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Dragon Ball NB

Resurrection Saga

Written By: Dillon Shotts

Episode 11: The Battle Continues

Recap: On the last episode of Dragon Ball NB, Goku and the others survived the explosion that Cell caused.

Meanwhile, Cell had kidnapped Goku Junior and Vegeta Junior, holding them, Mr. Popo and Dende hostage, on the Lookout. Vegeta found out from a wounded Frieza where the boys are.

After killing Frieza, Vegeta told the others about their whereabouts. Wasting no time, they headed over there. Both Goku and Cell decided to continue their battle against each other.

Will Goku beat Cell this time?

Find out what happens today on Dragon Ball NB!


Goku is angry. That would be an understatement. He is beyond furious! How could Cell be so cruel? Hasn't he learned his lesson the last time they fought? But no! He is the same old evil bio-android as he was before, but stronger.

Feeling that Super Saiyan 2 is not enough, he transforms to Super Saiyan 3. He then dashes towards Cell and punches him across the face. Cell recovers and retaliates with a sucker punch, which doesn't lay a scratch on Goku. Cell is beginning to slip up.

"Just give up, Cell!" Goku says, still angry.

"Never!" Cell stubbornly says, attempting to punch him. Goku uses teleportation, reappearing behind him. He then kicks him, sending him flying, crashing him into a rock.

As Cell is standing up, Goku begins to power up a Kamehameha Wave.


The oncoming blast is coming fast, giving Cell no time to react. Cell tries to move out of the way. But it was too late. He is hit by the deadly blast, that gave him nightmares. Ever since Gohan killed him with a Kamehameha Wave, he was scared of one and he still is. He just never told anyone.


Goku is panting as he watches the smoke clear. Once the smoke cleared, Cell is seen without an arm and he is partially burned.

"Have you *pant* *pant* had enough now?" Goku asks.

Cell growls, then regenerates his arm and everything.

"You'll see... You'll all see what I am capable of!" Then, Cell shot up in the air and starts performing one of Vegeta's moves - Super Galick Gun.


"Alright, then... KA... ME... HA... ME... HAAAAA!" Goku chanted, then fired the blast.

The Super Galick Gun and the Kamehameha Wave collided, Cell dominating Goku so far.

"Give up, Goku!" Cell shouted.

"Never!" Goku shouted back, then he charges up to Super Saiyan 3 2nd Grade and pushes the blast towards Cell.

"What the?!" Cell is losing control as the blast is getting closer and closer to hitting him. It is hopeless. He's toast.

Eventually, Goku's blast finally breaks through, ready to blast him to smithereens!

"What?! No! This can't be! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Cell screams one last time, before he was blasted into dust.

Goku drops his arms down, then reverted back to his base form and fell back, forcing him to lay on the rocky ground.

"Finally!" Goku thought.

"Dad! You did it!" He heard his son, Gohan say.

"Yeah, dad! You were awesome out there!" Goten said also.

"You're even a better fighter than I am, Grandpa!" Goku Junior complimented.

"Look... guys... I appreciate all the complements, but... Could you please help me up?" Goku asks.

They all laughed, except for Piccolo, Vegeta and Vegeta Junior.

"Here." Gohan says, grabbing Goku's hand and pulls him up.

"Thank you, son."

"You're welcome, father."

"We should probably look around and make sure there is no more of our enemies left to defeat..." Piccolo suggests.

"You know what, guys? I think Piccolo is right... We need to make there is nobody left behind. Otherwise, we would have to face them later!" Goku says, agreeing to what Piccolo said.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Vegeta yells, then taking off full speed ahead, with everyone else following suit.


Little do they know, a hulk-looking figure, who is wearing white baggy pants, a reddish piece of clothing tied around the waist, also wearing golden boots, is lurking...



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