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Aphrodite was known for creating shit storms, but never had she once screwed up this badly.

The goddess of love was well known for trying to make people's love lives hard, specifically demigod heroes.

Naturally, when Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon, became the Savior of Olympus and Annabeth Chase's boyfriend, she wanted to crush his little heart, just for the fun of it. After all, he was one of the biggest heroes history had seen-therefore, he would suffer the most.

It was fair, right? She thought that was the purpose of the whole 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall' thing.

She didn't foresee the consequences of her actions until it was too late.

It had been one year after Gaia and her giant sons had been taken care of, and the seventeen-year-old Percy Jackson was heading up to his girlfriend's cabin. Finally, everything was at peace. There were no Titans, no giants, and no Mother Earth trying to kill all demigods and destroy Western civilization. There were no gods fucking with him.

Maybe, just maybe, things were looking up…

He knocked on the Athena cabin's door and waited as heard someone moving towards the door. But instead of Annabeth, it was Malcolm, her half-sibling.

"Hey dude, what's up?" Malcolm asked. Percy shrugged in response.

"Nothing much. Where's Annabeth?" Percy asked. "I wanted to talk to her."

"Oh, you'll find her down in the sword arena. She was acting really strange, saying that she needed somebody…" Malcolm trailed off. "I'm not sure what she meant, but she hasn't returned yet, so I assume that she's still down there."

"Oh…well, thanks!" Percy said. Malcolm nodded and closed the door as Percy walked away, frowning. He had already checked the arena, and she wasn't there.

As a matter of fact, she wasn't anywhere else. Percy had checked everywhere…but the woods.

Maybe she's in there, Percy thought.

You see, Percy had been really depressed lately. When Percy had turned down the gift of immortality from the gods and abolished the Big Three's pact, those gods went crazy and started claiming kids. One of them was Percy's little half-brother, Iannis. Just as Zeus had broken the pact twice, so did Poseidon, Percy's father. Iannis was eleven, but he already had a big rep just because he had killed the Minotaur before entering camp.

Considering the fact Percy had killed the lead Fury and the Minotaur before coming to camp, he thought that this shouldn't have gotten much press coverage. But everybody but his closest friends was treating him like some big shot. Chiron favored him over Percy, and so did Poseidon. He'd read a letter addressed to Iannis, saying that he was so proud of him and that he loved him more than Percy. This, naturally, led to Iannis having an ego bigger than Hercules ever did.

Well, that sucked. Everybody but Grover, Nico, Thalia, Clarisse, Connor, Travis, Annabeth, and Tyson suddenly forgot about poor Percy. Grover was out protecting the wild, however, and Nico was always busy in the Underworld with his father. Thalia and Clarisse were in the Hunters. Clarisse had joined during the struggle against Gaia after witnessing her boyfriend's death in front of her. When Chris had died, she had been broken, and only Artemis and her Hunters had been able to fix her. Connor and Travis had stayed back in the Roman camp by request; they couldn't resist the chance to pull pranks without Dionysus around. Tyson was general of the Cyclops army.

In other words, though he kept in contact with everybody, Percy only saw Annabeth regularly. She was what kept him from total depression. That's why he needed to see her.

He strolled into the woods casually, keeping both eye and ear out for Annabeth. The woods were huge, so he needed to keep searching for her by every way possible. That and her damned invisibility hat made her a pain to find.

About twenty minutes in, Percy was ready to give up. He had scoured every part of the woods, from Zeus' Fist to the creek, and still hadn't found her.

He then heard a giggle he could not mistake. It definitely belonged to Annabeth. He followed the sound of her voice to her location, but the sight made his spirit crack and shatter.

Annabeth was leaning against a tree, happily making out with Iannis. They were sucking each other's face off, which gave Percy enough time to dive into a bush before they could spot or sense him. Most of Percy was angry because of the fact that she was cheating on him. A small part was disgusted that she did so with an eleven-year-old, considering that she was seventeen.

