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"What the hell is this?"

Dick's grin widened at the look on Damian's face. The boy seemed torn between utter disgust and complete disbelief. When Dick failed to reply, Damian scowled.

"Grayson, why the hell are you not dressed yet?" Damian checked his watch. Although it was still too early to go patrolling on any other night, it was currently Halloween, and if they'd learnt anything given the past Halloweens in Gotham, once the sun set, patrolling was completely necessary. "Get in costume, moron."

"Oh, but I am in costume," Dick happily pointed out.

Damian glared at him. "You're in my costume." He paused to give Dick a once over, sneering when we got to the green, scaly short-shorts and the pixie boots. "No, you're in half of my costume."

"Hey!" Dick pouted and put a hand of his hip. "Listen, brat, it's time you got a glimpse of the original Robin costume in action."

"You are not going patrolling in that!" Damian hissed, pointing accusingly at his partner – more specifically, at his costume.

Dick sighed. "We're not going patrolling tonight, Damian." The boy opened his mouth, most likely to let out some snide remark, but Dick held a silencing finger out to him. "I talked to Babs and the Birds have it covered. Nay, young prince, for tonight…" He pulled a bundle of dark cloth out from behind his back and held it in front of Damian proudly. "Tonight you get to be Batman and tonight we go trick-or-treating!"

Damian slowly stepped away but Dick only advanced forward. "We will do no such thing."

"Come on, Damian!" Grayson urged. "It's Halloween. No being difficult on Halloween!"

"Get the away from me, Grayson. I'll patrol on my own tonight—ah—DO NOT TOUCH ME—"

Damian gained nothing from that night. He wasn't particularly fond of candy or old women telling him he looked "absolutely precious" in his slightly oversized Batman costume, nor did he enjoy having to miss out on patrolling Gotham. His sole consolation, however, was hearing at least three kids ask Dick where his pants were.

"Whatever," Dick grumbled as the next child ran away laughing. "They clearly don't know true awesomeness."

"Now, now, Grayson," Damian said smugly. "It's Halloween. No being difficult on Halloween, remember?"

Dick pouted.