Voilence, bad language etc.

Being attached to chains with leather straps digging into his body Ichigo's body was in a crucified looking state but without being nailed to a cross. Instead he was held against the wall where his blood coated the wall's and were absorbed into the cold rock floor beneath him. His breathing ragged he snarled at his restraints only to get shocked by the collar around his neck. His knee's on the ground. If he did anything wrong the man on the other side of the wall shocked him.

"Mover again and I'll add more power," said a voice through the speaker.

Ichigo had no idea where the bastard was but he knew he had a name. Szayelaparro. Szayellaparro always had someone come in and blindfold him so Ichigo if he ever got free could not find Szayel. Then again Szayel was not aware of how accurate Ichigo' sense of smell was. Every being had a distinct smell. So no matter where Szayel went Ichigo would be able to find him and revel in the sight of tearing out his neck, watching blood leave his body and his body become limp and his eyes hollow. Ichigo's jaw clentched. He wanted freedom again.

Ichigo had been in the wild dancing around in the wild but he had been in animal form when he'd done so. There wasn't not much of his kind left due to humans or demons hunting them down. It was usually the young or the weak that did so but on the food chain wereanimals were just as strong as most higher demons. Their kind were notcurnal to avoid demons and humans. So they could roam freely. They liked to live in isolation with their packs but at the time Ichigo ventured away from his family. His real parents had been savagely been ripped apart and destroyed by upper class demons. They teamed up with humans at the time and even though guns couldn't kill them they still hurt like a bitch. Ichigo was a young cub unable to control his form as well as his parents but managed to stay as a tiger. His parents were no match though. His sister were murdered in front of his own eyes. Their vacant eyes haunted him as they looked at him with blood coating their face and blood pooling out of their bodies. Ichigo roared and when his parents commanded him to run he did so. He felt weak for running instead of fighting along side but he wasn't in control of his powers yet. Most could control them properly once they hit puberty in human years which was between age nine and fiveteen. Ichigo's powers hadn't settled yet even though he was nine. He ran and ran and when he found his aunt Yoroichi and Uncle Kisuke he curled up to his aunt Yoroichi and cried in his animal form. Yoroichi understood what it meant. Masaki had told her that if Ichigo or his sisters ever came alone to them it was that pochers came after them. Yoroichi stroked his fur as he were many types of wereanimals . He was a weretiger. He managed to be able to adjust his size. Going from a house cat to the size of a regular tiger. His color was a tiger and he'd been in the form of a small animal when he had gotten caught. Szayel was walking through the forest and his animal instincts screamed danger so crouching down he began changing form. To one of a sleek muscular tiger. Jumping forward about to attack the man he was tasered with a stunt gun and began to chuckle lightly.

"My my we can't have that," said Szayel and tsked.

Smiling down at Ichigo who was snarling and roaring while he had seizures Szayel smiled an eerie smile as he pulled out a syringe and a strange liquid. Frightened Ichigo stared at the man with his amber eyes and roared. When he was injected with a strong dose Ichigo felt the world become dizzy and spin as he began feeling light as a feather. The world became blurry and Ichigo saw Szayel coming forward barely being able to hear him as he spoke.

While Szayel looked at his new prized jacket his face began to show confusion as the form began to shrink and reveal and tanned man in his young adolescent. With shaggy colored orange hair and bangs long enough to cover his brows. He seemed to Szayel to be build very muscular. Szayel began to grin from ear to ear.

"You'll be a great new science experiement," said Szayel as he picked up Ichigo and grinned even more a he sncuk a peak at the weird being then licked his lips," and an even greater sex slave."

As Ichigo was chained he silently begged for death to be with his real mother and father. For them for rescue him or even have his aunt and uncle who he often called his mother and father since his parents had been taken away from him long ago. After a wereanimal finished puberty in a wereanimal stage they were between 20 and twenty three. Ichigo had the body of a twenty one year old and had a great physique even though he was tortured and starved. Usually he had been along but there was a man slumped against the wall with blue hair who never looked up once. He too was naked and Ichigo licked his lips. He was near fifty years old but even though his age spoke twenty one. He never once got to go mate so he was stuck only getting laid by Szayel. He did not enjoy it but since he couldn't really experiment with females he began to think things about the blue haired mystery man. He'd shown up a week ago. The man wasn't tied up or anything which mean Szayel didn't think of him as a treat or he did. The man refused to move. Slumped up against the wall looking down. He reminded Ichigo of himself. Szayels initiation was horrible. While Ichigo's gaze ranked up the man for the first time he noticed the collars around his neck and the hard tick bands around his arms and legs.

