This is a story unlike my other ones. This is a tragedy, a romantic tragedy inspired by Adele's Someone Like You. BTW, I am a big Raven fan.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Teen Titans, and if I did, there would be a better ending. This takes place 15 years later, so Raven, Beast Boy, and Terra are 31, Robin is 32, Starfire 33, and Cyborg is 35. Enjoy weeping.

Chapter One: A Sad Encounter

Raven stifled a sob as she looked at the calendar. One week. One week until Beast Boy [now known as Changeling or Gar] and Terra's wedding. No one knew how Terra got her powers back but apparently she did. Raven loved him, but she couldn't start a relationship with a guy who was going to get married. She remembered when he was the Beast, when he went into her mind with Cyborg uninvited [she was so mad at him then], and when he comforted her when that traitor Malchior was vanquished. Delightful memories she cherished all these years. Terra was okay, but when it came to guys she was a bit clingy and liked to take "romantic walks" to the mall where Gar would buy her stuff.

I'll skip the wedding and listen to Adele. Raven thought, joking on that last part. Meditating helped a little and so did her friend Jinx. She came once in awhile and they would talk and laugh, just like old times. Raven didn't go out of her small, comfortable apartment much but a couple of times in the week she'd walk out to the park and look at the moon. Raven would never forget his emerald eyes and his big smile. He was a great friend to be with and an amazing teammate. I guess I need to take a walk now.

Garfield looked out at the moon. He sighed and continued to ponder at his sudden unhappiness. All he told Terra was he didn't feel so good and went back to his house and Terra to hers and skipped the movie date. She seemed a bit disappointed but left and told him to call her if he needed anything. Having Terra as a fiancée was fine with him but when she begged him to buy her things he had to buy them. What else could he do? It was a lot of pressure on him. All his friends expected him to be a good husband. The wedding was in a week. Gar wasn't exactly thrilled to be wearing a tux but it would be worth it. Wouldn't it?

I need a walk. Gar thought as he stared outside. But where? He could always go to Cy's place, or Robin's. Raven's? She was a comforting friend, but he hadn't seen much of her lately. Think Garfield! What other places? The comic book store, the mall, food court, anywhere. Gar's face lit up. A smile, larger and meaningful than he had felt in awhile, was on his face. Or…

Raven walked to the park and looked at the sky. She felt a lot better than she had in a long time. She sat on a bench and gazed skywards and then at the city. The wooden bench, for some reason, gave her comfort. Raven didn't even notice a certain green-skinned man sit next to her.

"Do you come here often?" a familiar voice asked.

Raven tried to look at the man but his face was in the shadows of a large oak tree.

"Do I know you?" She asked in response.

The man chuckled, and Raven thought it sounded nice even though this man was a stranger. "I would hope you did, Rae."

Raven gasped. "Gar? Is that you?"

Gar laughed. "Yup, in the flesh! So where have you been? Haven't seen you in a long time!"

Raven's face reddened. "Well, I was…busy." she lied in a monotone voice.

Gar studied her face. "With what? Or… with who?" He grinned mischievously seeing her blushing face.

Raven punched his arm lightly. "No, I don't have a boyfriend. I don't really need one anyways." Raven muttered, which was also a lie. She liked him for a lot of things, but being snoopy was one of his flaws. Raven was really surprised seeing him at the park. She didn't expect this at all.

"You still didn't answer my first question, Rae. Do you come here often?" Gar's childish face was replaced with a serious one.

"First of all, would it kill you to say Raven? And I come here once in awhile, not all the time." Raven answered. "Do you?"

Gar sighed and looked at the moon. "Well, I came here because I haven't been feeling so good."

"Why, can I heal you?" Raven asked. But she knew the answer. Terra. Raven's empathy didn't fail her yet. He felt confused and awkward but a little relieved. Maybe because he was away from her for the time being.

"You of all people should know, Rae. Talking to you helps though. When I first saw her I was a lovesick puppy. Now that I'm older I know that maybe I rushed to the engagement. Between you and me, I… I'm not sure I love her, Raven. I need your advice and help. What should I do?" Gar pleaded with a confused look on his face.

Raven looked at the ground. Part of her wanted to say, Dump her! I love you more than she does! The girl wastes your credit card on things she throws away the next day. But looking at his face Raven wasn't sure what to tell the changeling. Then she knew.

"Follow your heart, Gar. It may sound useless to you, but I promise some good will come out of it."

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