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Funny, don't you think?

Chapter 1

It was never me…was it?

Bay's Point of View

[Don't know exactly how I'm going to arrange the different Point of Views in this story…its my first time writing this sort of thing]

Did I really expect him to choose me? When clearly I know I'm not and practically will never be good enough for him.

But Daphne is… She's Deaf, beautiful, smart, and if that isn't enough, they practically grew up together since uncalled for acquaintance when they were both only 8 years old. They know everything about each other… History. If all that doesn't scream "little Miss Perfect" for Emm… Emmett, or anyone in the freaking Deaf Community world, I don't know what ever will.

I never stood a chance, It's funny how I even possibly humored myself with the thought, nay the mere possibility that I did.

I can't help but now wonder if I will ever be enough for someone… Not too much… Not to little… Or even completely insignificant. Because that's all that I feel I have been to everyone I have ever met. From Liam (ex-boyfriend), Ty (another)… Hell, even my parents that aren't even biologically mine… Even my biological mother that as of the start when I met her hasn't even tried in the least at reaching out to me… No, everyone goes with Daphne Miss Perfect, who is always enough for everyone.

These same thoughts just keep looping through my head over and over and over again… They will probably never stop… I wish they would though. I feel more tears leak from my tear ducts as I lay on my bed, looking up at the plain white ceiling above it. I haven't stopped crying and it's been about what? 4 hours since he broke up with me, maybe 6? Who the hell would care? No one, that's who! I don't ever remember crying this much ever… I guess when they say that when you fall in love, you usually fall hard. Although there is usually someone there to catch you if they feel the same, but I guess I got the short end of the stick, once again, and just fell right of the cliff and got scraped and torn badly.

I don't think I'll be able to forget the look on his face after he finished explaining how he doesn't fit into 'my world' and how he doesn't like having to read lips and catching only 3O% of what people say… And who knows what else… I barely caught everything,

The thing that shocks me is not that he blew up at me for not knowing the sign for the word "BET" and said all those things that make complete sense, but the fact that I actually agree with what he says.

He will never fit in with my supposed "Hearing" family, or the fact that I will never fully understand him and what-not. I knew from the start that he was breaking it off with me not because of everything he told me… Sure it could be seen as an underlying cause but I knew the real reason.

Daphne told him she likes him.


It was the second day of the car wash that was part of the fundraiser for the Carlton High School for the Deaf. I was helping out, seeing as my boyfriend, Emmett and his best friend, who happens to be the biological daughter of my parents but was switched at birth with me resulting in her being raised by my mom… Confusing I know, but anyways her name Daphne.

I was handing out towels and running small errands and what-not… I was doing anything to help with the car was, really.

I had just dropped off some towels to use to dry the cars by my boyfriend and Daphne, when I noticed that he looked slightly upset over something, I wasn't sure what though. I walked away, all the while trying really hard to ignore the nagging voice in my head that was telling me to go over to him and figure out what was wrong. This was mostly ... The ignoring the nagging voice… Due to the fact that people didn't know that we were dating (Emmett and I), or the mere fact that we're acquainted with one another. If I just went over and asked what was wrong, it would look nothing but completely and totally strange to the public eye.

As I walked away I couldn't help but think as I ignored the nagging voice, that I was one lucky girl to have someone as amazing and artistic like Emmett as my boyfriend… The thought sounded way to sappy and girly for me, but I didn't care, he was mine and that was all that mattered.

Hearing footsteps nearing me I snapped out of my thoughts and turned my head to notice Toby walking next to me. To say I was shocked would have been an understatement. Stopping, I turned to him and said with a slight disbelief in my tone of voice

"What are you doing here?"

He looked at me innocently and pointed to were people where washing and drying the numerous cars.

"Don't they need help? " He replied.

I stared at him and raised my eyebrow, looking at him skeptically waiting for him to admit that this is all a fluke and that he is only here to "help" so that Emmett will go with him and Wilke to the East West Festival where they are supposed to play. But nope, he just keeps staring back at me with a completely fake innocent look on his face.

Shaking my head, I looked up at my big brother and said,

"Just because you help out at this car wash doesn't mean that Emmett's going to want to be your drummer again, so that you and Wilke can go play at East West Fest." I replied mockingly.

Toby looked at me completely puzzled as to how I would know this. I quickly tried to back peddle, seeing as he knew nothing about my relationship with Emmett.

"What? He told you?" he sounded both confused and surprised.

"Yeah," I confirmed.

He just raised his eyebrows and stared at me awaiting a clear explanation as to how I would know the viable information I had just stupidly slipped up in giving that I knew of it in the first place.

"Well…you see…he and I have been you know…!" I looked at him, helplessly, wanting hit to fill in the blank.