"Hey you," Ichigo asked in a coarse voice.

It had been a long time since he had spoken as well as his throat was dry and it felt s if his throat was being scratched. Ichigo blinked away the tears.

"Hey you!" Ichigo said in a louder voice.

The man looked up. Blood coating his face with tears.

The guy probably though I was Szayel thought Ichigo.

"What?" asked the man in a whispered voice that sounded strange," I can't hear very well. That freak hit me hard and did something to my hearing."

"Come closer than," said Ichigo a little louder.

Than man saw the constricted look of pain and moved closer. Slow and agonizingly as pain attacked him. When he made it over the Ichigo watched the blue haired man. Neither one of them had eaten since they saw each other. Grimmjow refused thinking it was a drug that could harm him. Ichigo never really got food nor drink and the leather on him was the refrain him from reverting to his animal form. No doubt Grimmjow would freak.

"Are you okay?" asked Grimmjow.

Ichigo then saw it. The gold balls in his mouth.

Sex slave thought Ichigo.

Szayel had not given Ichigo piercings but only tattoo' currently had a Celtic tribal tattoo on his left bicep. As well as another tribal tattoo that covered his right arm tribal tattoo as well as his right side of his chest. It seemed like a bird but each was in black and the one on best and right arm will outlined with blue on the outside.

Ichigo nodded his head," I just haven't drank anything. It's nothing really."

"How long?" asked Grimmjow.

"I dunno more than a few years," answered Ichigo.

"I see," replied Grimmjow," what type of wereanimal?"

"Huh?" asked Ichigo," can't you tell."

"I can sense your something but my powers are restricted," said Grimmjow.

"Tiger, you?" asked Ichigo.

"Panther," replied Grimmjow.

"So were family in a sense," said Ichigo.

"I don't consider you family or else I wouldn't be able to do this," Grimmjow replied and moved up to kiss Ichigo's soft lips.

Sticking his tongue in to moisture it. Grimmjow pulled back to only be zapped.

"No pleasure for you slave," said Szayel" you on-"

Szayel was but off and began screaming. The gurgling noises he made before they stopped. Ichigo was free and transformed. Moving towards Grimmjow he manage to rip off the horrible things. It took effort. Ichigo was weak and he had to pull off five. The metal had cut his gums and he spat out blood but after a few seconds the marks were healed. Those damn leather straps had contained his powers as well as his strength. Making it hard for him to heal and since it was all built up it hurt his body more than helping it. The strategy Ichigo used to remove the bands was he moved them from the arm down and Grimmjow groaned from protest. When Ichigo had finished he slumped back and laid on the floor panting and naked once again. Grimmjow moved over and kissed Ichigo's cheek. Hugging Ichigo in gratitude burring his face in Ichigo's neck.

"Thank you," said Grimmjow.

Ichigo was so weak from being chained up for over twenty years and felt like a new born. All he could do was cuddle into Grimmjow. Ichigo jumped when the door was spartan kicked open revealing his other mother, father and some other men behind them. Ichigo blinked. The light was bright and his pupils constricted and dilated.

"Mom," said Ichigo.

"Starkk, Ulquiorra, Nnoi?" said Grimmjow.

"Came ta getcha," said Nnoi.

Ichigo's grip began to loosen as he saw his mother. He began crawling forward. Tears brimming in his eyes. His constant hours of praying had finally come true.

"My baby!" cried Yoroichi and ran to Ichigo in her panther form. She nuzzled his cheek and he returned the jesture. Yoroichi growled at the tattoo's covering Ichigo.

He marked up my baby snarled Yoroichi.

"Dude do you have any idea how long you've been missing," replied Starkk.

Grimmjow shook his head.

"Almost thirty years," replied ulquiorra.

Ichigo stopped cuddling with his mother to look at Grimmjow.

"I've been gone for ever twenty five years," said Ichigo.

"No," replied Kisuke," it's been longer than that. You're nearing forty years."

Yoroichi roared and Ichigo saw the pain in her eyes.

"Why are you with them?" asked Grimmjow in confusion.

