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Summary: Set during season two. A mysterious message from a supposedly dead Lydecker ends up being a trap that Max waltzes straight into. Will Alec be able to save 452, or will his attempt only end up risking his life as well? Hurt/Empathic!Alec.

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It had been twenty-three minutes since the unconscious X-5 494 was dragged to the Copulation Center and strung up by his wrists in an empty holding cell. His bare feet hovered about an inch off the ground but if he stretched, he'd probably be able to brush the cold cement.

Renfro sat in a chair close to the door, perfectly content to study Alec in silence while waiting for him to wake. Perhaps she shouldn't have had the taser set on the highest setting… His superior stamina wasn't currently up to its usual standards. Regardless, she had him right where she wanted him, and all the time in the world.

Alec, wearing nothing but his tattered jeans, hung motionless in the center of the cell with his chin resting on his chest. His injured arm was still streaked with blood, which had begun to drip back towards his shoulder and down his side thanks to the raised positioning of his wrists.

That, plus the more minor cuts and bruises he had gathered from all the recent fights, left him looking like a prisoner of war waiting for interrogation. The thought alone sent a chill of excitement up Renfro's spine and she was done with waiting.

She picked up the high-powered hose (normally used to keep the males in control during the females' heat cycles) and sent a blast of icy water all over Alec. He immediately snapped back to consciousness, lurching backwards to try and escape the shock to his body.

Renfro sprayed as much of the blood off of him as she could before shutting the water down and leaving Alec spluttering and swinging like a pendulum by his already chaffed wrists.

"There. Much better," Renfro taunted with her twisted smirk firmly in place. "You look almost presentable now."

She dropped the hose to the ground and he gauged her distance by the sound of her shoes once again as she approached him. This room didn't echo nearly as much as the last one had, so he could tell he was no longer in psy-ops.

His exposed chest heaved painfully as he choked up some of the water and spit it angrily towards her clicking shoes. He blinked rapidly, trying to clear the water from his damaged eyes. When he opened them again, he could've sworn he saw the blurry shape of Renfro's figure about five feet in front of him and closing. But that wasn't possible, was it?

He blinked once more and found himself back in the darkness. It must have been a trick of the light; a bit of shadow play against his eyelids or something. Alec felt the hope inside of him die just as quickly as it had come, leaving him cold and empty.

He heard Renfro circle around him and it made his skin crawl uncomfortably. She chuckled softly when she saw him shudder, knowing it had nothing to do with the cold water dripping off his body or the low temperature of the room.

"You know where you are now, don't you," the old woman surmised, standing directly behind him. She knew she was right when the muscles in Alec's back tensed and he shifted against his binds, testing their strength.

It was the smells of the room that gave his new location away; sweat, musk, synthetic pheromones, and a handful of other scents he recognized but didn't want to acknowledge. They made his heart plummet into his stomach.

If there was ever a room he hated more than psy-ops, this was it. The memories still haunted him. He was an alpha male and a soldier, designed to be the top of the food chain and practically invincible. Having that control taken away and being reduced to a victim nearly broke his spirit for good.

When he was no longer cleared for solo missions due to his blatant disobedience, he was sent to this lab where he could still be of use to Manticore as a stud. After Max had blown up the DNA database, breeding partners were assigned and rooms like this one were where the more reluctant participants were taken.

The first time Alec was asked to "perform" he flat out refused, Rachel's death still a fresh wound in his heart. But his assigned partner had no such qualms. They strung him up to the ceiling, dosed him with drugs to make him more cooperative, and then she took what she needed from him to complete her mission. Abstinence was no longer an option.

Between this room and psy-ops, Alec had been abused and violated in just about every way possible. It would've shattered a lesser man to pieces, but Alec was a survivor. He kept his head down and stayed out of trouble, reverting back to a true blue soldier.

"You did what you had to, and you tried to forget. And when you couldn't forget, they had ways of making you not care."

His own words came back to haunt him, repeating in his mind like a broken record. If it hadn't been for Max, Manticore would've still been using him to do their dirty work.

Speaking of…

"Where's M-Max?" Alec was shivering from the freezing cold shower and he was finding it hard to articulate words.

"She's not here," Renfro said, stating the obvious, then placed her hand at the small of Alec's taut back to still his minute swaying. Running her cold fingers along his skin, she slowly slid around his side, making her way towards the front of him again to gauge his reaction, her hand coming to rest against his sculpted abs. "White took her on a little road trip."

Reaching up with her other hand, she used a small towel to dab at the water dripping down his face but he jerked away from her touch.

"Wh-what for?" he demanded.

Undaunted by his limited attempts to avoid her help, Renfro stepped closer and tried again, this time swiping at his forehead and drenched hair so she could look into his beautifully blind eyes. He tried to glare at her but his gaze was a tad bit over her head.

"We're trying a new experiment," she explained. "I want to see how strong that connection of yours really is. If we send one of you out on a mission, will the other be able to keep us apprised of the situation? If so, electronic bugs and wires will no longer be necessary during infiltrations."

"And if n-not?"

"Then we've got some more work to do, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

"C-can't wait," Alec grumbled sarcastically through clenched teeth as the towel made its way down his torso, soaking up water droplets as it went. His ribs stood out prominently as he strained against his bindings and Renfro couldn't help but to run her twisted fingers along them in the wake of the towel.

"Lydecker knew what he was doing when he chose your surrogates, didn't he? You really are quite perfect for breeding. The things we could do together…"

He grunted in disgust and annoyance. "You can't afford me, lady. Why don't you ask White if he's open for business?"

