~Sometimes he was an overconfident bastard, but she didn't care~

Yes, he was a little overconfident sometimes. No, she didn't care.

He was Cilan, for Arceus's sake.

Ugh, how she hated when he would say 'it's [something] time!' Bugged the shit out of her, yes – at first it was cute, but then it just got plain annoying. How about the time when we talked about something he loved! He'd say '[something] connoisseur'. Good Arceus, how many interests do you have?

She didn't care.

She loved him.

This teen was Cilan. The one and only, bright-eyed, green-haired, smartly attired Cilan.

"What are you thinking about?" he whispered.

"You," she replied, grinning.

A/N: Exactly 100 words from "Yes" to "grinning"!