Dramatis Personae

Leonardo DiCaprio as Dominic Cobb

Michael Caine as Miles Cobb

Marion Cotilliard Mal Cobb

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur Rolan

Tom Hardy as Jonathan Eames

Ken Watanabe as Saito Howsaki

Michaeil Caine as Samuel Davenger

Nina Dobrev as Emma Strout

Cillian Murphy as Robert Fischer

Daniel Craig as Marcus Coleman

Michael Clarke Duncan as Stephen Braxton

Part One
Memory of a Dream

The Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time- H. P. Lovecraft

The coarse sand rubbed against his fingers as he lay there motionless, the waves of the shore lapping overtop his lifeless body as he struggled to raise his head. The sound of the clashing tide and the noise of seagulls filled his ears as he opened his bloodshot eyes, and spit sand from his mouth.

There, off in the distance; building castles made of sand were two young children.

Their laughter filled the air as they built and then, before he could make out whom they were; were called away by some unseen force and he slumped back down on the shore once more.

Dragging the man thru the finely crafted doors, the guards placed him in a chair on the far end of the table and then in a language he once knew spoke things to an older man, who stared at him as though he were a phantom.

Placing the gun down on the table and then a small, wooden top beside it; the guards left the room and the two of them were alone. In another instant, warm food had been brought to him; and the man eagerly wolfed it down even as his host seemed to be intently watching him.

At last, in a voice that could barely be made out he rasped, "I know what this is…" He was pointing toward the top, his fingers playing with him for a moment before adding, "I've seen one before…"

He paused in his meal, his eyes also mesmerized on the top as the aged Oriental man declared, "It belonged to a man I met in a half remembered dream…" He spun the top gently on the finely carved table, watching the toy as it began to spin and becoming hypnotized by it.

"A man who spoke of some… radical notions…" The tiny object continued to rotate across the table, each of them desperate to see the outcome and eve as it spun the businessman asked, "Have you come to kill me?"

In the distant corners of his mind, the ragged man felt a memory beginning to form; that this person in front of him he had seen before.

"I came to remind you… of something you once knew…" he muttered, his eyes distant and glazed as he watched the top and then added, "That your world is not real… to come back with me so that we can young men together."

"Cobb? Impossible…" the Oriental remarked and then added, "I'm an old man…"

"Waiting to die alone…" he added, another fragment piecing itself into his mind.

"Take a leap of faith…" the man pleaded, watching as the top spun and the Oriental man reached for the weapon nearby, and he realized that it was the only option. Raising the trigger, the aged businessman pointed it at him and said, "I'm sorry Mister Cobb, but in my dream… we play… by my rules…"

The last thing he heard was the sound of the gun cocking, and beyond that, the top just barely cresting toward the surface; eager to fall yet stubbornly resilient.

Eternally spinning.

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