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Chapter 31

_Three Months Later_

Dick had been human for three months now, full adjusted to being human again. Well, mostly adjusted. Sometimes he would try to lift up his bed for Alfred to clean but then would remember that he didn't have inhuman strength anymore.

Everyone seemed to get a kick out of that.

His younger sister, Beth, had adjusted into the twenty-first century pretty well considering Dick had shared his memories with her. But sometimes, she would see something strange like touch screens and people who looked as if they were talking to themselves but were actually talking on Blue Tooth.

No one got to laugh at that one. Dick was too protective to allow that.

Barbara had regained the rest of her humanity like Beth had and had decided to travel the world that she had never gotten to see. She had been trapped underground for four hundred years and was curious as to what the world had to offer her.

Roy, as you can guess, turned back into a human and went back to live with Oliver who was overjoyed that his adopted son wouldn't outlive him hundreds of years. Roy wouldn't admit it but he was glad to be living with Oliver again. He had finally found a father figure, something the orphan had never had when he was raised on the streets. Now, looking back, Roy was glad he had accidently got turned into a half vampire. If he hadn't, he would have never met Oliver.

Now as for Black Canary, Flash and Superman, they were eventually rescued when Batman suddenly remembered them when they had gone to get Robin's remains but found a breathing body instead. The three heroes weren't too happy about being forgotten and had told Batman so who replied:

"We can always put you back."

As you can imagine, that shut them up pretty quickly much to Batman's relief. At that time, he had been watching over Dick for a week without sleep because he had been waiting for Dick to wake up. Dick did wake up but it was a month after the battle with Lucifer. Dick had been surprised that he had been gifted with humanity instead of death.

But after thinking on it a while, it made sense. Four hundred years ago, Barbara's family had gifted him with something no full vampire had: feeling. In a way, they had given him a tiny shard of his humanity back to him, making him no longer a full vampire.

If only I had figured that out BEFORE I went to fight Lucifer. Then Beth wouldn't have cried. Dick thought as he sat in Mount Justice's living room, watching Artemis and Wally fight over something stupid.

. . . But maybe Dick had known that deep down. Maybe he knew that he would be given his humanity back after he killed his father. But who could tell?

Only time could . . .

Which was something Dick would no longer waste since he was human.

But he took that gratefully, happy that he was no longer cursed to walk upon the earth for all eternity.

Now, he was . . .

What's the word?

. . . Ah! I know!


. . . Took me long enough.

The end.

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