Sutton's POV

"I can't believe that you and Ethan are still together. It's been what 6 months?" Laurel asks, being the supportive little sister she's always been.

"Eight," I correct her smiling.

"I couldn't believe Mom and Dad were ok with him when he came over to take you on your first date. I swore Dad was going to flip out or something." Laurel says before taking a sip of her coffee.

"Well, I guess I could see that," I say after taking a slow drink of my white mocha latte.

"But Dad trust you so I can see why he wouldn't be too upset with his little girl dating a guy who-"

"Laurel," I say raising an eyebrow at what I'm pretty sure she was going to say if I hadn't stopped her.

"What were you going to say this time?" A familiar voice says as a pair of arms wrap around my waist.

"Just how wonderful you are," I say smiling.

"I can see I'm not needed," Laurel says. "I'll catch you later Sutton."

"Bye Laurel," I say before turning in my boyfriend's arms so that I can see his face. "Hi."

"Hi," He replies before giving me a peck on the lips. "How are you today?"

"Great! I have a feeling that I'm going to ace that calculus test even though our study date contained very little studying," I smile as I speak.

"You always ace your tests. I'm just at the study dates to kiss you," Ethan says and his smile not only gives me support, but makes me smile too. "Want to walk to class together?" I nod and we start down the hall together.

Emma's POV

SUTTON MERCER. I type the name on the site into my Facebook search bar and the profile I find shows my face. I scroll through her pictures and glance at her statuses, since I have nothing better to do after school today anyway.


Hey Char and Mads, pics are up from the party :D


Tennis w/ Mom today :D


Hey Sutton. Got the tickets for you, me, Mads, and Char ;D Im just that cool!


Hanging out w/ Laurel, Mads, and Char b4 date night with Ethan later :D

Based on the last names and the pictures, I would have to assume that Laurel is Sutton's adoptive sister, but they seem to be as close, "Almost like real sisters," I mutter to myself, jealously since this is my twin after all, not her real sister. I notice that Sutton's info had her phone number. So I click on it and a video call starts up on Skype. When her face pops up, since she had no idea who I was, she looked utterly confused.

"Hello?" She asks calm-ish.

"Hi Sutton. I'm Emma, Emma Becker. I think were twins."