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You have no idea how much trouble I had choosing a song for this chapter. I had about a million ideas pop into my head all at once and narrowed it down to four. "Something Good" from the Sound of Music "Candles" "Don't You" and "Bella Notte"
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Hermione stood in front of the mirror in the room that she shared with Ginny when she stayed at the burrow, staring at her bushy brown hair which she could not seem to tame no matter what. She wished that she had bought the hair product that she'd used for the Yule ball at Diagon Alley to make it sleek and shiny.

"For the last time, Hermione you look fine!" Ginny said, slipping into her golden heels to match the bridesmaids dress that she was wearing.

"It just needs something more…" she said hesitantly, playing around with the curls.

"Since when have you been this fussed about your hair? You normally just tie it back or brush it out and be done with it. You've already outdone us all with that amazing dress, so stop trying to make Gabrielle and I look bad!" Ginny complained, running a hand through her shiny red hair that glinted as the sun caught it through the window.

"I'm not trying to make anyone look bad, I just want to look pretty." Hermione said bashfully. Ginny sighed exasperatedly.

"You are pretty Hermione."

"Aha! I know!" Hermione exclaimed, unscrewing a bottle of Ginny's hair product from under the sink and dipping her wand into it, muttering a spell and when she drew out her wand and waved it around her head, her bushy hair immediately became straight, sleek and shiny. "Perfect!"

"Who's the guy?" Ginny asked, a hand on her hip.

"Excuse me?" Hermione said, turning around and looking confused.

"I said, who's the guy?" Ginny repeated, a devilish Weasley grin breaking across her face.

"What makes you think that there's a guy?" Hermione asked, blushing and going back to arranging her hair, even though it looked perfect already.

"The going to extra lengths to look even more amazing than you already do… turning my hair products into something that should suit you. Who is the guy?" Ginny said, grabbing Hermione by the shoulders and turning her around so that she was facing the youngest Weasley.

"There. Is. No. Guy!" Hermione said through gritted teeth.

"Girl then?" Ginny asked hesitantly.

"No girl either." Hermione said, walking over to her bed and picking up a small beaded bag that had resided there for at least three weeks.

"Gnome?" Ginny asked childishly. Hermione laughed at the suggestion.

"If I tell you will you stop bugging me?" Hermione said through gritted teeth.

"Oh so there is someone, yes, yes I'll stop bugging you. Tell me all the grisly details!" Ginny said eagerly.

"There is no grisly details yet." Hermione said "It's more of a crush."

"Oh, I see it now. You want unnamed person to notice you at the wedding. Oh my gosh is it Fred! Your dress matches his tie."

"It also matches, Charlie's, George's, Ron's, your father's and Harry's. Yes Ginny, I'm crushing on all the boys in your family." Hermione said sarcastically.

"Is it someone in my family?" Ginny asked, leaning forward eagerly.

"Yes." Mumbled Hermione, Ginny jumped up and clapped her hands together in delight.


"Ron." Hermione muttered under her breath, so quietly that Ginny had to ask for clarification.

"Who?" she asked, a slight divot appearing between her eyebrows.

"Ron." Hermione said, slightly louder. "I have a crush on Ron."

"WHAT!" Ginny yelled "You have a crush on Ron!"

"Shush!" Hermione exclaimed, "You don't have to tell the world!"

"Of all people you could've crushed on, you had to crush on Ron!" Ginny said. Hermione couldn't tell whether she was angry, indifferent or happy. Her tone sounded incredulous… possibly because, as a little sister, she didn't think anyone would be able to fall in love with her brother. Hermione scrambled for words, not knowing what to say at all. Thankfully, she was saved by Molly, calling Ginny down to get her hair done for the ceremony.

"I'll see you later." Ginny said with a smile. "Don't kiss Ron without me there."

"Ginny!" Hermione scolded as Ginny scarpered from the room. Hermione rolled her eyes and sat down on the bed, relishing in the comfortableness of it. She didn't know when they might have to leave. Opening the beaded bag she had strung around her wrist, she looked down into the depths of it, making sure she could see some spare clothes for herself, Harry and Ron, the tent, a whole heap of books that they might need and any other random supplies that they would need to stay alive.

Standing up, Hermione walked quietly over to the door. When she reached the landing, instead of going down, towards the festivities, she went up, towards the attic. This had become her routine whenever a big event was happening, she never knew what would crop up and they might have had to make a quick getaway.

Silently, she pushed the door to Harry and Ron's room open and slipped inside. There were four camp beds in the room, one for Harry, Ron and the Twins respectively. Ignoring the beds on the other side of the room, Hermione tiptoed over towards Harry and Ron's beds. Not that anyone would hear her, they were all in the garden with the wedding guests, but there was something about taking people's things without permission that made her want to keep deathly quiet.

