They would know . . .

Would they really?

They barely know him at all. All they can tell you is that his hair is black, he's short and that him and Batman seem to be more than hero and sidekick.

Yes, they wondered about if Batman was Robin's dad or not but then again, it wasn't their business. So they left it alone, controlling their curiousity.

But now they couldn't do that anymore.

Not after what was suppose to be an easy mission that turned out to be the key to the door that was between them and Robin.

Not after they've found out that Robin's hiding more than his secret identity.


Now they wanted answers.

They were sick of being stuck in the dark.

They wanted to know everything about Robin.


If only they knew that what Robin was hiding, was better left alone.

Because what he was hiding, would set them on a path littered with lies and betrayel . . .

But of course, they didn't know that.

And they would regret it for the rest of their lives.

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