They broke apart, hungrily gasping for air. Iannis smirked as his right hand went up Annabeth's shirt, grabbing one of her D-cup breasts. She gasped in delight.

"You know," he said, doing something that looked like twisting her nipple in between two of his fingers, "you should really dump my loser of a brother. I'm much better."

"Yes," she agreed. "I plan on doing so the next time I see him. I like you much better."

If Percy had been so upset and, therefore, irrational, he probably would have noticed that Annabeth's eyes were glazed over as she spoke this, almost as if she weren't entirely "at home." He would quite possibly also have noted that Eros (Cupid), Aphrodite's son and god of love, floated amusedly above the duo.

Percy marched out angrily from his hiding spot and pointed an accusing finger at the duo, who hastily jumped apart as if they had not almost engaged in intercourse just a few moments ago. Iannis was shirtless, and Annabeth's jeans were torn up.

"You!" he growled venomously at Annabeth. Iannis tried to say something, but Percy punched him so hard that he crumpled like an aluminum can would, completely out cold. He turned his fiery rage to Annabeth, but it turned into cold fury.

"How could you?" he whispered so quietly that she barely heard him. "I put my trust in you. I loved you more than anything else. And this is how you repay me?"

By now, Cupid had long disappeared and, as such, so had his influence over Annabeth. She was crying silently, her impressive brain trying to draw up a reason as to why she had something like this to her boyfriend.

For once, nothing came to mind.

"Percy…I-" she tried to say.

But Percy was hearing none of it. He was already gone, running towards his cabin as tears trailed down his face and splattered against the ground. Annabeth collapsed and curled up in the fetal position, rocking and telling herself that everything would be fine, like it always would.

She would be wrong for a long, long time.

Percy stormed into his cabin and collapsed on his bunk to cry peacefully. He had read in the Odyssey that it was actually heroic for one to cry, so he had no qualms against it at the moment. He sobbed in despair. His Annabeth, his one true love, and the person he was planning to spend the rest of his life with, had cheated on him with his half-brother.

After about ten minutes, he sat up and glared at the wall so hard that it would have melted if it weren't imbued with water. As it was, nothing occurred for a while.

Then-perhaps it was just his ADHD- the wall seemed to collapse from the middle, replaced by a door. When it opened, a figure he remembered quite well stepped out.

The man wore a doorman's attire and passed a key around from one hand to the other. He had two faces that met at one invisible point, so it seemed impossible to look at both faces at one time.

"Young man, young man, come with me!" the right side said.

"Don't be ludicrous! Follow me!" the left retorted.

"Janus, God of Choices. What the hell do you want from my life?" Percy said, aiming for his voice to come out angry. Instead, it merely came out with anguish clear in it.

"I thought it would be obvious, Savior of Olympus." The left side sneered at Percy.

"It's time for you to make a choice." The right side said, more civilized.

"Will you stay here and defend the camp as you always do?" The left asked.

"Or will you go out and into the wild, and meet things you never thought you might?" The right countered.

"It's safer here." The left replied.

"But he's got no reason to stay, which is a perfect reason to go." The right retorted.

"What about his friends, his family?" The left side said. Percy snorted, bringing the attention back to him.

He pointed to a picture on the nightstand next to his bed, and the god looked. It was a picture of Percy and his friends. Beckendorf, Silena, Annabeth, Grover, Nico, Connor, Travis, Clarisse, Thalia, Jason, Leo, Piper, Chiron, and his father were all in it. But the faces of several had a black mark over them, as if they had been eliminated. Chiron, Beckendorf, Silena, his father and just about everybody else had them. Only Jason, Leo, Piper and Annabeth had them.

"They used to be my friends." Here, Percy gave a short and bitter laugh. "The ones that have an X over them are either dead, no longer my friends, or too busy to see me."

He grabbed a marker and the picture and hastily drew an X over Annabeth's face. The moment he did, though, he felt the invulnerability start leaving him. Alarmed, he erased the mark, and it came back.

"Not so fast, child." The left face said.

