This is a poem from Arnold to Helga.

I hope you like it. This is something for all Helga and Arnold fandom.

All Hey Arnold! copyright belongs to Nickelodeon and was created by Craig Bartlett.

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One road

- From Arnold to Helga.

I've been looking everywhere for someone to love

I've searched on the streets, alleys and halls.

But wherever i look for it, it only seems to fool me, understimate me, test me and give some bittersweet moments.

On the road, life has showed me only platonic love

fantasy of an innocent mind that didn't know

illusion of something that wasn't true and i was not sure.

My friends told me once that i was bold, to try and fall

My grandpa thought that i was wise for standing up everytime.

You were there all the way, behind the shadows,

under an aggressive mask, under your destructive hand.

You were on the road walking with next to me

Guiding me to places that i will never find.

not a dense head as mine, like you said paste-for-brains.

I did not notice you at once, i was blind by cuteness and style

sophisticated was a word that i used, not knowing the real you.

Was i so blind? so careless? so dense? empty football-head?

Maybe yes, that's true...

On the road i saw you, and you did not pass by...

You said that you loved me, you said it was for real...

I was so confused, so dizzy and unreal...

Heavens sent me an angel when i was down,

when no hope was to be found

To give strength, to give me lift the sorrow

and teach me how to love.

One road was on the way, and all the way was you...

One road led me to the place that i belong...

One road opened my life to you...