A/N: I just finished Eclipse; I'm on Long Shadows now. I hope that nothing's wrong… So, I decided it'll take place in Eclipse.
Update: I'm on Sunrise now!


Leafpool was out, searching for more herbs before leaf-fall. Jaypaw wanted to help, but he couldn't, she wanted him to stay in case Cinderpaw's leg acted up again. Jaypaw sighed, sitting down next to the sleeping grey tabby cat. However, Cinderpaw woke up.

"Hi," she mewed, catching Jaypaw off-guard. "I want to go swimming again. Will you take me?"

"Sure," Jawpaw agreed. Cinderpaw slowly got up, Jaypaw helping her up by wrapping his paws around her. The two walked across the clearing, slowly. Jawpaw knew they were getting close, because he could hear the choppy waves. He could feel excitement radiating off Cinderpaw. He was happy that she was happy.

However, he felt strange. What was this strange sensation? Was it… Love? No! He couldn't fall in love – it was forbidden for medicine cats to fall in love! "Jaypaw, come on into the water!" She splashed around.

Jaypaw hesitated and decided to do so anyway. One little swim wouldn't hurt. Besides, I don't want to hurt Cinderpaw's feelings.

Jaypaw stepped in the lake. Cinderpaw splashed him, taking him by surprise. Jaypaw mrrowed slightly, splashing her back. Something else caught him by surprise. Cinderpaw was brushing up against him. "Jaypaw…"


"I-I think I love you…"

"I-I know." He looked at her with his sightless eyes. "I know because I can feel it…"

"I feel it too."

"But I'm a medicine cat, you should know it."

"I know, Jaypaw… But I will always love you forever." Jaypaw sensed sadness radiating off her. "If I had to give you a name… It would be Jayheart."

Jaypaw was taken aback. He wasn't sure what to say. "I would name you Cinderheart."

Cinderpaw let out a mrrow of laughter. "Thank you, Jaypaw." She wrapped her tail around his. The two walked back, not wanting to tell the others about their feelings.

They'd do this some other time.