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Chapter 10

Bruce Wayne

It wasn't long before Bruce knew Kiley was missing. He had immediately gone to the bunker that he still kept in case of emergencies, in order to suit up and figure out what was going on with Jason.

That was when his alarm went off.

He knew it was the one connected to Kiley's apartment, so he hurried as fast as he could. He crept quietly up to the door which was wide open. Silently he crept inside, looking and listening for any movement. He searched the entire apartment before he was satisfied that no one was there.

His chest felt hollow. Kiley had been kidnapped, and he hadn't been able to stop it. He didn't give himself time to sulk, and instead the calculative part of his brain kicked in and he started to look around for clues.

After an hour of looking he was starting to grow restless. He hadn't found one thing that would be a viable lead in finding the people that took her. On the table in front of the couch lay the box holding the ruby ring. Bruce had no idea what made rubies so special. Why a ruby ring instead of a normal diamond? Why not a sapphire or an emerald for that matter? Could this be a clue? How could it; Kiley had known what the ruby meant, so it was obviously something that went way back for both of them. But what if it did? Kiley seemed to know more than she thought. Throughout her history with Jason he had dropped clues as to his future hopes and plans for what he meant to do with his crime spree. She just didn't see it all well enough to put all of the pieces together. What if the ruby was a part of this big scheme?

Batman clenched his hands. He had no idea what any of this meant, and the only person who did had just been taken from him with no hint whatsoever as to where she had gone.

He lifted his arm and prepared to throw the ring when he heard movement outside of the door. Quickly he put the ring back down on the table and ducked into the shadows, preparing himself.

It was a few seconds before the movement became a man walking through the door, and when it did Batman slipped out of the shadows to make himself known.

Jim Gordon looked in his direction and then his shoulders slumped. "Is she-"

"Missing" Batman finished.

"Have you found anything?" Jim asked, looking around.


"I knew something bad was going to happen," Jim said looking around. "There were just too many coincidences. Once she got that ring-" He shook his head. "I should have never let her out of my sight."

"Do you know what's special about rubies?"

He shook his head again. "No clue. She never really talks about Jason much. I think he hurt her when he left, as much as she doesn't want to admit it."

Bruce felt a stab of jealousy. He ignored it however; now was not the time or the place.

Jim started talking again, but about what Batman didn't pay attention. A sliver of light caught his attention from just under a table against the wall. He quickly walked over and examined it. It was a small knife, one that had probably been lost and forgotten in the fight. If there was any way-

There. Just near the hilt was an engraving.


He had to trace this. It might lead him to the people who had taken Kiley.

He straightened and turned to leave. Before he could make it very far, however, he heard Jim's voice calling him to wait.

Jim looked him as straight in the eye as he could in the darkness. "Find her. She's my niece. Find her."

Batman looked at him, then turned away and left.

Bruce twitched in his chair. He was sitting in one of his expensive suits in his expensive boardroom ignoring a dull manager giving his dull report in a dull meeting of Wayne Enterprises.

It had been three days since Kiley had gone missing. He had tried everything with the initials J.H.M.-weapons companies, metal workers, weapons shops, convicted felons. Every database he had had been tried and nothing was popping up. He was frustrated and worried.

What bothered him the most, however, was the fact that the knife was left at all. Even though Kiley had put up a good fight, once they had her (or had her knocked out), they would have remembered a fallen weapon, especially if it was something special. This led him to the same thought over and over again.

Kiley's ex-boyfriend, the Captain, left the knife for Batman to find. He wanted Batman to come to him, and when he did, there would definitely be a trap waiting for him.

After the meeting was over Bruce waited until everyone left before standing. Lucius was the only person remaining in the room besides him and that was only because the other man was used to Bruce staying behind to talk with him about his nightly duties.

"I heard about your friend" he said after snapping his briefcase shut and turning toward Bruce. "I'm sorry. Have you found anything?"

"A small knife. It had the initials J.H.M. on it and I can't manage to find anything."

Lucius looked away in thought. "J.H.M. There used to be a metalworker by the name of James Henry Martin. He died some forty odd years ago, but he did have a son."

Bruce perked up. "I found Martin, but I didn't think to look into his descendants." He turned toward Lucius. "Thank you Mr. Fox," and he walked briskly out of the room.