"Dating?", I nodded my head in confirmation. On my face I felt that I has the most cheesiest dreamy-like smile, I had ever worn in my entire life. I turned back to the present to look at my brother and see his reaction to the news. He looked surprised…really surprised. He replied,

"Emmett? Seriously…the two of you?" I grimaced at him, "Don't look so surprised; is it really so hard to believe he would be interested in me…?" I asked him doubtfully. It seemed as if everyone that heard about me and Emmett thought we were an impossible match...whatever, it doesn't matter what other people think.

"It's not, it's not, I'm Just trying to take it all in, I mean really! How do you two communicate?"

I rolled my eyes at this,

"I'm learning to sign, obviously."

"Right tell me why Emmett doesn't want to go to East West Fest with Wilke and me?"

I shrugged my shoulders,

"He doesn't usually hang around hearing people. I think that the fundraiser was a sort of one time thing for him,"

"That sucks. But wait, what does that make you? If you're hearing and all?"

I looked at Toby; he sort of did have a point... Mhmm, I guess it just makes me different, special, yeah that's sounds right.

"Special, I guess." I smiled as I played with the idea in my head.

"Well I am happy for you sis!"

He looked at me with a smug yet cheeky grin on his face; he could seriously be so childish at times. I stuck out my tongue as a response. He chuckled.

From behind Toby I saw Wilke approaching, he was mostly here just to score points with Daphne. Emmett had told me what happened between them...well what he saw from when he picked up Daphne one time when she decide out of random to hang out with Wilke for the day. Wilke, Toby and I talked and joked for a little while, before I had to get back to work, running errands.

A little while later, Toby had an idea he considered to be brilliant. He decided to bet Wilke 20 bucks to go through the car wash, without a car. Wilkie being the idiot that he is took up the bet. Toby and I decided to stand at the other end of the car wash to make sure Wilke didn't chicken out. I had a very good feeling that he wouldn't be able to do it. A few minutes later Wilke came running out, soaking wet and shivering. He looked so ridiculous that Toby and I burst out laughing.

"I can't believe he actually tried it" I tried to say in between laughing so hard that my sides were actually starting to hurt.

When Wilke finally reached us he turned to Toby,

"Right, you said 20 bucks to run through the car wash. Now quit laughing your head off and pay up!" he had a huge grin on his face. My brother was trying everything in his power to keep from falling to the ground with laughter.

"No way! You bailed out half way through the hot wax," my brother called ou.t

"It was like 1000 degrees in there! I think I lost an eyebrow." Wilke acted horrified.

I kept laughing while Wilke kept pestering my brother about the money. Just then I saw Emmett about to walk by. I had to tell him, he would get a laugh out of it for sure. I grabbed his arm to stop him, Emmett looked at me as if I had lost my mind just moments before, I tried to calm down a bit so that I could sign clearly.

"Toby," I started,

"Oh, how do you sign the sign for 'bet' ?" I couldn't recall what it was but I was sure I knew, it so instead I finger spelled it (B E T). I continued.

"He bet Wilke $20 bucks so that he would go through the car wash" after that Toby jumped in and started saying how Emmett himself should have seen it. Emmett started to look a little confused and frustrated as well.

I looks over to see Wilke had also started talking really fast as well meaning Emmett was most likely not getting anything of what he and my brother were trying to tell him.

This went on for a minute until Emmett turned around and started to walk away. I was confused and worried; he only got to get a few feet away before I caught up to him

I signed

"Hey what's wrong?"

"You didn't know the sign for 'BET'" he signed back forcefully why was he getting all worked up over that.

I replied a little upset that he was getting mad at me for something so small,

"I'm sorry, okay? I forgot; I finger spelled it, what's the big deal?" he looked at me thoroughly pissed, the reason I hadn't a clue. I was not going to let him be mad at me for this, something bigger, yeah, but forgetting one sign when I was just starting to learn his language? No way. That's not fair.

"Hey I'm studying my ass off, I'm practicing all the time! It's a new language, it's hard to pick up in just two weeks" I signed slowly

"I know," he signed

We were walking I pulled his arm to make him stop. I then said out loud not knowing the signs for what I have to say Next

"Okay so then why are you picking a fight with me?"

What did I do wrong? Things were going so perfectly... Okay not perfectly, but good for once in my miserable life.

He now clearly pissed off signed


I understood everything and it stung and hurt to see that coming from him.

I was beginning to understand why he was reacting this way; I just had to make sure it was what I thought it was about.

"Why are you doing this?"

He had the decency to look down, he almost looked ashamed of his outburst but then he started signing really fast that I didn't catch everything.