"If you eliminate your connection to the mortal world, then you lose the Styx's blessing." The right explained.

Percy groaned but nodded. So, since he had imagined Annabeth back in the Styx, he had to keep a connection with her in order to keep that blessing. Fair enough.

I'm not doing it because I want to remember her, he told himself. It's only for my personal interest.

Percy then pointed to another picture, this one of Paul and Sally. Their faces were marked out as well.

"They were on a plane to Italy to enjoy their honeymoon, but Zeus knocked them out of the sky." Percy said, bitter. Just to get at Percy and his father, the lord of the skies had killed people precious to them.

"So, I've got no friends and no family." Percy concluded. The left side slumped while the right looked smug.

"That's right, Percy. There's nothing here for you." The right face coaxed. "Leave while you can, or else be trapped here forever."

Percy considered this. He then grinned and took the right face's hand. The left groaned.

"Boy, today's not my day…" he said. The god disappeared, leaving Percy to his own imagination.

He started packing his bag. He had to escape the camp.

Fifteen minutes later, Percy had everything set. He had a magical book-bag given to him by Hermes filled with his whole closet of clothes, as well as his armor. The left side pocket contained about three hundred dollars of mortal money, and the right side pocket had about one hundred golden drachmas. In his jean pocket was his trusty and lethal ballpoint pen, Riptide.

He hadn't even bothered saying goodbye to anybody, and was already scaling the hill, when he heard several voices shouting at him to wait up. He turned, and his expressionless face turned into one of surprise as he saw whom it was.

It was a group of his remaining friends: Nico, Jason, Leo, Piper, Frank and Hazel. Frank and Hazel had come to the Greek camp as Travis and Connor had gone to the Roman camp. After what the three had gone through, what with the Prophecy of Seven, they just couldn't abandon him.

"Guys, what are you doing?" he asked the breathless group. They were also carrying bags like his.

"Janus appeared to me telling me what you were going to do, and I decided to go with you." Nico said.

"Same with me." Jason said.

"I couldn't let him go without me, but he was set on leaving, so I came as well." Piper explained.

"I can't let Superman and Beauty Queen have all the fun without me, can I?" Leo asked with that crazy hyper smile of his.

"We heard it from Leo, who had heard it from Piper, so we decided to tag along as well. After all, you're the only reason that we stayed." Frank said while Hazel nodded to his story. Percy grinned. It was good to have friends.

His face returned to being expressionless. "Are you sure that you want to follow me? Untold dangers lie out in that world." He warned. Everybody stared at him as if he were crazy.

"Percy…" Hazel began slowly, as if explaining to a dumb child, "we are six of the seven demigods from the previous Great Prophecy. We've faced giants, monsters, and Gaia herself. What makes you think that we can't handle this?"

Percy allowed a small smile to elongate across his face, which made the others grin back at him. He turned his back to them and started walking down the hill.

"Well, I guess we better get going." Percy said. The rest ran down the hill, crying after him.

"Dude!" Leo's voice could be heard as they faded from view. "Do you even know where we're going?"


Annabeth took a deep breath as she tried to calm her nerves. What she was about to do was something she had never planned on doing, but after the ordeal with Percy, she just had to do it.

Thinking about her ex-boyfriend made her sad all over again. The camp had heard from a few dryads a couple of weeks ago that Percy and his friends had run off from the place. When Chiron asked why, they replied angrily about the way that they had been treating Percy lately and what Annabeth had done to Percy. The others went with him because they couldn't just leave him alone, and they had no reason to stay at camp anymore.

That little incident made her plummet from the most popular and beloved camper to the likes of Drew from Aphrodite, who had been killed by Piper in the Gaia conflict after finding out that she was working for the enemy. Everybody suddenly turned against her, which made absolutely no sense seeing as how they were at fault, too. And she really meant everybody.

