Brotherly Love Chapter 1. i do not own Order of the Stick, Rich Rerelw owns it. Good job Giant


OC's POV: i stood in line running my fingers through my short chesnut brown hair and listened to Hinjo tell us why we where released from jail, i saw a female guard looking at me and blushing a bit "Damn my 19 charsima score" i though ignoring the guard. i kept my lime green eyes straight ahead and tapped my retreaved deep gray plate boots and listened to my full plate scraping itself. i heard Hinjo say what i was imprisioned for right after the halfling who was complaining he was not getting murder 2 ", to smuggling illegal goods in and out of the city" Hinjo said "well i think i have the lightest offence" i said "shove it, Taibo" the paladin known as O-chul said "make me" i said calmly crossing my arms "Nice one man" the man in dark leather armor infront of Tsukiko said "he has more coming from me" I said smirking "i can just throw you back in your cell" Hinjo said "is that a threat?" i asked "oh no" Tsukiko said "Crap" said the old prisoner with the white beard "TAKE COVER!" the man in leather yelled diving to the floor with the others following his example "Wha? What?" the halfling asked looking confused "yes, it was" Hinjo said walking twoards me "Lord Hinjo this is a very bad idea!" O-chul said "well then i know just what to do" i said walking up to him

Hinjo's POV: i was really pissed at this prsioner called Taibo, i decided i would rough him up abit them get him healed. but i did not know he had been slouching and he was now raised to him full height of six feet tall. i felt a bit les confidint i was going to win "okay lets go" i said with a small crack of fear in my voice

Fight Mode:

Taibo punched Hinjo in the chest sending him back two feet but he came back with a punch to Taibo's jaw making Taibo Recoil a bit, but not doing much else. Taibo grabbed Hinjo's collar and threw him into the wall and i heard a crack of what could only be his ribs "had enough?" Taibo asked. Hinjo could only groan in response "i'll take that as a "Yes" Hinjo" Tabo said walking over to Hinjo and casting Cure Light Wounds on him "There you go" Taibo said

Taibo's POV: several Guards looked at me with Fear, Hate, Suprise, and Awe. Tuskiko stood back up 'Good job, Brother" Tuskiko said "no problem, had it coming anyway" i said. two guards picked Hinjo up "impressive, Taibo," Hinjo said with a devious smirk "you are now a permanent prisioner and Soldier if needed" He said "WHAT!" i bellowed stomping up to the injured Hinjo "you can't do that!" i yelled "just did" Hinjo said. i took a deep breath and let my Logic come back "this is very Un-Paladinish behavior" I said "oh, right. i can't do what i was trying to do" Hinjo said "Correct" i said walking back to my sister "good thing i nkow the paladin's code" i said "yeah, showed that fachist paladin who's boss" Tsukiko said "But i think we are in for a hell of a battle" i said thinking of the enchewing battle


There is chapter one! BTW i am a major Tsukiko fan, i just love her, so cute. next chapter! The war!