She opened the beaded bag fully, picked up both Ron and Harry's pyjamas and put them in. She spotted Harry's rucksack at the foot of his bed and put that in too, and for sentimental value, she balled up the Chudley Cannon's bedspread and put it in the beaded bag. For Ron, she thought.

"Wow, Hermione you look stunning!" Harry exclaimed as Hermione walked over to them in the marquee about ten minutes later.

"Yeah," said Ron breathlessly, "You look great."

"Always the tone of surprise," said Hermione with a smile. She was glad that Ron had at least acknowledged her efforts to make herself look beautiful. She was wearing a floaty, lilac-coloured dress with matching high heels; she'd gone to the trouble of making sure that the lilac was exactly the same as Ron's tie. "Your great Aunt Muriel doesn't approve though, I just met her upstairs while she was giving Fleur a tiara. She said, 'oh dear is this the muggle-born?' and then, 'bad posture and skinny ankles.'"

"Don't take it personally, she's rude to everyone," said Ron.

"Talking about Muriel?" inquired George, re-emerging from the marquee with Fred. "Yeah, she's just told me that my ears are lopsided. Old bat. I wish Uncle Bilius was here, though; he was a right laugh at weddings."

"Is he the one that saw the grim and died twenty-four hours later?" asked Hermione.

"Well, yeah, he went a bit odd towards the end," conceded George.

"But before he went loopy he was the life and soul of the party," said Fred. "He used to down an entire bottle of firewhiskey, then run onto the dance floor, hoist up his robes and start pulling bunches of flowers out of his –"

"Yes, he sounds a real charmer," Hermione said, while Harry roared with laughter beside her. She glanced over at Ron, who was also chortling a bit. She caught his eye and smiled at him, and when he smiled back, she felt as if she was flying far above the marquee, with her head in the clouds, Ron's smiling face all around her. All she could do was hope he felt the same way about her.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," called the tufty haired wizard that had just married Fleur and Bill. "If you would please stand up!" They all did so, Ron's Aunt Muriel grumbling audibly; he waved his wand again as the seats on which they had been sitting rose into the air as the canvas walls of the marquee vanished, so they stood beneath a canopy supported by golden poles, with a glorious view of the sunlit orchard and the surrounding country side.

Music had begun to play. Bill and Fleur took to the dance floor first, to great applause; after a while, Mr. Weasley led Madame Delacour onto the floor, followed by Mrs. Weasley and Monsieur Delacour.

"Want to dance?" Ginny asked, coming up behind Harry and tapping him on the shoulder as Harry turned around to see her standing there.

"Sure." Harry said, taking her hand and leading her onto the dance floor, leaving Ron and Hermione looking out at the sunset. Neither of them had ever been good at starting conversations, so they both stood there awkwardly, both wanting to speak to the other, but finding no words to say. Hermione was just starting to get sick of this, and was about to go and grab a drink and find Viktor, who she had seen earlier when Ron spoke up.

"Hermione?" Ron said tentatively. Hermione looked over at him in shock.

"Yeah." She said, equally as tentatively.

"Will you dance with me?" he asked softly, extending his hand for her to take. She felt a huge smile begin to spread across her face as she reached out to take Ron's hand.

"Of course I will." She replied, putting the beaded bag into a concealed pocket in her dress and allowing Ron to lead her onto the dance floor. The song that was playing was slow and horribly romantic. Most couples were dancing with the female leaning on the male's shoulder in a slow waltz. As Hermione listened to the song, it made her want to lean into Ron's chest and waltz too.

Oh this is the night
it's a beautiful night
and we call it bella note

Ron took her hands in the stance that he'd learned from Professor McGonagall what seemed like decades ago during practise for the Yule ball. He looked into her eyes and smiled as she leaned her head against his chest. Surprisingly, he didn't seem to mind.

Look at the skies
they have stars in their eyes
on this lovely bella note

"Hermione," Ron muttered into her ear as she moved slightly to the music.

"Mmm" she mumbled back.

"I love you." He whispered quietly and Hermione almost forgot to breathe. He loves me! She thought joyously he really loves me!

side by side with your loved one
you will find the enchantment here
the night will weave its magic spell
when the one you love is near,

"I love you too." Hermione said back, staring lovingly into Ron's eyes as he looked down at her.

"I've loved you for longer." He teased quietly.

"Oh yeah?" Hermione challenged, "How long?"

"Last year." He muttered "I had a crush on you for ages before that though. You?"

"Forever." She muttered, hoping that it sounded romantic enough.

this is the night
and the heavens all rise
on this lovely bella notte.

As the band struck the last note in the song, Hermione and Ron both looked into each other's eyes and simultaneously leaned in and pressed their lips together. It was perfect, it wasn't rushed, it wasn't too slow. It was just right. And both of them knew that in ten years' time, when Bill and Fleur celebrated their anniversary, they would remember the day that the two of them first kissed.

AN: Songs in this chapter include
Bella Notte –
Lady and the Tramp

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