Her siblings refused to follow her commands and even to talk to her; the cabin councilor was now Malcolm. The Hermes cabin pranked her about five times a day, and her siblings did nothing to help her. The Hephaestus cabin refused to build anything for her, while the Demeter children no longer associated with her. The Aphrodite cabin absolutely hated her after she broke Percy's heart. Dionysus's lone son would call her names, and the Ares children would pummel her senseless. The Apollo cabin wouldn't heal her when she got hurt. Mr. D himself didn't even acknowledge her as a human being anymore, saying "anybody who does such a treacherous thing to his or her savior is obviously worse than human." Chiron very rarely spoke to her, and when he did, his voice was steely and harsh.

She'd wanted to kill herself, but her mom wouldn't let her. She was glad that Percy and Annabeth broke up because she apparently knew (coughliecough) that it would have gotten worse had it lasted. Not that that helped; Poseidon, Dionysus, Apollo, Hermes, Demeter, even Ares and the kindred Hestia called down curses upon her. It was a struggle to get through even an hour without losing her sanity.

Finally, she figured out three things. The first was that the only way to get everything to stop was to find the man she had fallen for and fall for him…again. The second was that she didn't like Iannis at all; in fact, it had been Eros and Aphrodite that crushed her life. The third was that if Percy couldn't have her, nobody else could.

That narrowed her options down to one.

"I pledge myself to the goddess Artemis. I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the Hunt." She said. Artemis smiled.

"I accept you as my maiden, Annabeth Chase. Do not forget your pledge, as it is now your life." Artemis said. Thalia came from the corner of the room smiling. Clarisse lagged behind, glaring at Annabeth but not doing anything beyond that.

"Congratulations, Annabeth! You've joined us!" Thalia said. Annabeth nodded and forced herself to look happy on the outside. The Hunters had not heard what she'd done to Percy; if they had, she doubted whether she would be accepted into the group.

On the inside, however, she felt terrible.


The object of her thoughts sneezed quietly, but cursed at his horrid luck. He bolted from his hiding spot as one of the Furies dropped down. He turned and cursed even louder after realizing that Alecto, his old math teacher and the lead Fury, was after him.

Things had been running smoothly for the group of seven for the first two weeks, which immediately had everybody on edge. For three children of the Big Three, and seven extremely powerful demigods to be roaming the country, it was bound to attract bloodthirsty monsters within the first hour. So for nothing to have happened for the last two weeks had everybody, even the joker Leo, on edge.

Then, starting on this past Sunday, the beginning of the third week, all Hades had broken loose. Packs of hellhounds, squads of snake women, harpies, hydras, everything had attacked them. They had even run into a northern branch of the Lotus Casino, which they had managed to avoid.

Right now, however, was the worst attack yet. It should've been simple, considering that it was only one monster per demigod, but the monsters were strong and smart.

The opponents had been the three Furies, the three gorgons, and the Minotaur. This had separated everybody from each other. Percy had to battle Alecto. Jason was squaring off with the second Fury. Frank was having a hard time with the third. Nico was having problems with Medusa. Piper had to fight off Stheno. Hazel had gotten Euryale. That left Leo with the Minotaur.

The problem wasn't in the fact that they were too strong; it was the fact that the monsters had unlimited stamina and, as a result, never let up from pressing on the demigods. For Percy, Jason, Frank, Nico, and Hazel, this was a problem simply because they had either long swords or spears, and their respective opponent stayed within their guard, making it almost impossible to get any breathing space or attacking room. For Piper, this would've worked out well, but Stheno had learnt to stay away from the dagger. Apparently, charmspeak was not very effective either; Stheno would become distracted, but by pure instinct she would move out of Piper's reach. As for Leo…well, he needed a weapon much larger and deadlier than his hammer if he wanted to do any damage to the Minotaur.

Each enemy also held an advantage over their opponent as well. The Furies had their molten lava whips, and three thousand years of experience to go with it. The Gorgons all had the ability to turn the person who looked into their eyes into stone; the myths made it so that it seemed it was only Medusa's, but it was common. Finally, the Minotaur was just HUGE, and his armor was specially designed to resist the fires of the Underworld, which were much hotter than Leo's.