I caught that he was tired of reading lips and working all the time to understand hearing people. He said he was himself only with other Deaf people, he was upset that my family and friends are hearing and that would cause problems for him in the future, he didn't want me interpreting for him, and then he ended with,

"That's not me. That will never be me"

That was the final nail in the coffin in my book "Of Mean and Blunt Things To Say To A Person", I started to feel the tears welling up behind my eyes.

I knew where this was all coming from. I knew he was breaking up with me.

I signed flawlessly my opinion

"Daphne told you, she likes you... Didn't she?"

I felt my hands shake as I signed, my bottom lip trembled as a try to hold back the tears and it looked as though he was on the verge of tears as well from pain and anger I didn't know.

I knew in the instant that he turned and walked away towards his motorcycle I just stared at the space where he just stood.

It was over… We were over.

I actually felt dead on the inside for the first time in my life.

I just stood there, taking in everything that Emmett had just revealed to me.

I repeated it over and over in my head in an endless loop; I didn't even notice Toby walking up in front of me.

I heard him say to me in the worried tone,

"Bay, what the hell just happened?"

I just stared at him as some of the tears I had been holding back started to stream down my cheeks.

"I think I just lost my boyfriend to someone else."

My voice was so quiet I barely even heard myself say it.

Toby's eyes narrowed

"To who?"

Always being the older protective brother, huh?

"Doesn't matter, I knew I never stood a chance against that person or his world."

I felt my brother hug me tightly and whisper,

"It will be all right, you'll always have me"

With that one sentence I felt the dam that was keeping the tears back finally break with a deafening crack.

I started to cry my eyes out into his shirt, getting it all wet with my tears. He led me to his car and drove me home in complete silence.

The second I got home I ran up the stairs to my room, slammed the door and sank to the ground and screamed and cried my throat raw.

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨END FLASHBACK¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨

So now here I am, lying pathetically on my bed staring at my white ceiling as the final tears of my emotional breakdown roll out from my tear ducts down my cheeks and onto my bed covering... Melodramatic much? I know I am, it's part of my charm.

My life sucks... Honestly, whenever something good comes my way there's always another thing that causes the good to go bad in moments time.

With a shaky sigh I sit up and wipe away the numerous tear tracks on my face and walk out of my room, closing the door behind me.

I start to walk towards the bathroom when I hear Toby call out my name from his room down the hall,

"Bay, come here real quick."

I try to compose myself before turning around to head towards Toby's room.

"Alright then, bro." I call out.

When I reach his open bedroom door I knock lightly and walk in and sit on his bed.

He turns his desk chair to face me.

"Hey sis, feeling any better...?"

I could plainly see the concern written all over his face.

I try to send him a watery smile, but I feel that it came out more like a grimace.

I shrug my shoulders,

"I've stopped crying, that's an improvement don't you think?" I look down at my hands that were folded in my lap, not wanting to see the pity or concern on my older brother's face.

I feel Toby get up and come sit next to me, he puts his arm around my shoulders.

"I suppose, but come on, maybe he just needs time to cool down... It's not like he actually said the words 'we're over', did he?"

Toby asks trying to cheer me up... And badly I must say...

I chuckle darkly,

"No no we're done it was written all over his face; he didn't have to say it. Honestly if he had it would have hurt much more... If that's even possible."

I mumble the last part mostly to myself.

I feel Toby hug me tighter,

"Things will work out one way or the other sis, I know I can't fully know what your feeling but just know that I'm here for whenever you need me..."

I lift my head to look at him and untangle myself from under his arm to give him a hug.

"You know you're a pretty amazing brother, right?"

"Ya I know," he replied happily.

"Just don't tell people I said that or else my reputation as the cold sarcastic switched up girl will be ruined, okay?"

I answer back. I feel the vibrations of Toby laughing as he answers,

"Sure... Your secret safe with me... Now come on, go get cleaned up. Mom, Dad, and Daphne will be here in 15 minutes they're bringing pizza for dinner."

He untangles himself from me and helps me stand up. My face brightens up a bit.

"Pizza, yum! Finally, something not vegetarian-like made by Daphne."

I rub my stomach in joy... Sarcasm dripping from the statement.

Toby rolls his eyes but nods his head in agreement. As I walk back out from his room he calls out

"Bay were you talking about Daphne when you said you lost Him to another person?"

He sounded almost 100% sure... And boy was he right.

There was no need to clear up who HIM was... Emmett...

I turned around to face him and sent him a sad smile as I said,

"You're just too smart for your own good, bro."

With that I walked toward the bathroom to fix up my running makeup and clothing, so that when I got downstairs to face everyone, I appear mentally and physically stable, when in reality I couldn't be more the exact opposite.

******To be continued…******

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