Back in the Batcave he was running the name through his computer and locating all descendants. James Martin had one son who had died ten years ago, leaving behind his only son who had a criminal record of forgery, public disturbance, and charges from fights. He quickly grabbed the man's address and ran to dress.

Batman sped down the lanes; there was hardly any traffic on the streets.

When he reached the building he parked a few blocks away. He suspected the building would be surveyed for any disturbances, and he sure as hell was going to be a disturbance. He decided to go the less suspicious route and scaled the opposite side of the building next door. He shot his grappling gun and started his rise. To his surprise, this ended up being the best decision. As he was crossing the third floor he caught a glimpse of a group of men, highly armed and prepared for a fight.

He immediately stopped his grappling gun on the next floor and quietly made his way into the empty room. He knew that the Captain had been expecting him to trace the knife to the building next door, so he wouldn't be expecting him to stumble upon this hiding place. So why not use the front door?

He made his way down to the next floor and to the apartment below. The door was ajar and he peaked through the crack to survey the surroundings.

It was a dingy apartment with a kitchen toward the back next to a bathroom. In of the kitchen was the dining room where three men were standing around a table. To the right was a door going to what he could only assume was the bedroom. He had apparently walked in during the middle of a conversation.

"Hah, that Bat guy won't even realize that he has the wrong building. He'll run straight into the trap. The Captain doesn't need that many of us at this building."

He decided now was the time. Batman kicked the first man in the shins before swinging his arms around to strike the next man in the chest. When he doubled over Batman swung him into the third. As he did, he didn't realize the first man had recovered and raised his gun to shoot him in the side. Batman stumbled. The suit had protected him, but the bullet would leave an extremely nasty bruise.

He turned and used his forearm to knock the other man's arm, causing him to throw the gun to the other side of the room. He used all of his strength and punched the man in the gut. The two other men had hit their heads on the counter on their way down, so now all three were out.

He straightened up and turned toward the closed door. Opening it, blood started to pound in his ears and his hands tightened in rage. The room was just as dingy as the rest of the apartment. The only object in it was a cheap bed with metal bedposts with painted flowers. Lying on the bed was an unconscious Kiley dressed scantily in only a silk nightdress that barely went to mid-thigh. Her wrists were tied to the bedposts. From the look of the soiled bedclothes, there was no doubt in his mind what had happened during her captivity.

Batman quickly untied her wrists and gently picked Kiley up. She barely stirred and he could tell she was in a bad shape. He left the apartment and went as fast as he could safely carry her. Putting her into the Batmobile, he quickly drove to the nearest emergency room.

Kiley was fine. The doctors said she would make a full recovery physically, but mentally time would tell.

They didn't need to tell Bruce that.

After two days Kiley had yet to wake up. After he had dropped Kiley off as Batman he had immediately gone back to the manor to change. The entire time he had tried to think of different excuses to "find out Kiley was in the hospital." Nothing he had come up with so far was plausible. Alfred watched with worry as Bruce paced back and forth in the foyer.

"Master Wayne, perhaps you'd better sit down before you wear out the new carpet."

Bruce stopped briefly to glare at him and then resumed pacing.

It turned out he didn't have to worry about that problem. Two hours after he had gotten home he had received a call from Jim Gordon.

"I'm sorry to call you so late Mr. Wayne" he started.

"Call me Bruce. Have you heard anything about Kiley?" He hated this part of pretending. It was wasting precious time.

"Batman found her. He brought her to Gotham Medical Center. She hasn't woken up yet-they're still doing tests. You're her friend so I thought you should know."

"Thank you Jim. I'll be there shortly."

Since then he had spent most of his time at the hospital, just waiting for anything to happen. He and Jim had spoken over what to do next, and he had even gone under his mask in order to talk strategy. All three of them (even if two of the votes were basically from the same person) agreed.

It was the second night since Batman had rescued her that Kiley woke up. When she did it didn't take her long to clear through the disorientation.

"Kiley," Jim said softly as he sat next to her. "We don't know what Jason is going to do next. Bruce and I have been talking-" her eyes flicked to Bruce who was standing behind Jim and then back to him. "We've decided that you should stay at his home, just for a while, until we get things figured out."

Kiley looked between the both of them. Then she settled back and gave a trace of a smile. "Okay."