Percy sidestepped and danced out of the way of the molten lash that whipped at his head. He tried to jab at Alecto, but the Fury jumped back and wrapped the lash around Riptide. Percy, however, smirked and pulled Alecto forward. She stumbled forward, which gave Percy enough time to spin and kick her in the face.

The kick stunned Alecto enough for Percy to cut through her whip and slice at her head. Alecto, however, managed to lean back and let the attack go over her head. She came back up and sliced at Percy's face, but the second shield that Tyson had made for him came in handy at that time. He bashed the shield into her head, which stunned her again.

Percy slashed diagonally to the right at Alecto, who responded by sidestepping. However, Percy took a big chance and kept spinning with the momentum he had. The shield hit Alecto in the face again, which stunned her for a third time. Percy had enough time to drive his sword into Alecto's gut. She looked up, face contorted in hate and pain, before she burst into dust.

Percy wanted to ask why Hades had sent these demons after him, but he didn't have the time. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the Minotaur get in a lucky shot and knock Leo's legs from under him.

"Help me bro!" he screamed towards Percy as the Minotaur lifted his axe. Desperate, Percy prayed to Apollo and Artemis to let his aim be good this one time before launching Riptide through the air.

The sword impaled the beast through the left side of the head and came out of the right side before getting impaled in a wall twenty meters from his current position. The Minotaur lost his grip on his axe as it fell behind the beast and impaled itself in the ground. Leo rolled backwards and stood up as the monster disintegrated.

Percy ran over to Leo, who had already retrieved Percy's sword since he was nearby. He took Riptide gratefully from the son of Hephaestus.

"Thanks man." Leo breathed out.

"No problem," Percy replied, scanning the area. It seemed that Jason was getting the upper hand finally, and so was Frank. The gorgons were causing the most trouble at this point, since the fighters had to battle blindly.

"Is it asking too much of you to help take out the gorgons?" Percy asked. Leo was cut up, bruised, and very exhausted, but he straightened up anyway once he heard Percy's request.

"Oh no, I'm fine. Burn baby burn!" he cackled madly. From his fingertips, a beam of white-hot fire flew through the air and set Euryale's head of snakes on fire. The snakes hissed in extreme pain and died, while Euryale herself started screaming and patting at her head. This gave Hazel enough time to slice Euryale right down the middle.

The battles were now finishing up. Nico had summoned a few of the undead to help him, and one of them got a swipe in at Medusa. The gorgon hissed and exploded. Jason screamed, and a blast of lightning fell from the sky, redirected through his Imperial gold spear, and killed both his and Frank's enemy. Piper ducked and jumped back as Frank turned into a cheetah, knocking down Stheno before changing back and stabbing her with his spear.

The seven met up in the middle of the field that they had been battling on, somewhere in Pennsylvania.

"Well…that was…fun." Leo said.

"It wasn't fun! I mean, why would Dad send these monsters after us?" Hazel asked. Nico shrugged.

"Ah…" Jason said. "Perhaps Hades didn't send these monsters."

"How could he not have?" Piper retorted. "He's the only one with control over the Furies."

"That doesn't necessarily mean that they had an order from Hades to attack us." Percy put in.

"I don't think that it was Dad, either." Nico said.

"I don't believe so, either. But who sent them to us?" Frank said.

"Perhaps it was I who did so." A new voice rang out from all around them. Percy immediately activated his shield and uncapped Riptide. Frank grabbed his bow and notched a few arrows. Leo warily raised his hammer, while Piper aimed her dagger at the air. The other three- Nico, Hazel, and Jason- widened their eyes.

"I know you!" they all exclaimed. There was a chuckle.

Then a rift opened above them, with power emanating from it so great that all the demigods fell to their knees. No one, not the gods, nor the Titans, nor the giants, not even Gaia, had ever shown this much power.

As quickly as the oppressive power had come, it vanished. Out of the vortex stepped a man. He kept shifting through figures, so it was hard to describe him.

"Good evening." The man announced. "I am Chaos."

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