This is Helga's answer to Arnold's One Road Poem

All Hey Arnold! copyright belongs to Nickelodeon, and were created by Craig Bartlett

Hey Arnold! Poems – To give it to you

From Helga to Arnold – Answer to One Road.

There have been times when i felt so down,
like falling into the deep darkness with no control
screaming in a prison that no one knows
living in a shield, hiding from the world.

In a place where no light comes in, when no one notice…me
under the gray sky, where the rain falls….
when my soul was falling apart and my smile faded away..
you appeared…suddenly with a smile and kind words…
you didn't make the rain stop…but you cover me…instead

Nothing was the same from that day on…
not even the days when I acted so odd
imagining all the time that I was with you
talking and dreaming about it too.

We have hard times when I was stubborn and you to bold.
but doesn't matter how, we make it through,
not the jungle of steel or the one out there beat us
it only made us strong enough to become one.

The wild world witnessed how long I waited for you…
the eternal nights and never ending days, right at your side
even if you not understood what my heart was trying to say,
you were walking on a different road that was parallel to mine.

I wanted so bad that our worlds collide
creating a massive explosion of love and care,
burning like the Sun, shining like the moonlight,
smashing the creation with the only purpose to be with you

Angel of light, heavenly host..
i prayed every night to give me hope…to stand right there
to wait for you…with my heart in my hands,
to give it to you…