"I own you, 494. Mind, body, and soul. You will fall back in line, and if that means I have to break every ounce of your free will first, then so be it."

"Yeah… Good luck with that." He swallowed hard when her hands slid down to the waistband of his jeans and only then did he realize they were still unfastened from the doctor's attempts at cooling his body down, though thankfully the makeshift ice packets had been dislodged during his last seizure.

"I don't need luck, handsome." Renfro began tugging the drenched clothing down and he tried to lash out at her but only ended up inadvertently assisting the woman when his jeans slid a bit further down his hips. "But I look forward to the challenge."

Alec locked his jaw to hold back the frustrated growl threatening to escape his throat. He hissed when he felt a sharp sting in his left hip, just above his low riding pants. "Ah! What the…?"

"Just a little something to set the mood," she whispered near his ear and Alec was sure he was going to be sick. It didn't take a genius to realize she hadn't given him another shot of antibiotics.

His blind eyes widened in panic as he connected the dots. "No…"

He was so screwed.


Logan took a deep breath of fresh air as soon as he and Joshua made it topside. Who knew pollution could smell so sweet? Down in the tunnels, the air was musty and earthy. The walls seemed to be closing in around them the further they went, eliciting uncomfortable pangs of claustrophobia.

The tunnels were longer than he had remembered them being. After all that walking, his legs were starting to feel like jelly, regardless of the exoskeleton he was wearing. Logan was half tempted to rest for a minute, but he knew they didn't have any time to spare.

They had already lost too much of it. For all he knew, Max and Alec could be dead back in his apartment, but he had his doubts. Something told him Renfro wouldn't let that happen. Thoughts of what she could be doing to them made him shudder.

Joshua whimpered, his thoughts clearly along the same line. Logan patted the dog boy on the shoulder in comfort as soon as he reached his side. "We'll find them, big guy. But first, we need to borrow a car and head back towards…"


Logan looked around in surprise, his eyes falling on a non-descript van parked a few yards away. He stared for a moment in awe. It can't be.

"'bout damn time you two made it here. If I didn't need your assistance, I would've gone after my kids myself over half an hour ago."

"Lydecker?! You got away? But how…?"

"Cliff notes version? White left a kid behind to take me out but it was clear the runt hadn't killed a man before. He hesitated before pulling the trigger and I timed it just right. Well, almost right."

He turned his head slightly and Logan could see a bloody gash on the side of Lyecker's head where the bullet had grazed him.

"The kid was in shock after that and it wasn't hard to get the upper hand."

"Did you kill him?" Logan asked softly, pretty sure he already knew the answer.

"I did what I had to." Lydecker stated it simply, but Logan could tell there was a hint of regret in his voice. "Once I gained the upper hand, he became an open book. I know where they took Max and Alec, and I know what they're after. We don't have much time. Get in."

Logan slid into the passenger seat and Joshua hopped into the back. The cyber hacker was surprised to find a computer waiting for him, tucked between the console and the side of his seat cushion.

"Who'd you steal this from?"

"Does it really matter? They're transporting Max to an offsite holding cell and I've got the license plate number of the vehicle. Can you track it?"

"Faster than you can drive." Logan flipped open the laptop and began booting it up. "What about Alec?"

"They left him behind for Renfro to play with. We'll need Max's help if we're going to infiltrate one of Manticore's top facilities. They will have that place on total lockdown now that they've got what they want, so he'll just have to tough it out and wait."


Max sat in silence, glaring at the man sitting across from her. When she had first woken up to find herself on the move, she demanded answers from Ames but he refused to ruin the surprise. Thanks to the steel chains fastened around her body, she had no choice but to wait him out.

Instead, she turned her thoughts inward. She was worried about Alec and decided to try and reach out to him. Max closed her eyes and concentrated.


Alec could feel his heart racing in his chest and he was starting to sweat again. He was focusing all his energy on fighting the effects of the stimulating drugs but waves of heat were coursing through his body and the smell of Renfro's perfume suddenly became intoxicating. She stroked the side of his face lovingly.

"D-don't do this," he gasped, finding himself panting for air as though he had run a great distance. His entire body ached thanks to his refusal to participate. He remembered being in this very position less than two years ago, and he wasn't looking forward to going through it again.

"This doesn't have to be painful, you know," Renfro cooed, rubbing her thumb across his temple soothingly. "Just give in to it, 494. You may find you actually enjoy it."

"I have my doubts, lady."

He winced as he felt Max's presence pushing gently against the back of his mind. Not now, Max, please! He pushed back, refusing to let her in, but his concentration took a devastating hit because of it.

The heat surged through his body in full force, wrenching a cry of pain and discomfort from him as his body began to betray him. Renfro seized the opportunity and pulled Alec's head down for a deep kiss.

Alec was taken completely by surprise and didn't have the chance to clamp his mouth shut before the deranged woman used one hand to squeeze his jaw hard enough to keep it open and forced her tongue past his dry lips. It was like trying to swallow a leech and it immediately activated his gag reflex but Alec forced the impulse back down.

He jerked harshly against his binds but achieved nothing more than bloody wrists. A blinding white flash of agony erupted behind his eyes as Max slipped past his defenses and Alec was able to watch as Renfro finally pulled away, running her tongue along her now swollen lips in ecstasy.

He would've given anything to not see that predatory look on Renfro's face before being plunged back into darkness as Max quickly retreated.


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