"We met up when we were lookin fer you," said Nnoi," about ten years ago. Yoroichi would have killed us had Kisuke not pulled her off. After they explained everything we became a bigger pack. We've been looking fer you together."

Yoroichi reverted back to her human form and picked up Ichigo. Tears in her eyes. Grimmjow struggled to get up. Ulquiorra moved forward to investigate.

Of course he'd have someone waiting for him thought Ichigo.

He knew it was that time of year where wereanimals were in heat and right now Ichigo's senses craved Grimmjow yet Ichigo couldn't possible have sex. He watched as Ulquiorra inspected the body and when Ichigo saw the balls he had. There were at least five. Wereanimals couldn't die from bloodless because they healed extremely fast.

"Those bastards," snarled Ulquiorra," how dare they defile my brother."

Brother thought Ichigo so there is hope.

"I want to go home," replied Ichigo and Grimmjow.

"What else did they do to you brother?" asked Starkk.

"They made sure I'd loose my hearing," said Grimmjow," I'm not fully deaf but getting their. My hearing will return soon though. Thank God. You all sound muffled to me."

Nnoi snarled loudly.

"C'mon I got the van," said Nnoi, " it's large enough for you to become an animal and heal more quickly."

Ichigo looked up. Closing his eyes. He hadn't transformed for almost forty years. Remembering the feeling of being a cub again Ichigo transformed into a small tiger.

"Wow you're little," commented Nnoi.

Ichigo snarled and in an instant went back to his full size only to wince and fall down.

Bastard! I chose to be little because there was no danger Ichigo sent to Nnoi telepathically.

Nnoi looked somewhat nervous at the change in size and was tense. His muscles relaxing once Ichigo had reverted to being cub size. Yoroichi picked him up and Ichigo licked her face giving her a kiss. Moving to Kisuke Yoroichi began to smile for the first time since Ichigo had gone missing.

"We got him back Kisuke," said Yoroichi.

Kisuke wrapped his arm around his mate and kissed her.

"I know," said Kisuke," and this time no one, and i mean no one will take him from us."

"Or else we will kill anyone who tries," declared Ulquiorra," no one will take away Grimmjow or Ichigo again."

Ichigo was touched. A family. They were basically brothers. He'd never had brothers.

"Where's Nel?" asked Grimmjow.

"Your sister is waiting in the van," said Nnoi.

Ichigo's heart felt like a knife had been stabbed through his heart. Repeatedly and twisting the blade as well with the last thrust. He's never been around a female except his mother. It was painful and if any tried Yoroichi would shoo them away before they even tried to make contact with Ichigo. Saying he didn't want any around. Every time Ichigo saw a female he'd be haunted by images of his sister's death. Closing his eyes he felt Yoroichi stroke his fur.

"Don't worry she's mated," Yoroichi whispered.

That eased Ichigo a bit but still seeing a female made him think of his sisters and how they never got to enjoy life.

"Lets go," said Kisuke.

Moving forward they escaped the dark room and were greated by the lights. Ichigo growled at that. It had been a while since he saw light. Closing his eyes they continued moving and when Ichigo smelt the fresh spring night air he smiled. The scent of rain filled his nostrils. It had recently rained. When he saw the van it looked like one of those government vans but larger. There were front seats but not back seats. It was at least ten feet long. As well as five feet wide. They were out in the wilderness and Ichigo had no idea where he was.

"America," said Yoroichi.

America? said a confused Ichigo.

He hadn't been in Canada for a long time.

Where? asked Ichigo.

"Connecticut," replied Kisuke.

I wanna go home, spoke Ichigo.

"I know," said Kisuke," we have a private plane to get us back home. There is a man named Tesla who is taking us back. he's one of us."

Nodding his Ichigo was happy when he saw a bed in the van. A real bed. Something soft and fluffy. He hadn't slept on anything nice in so long. When his mother placed him down Ichigo began to purr. Grimmjow was in his black panther form moving over to Ichigo. His head resting on Ichigo's. Ichigo looked up.


Well I didn't think you'd be near me Grimmjow.

Ya were the first person who never beat me. I'm grateful. As well as being able to hear you properly. So clear.

Ichigo looked down and then back up. Ever since they were on the bed everyone besides Nnoi who was driving snuggled up against Grimmjow. Nel was there and Ichigo only looked at her for a second. There was no other man.

"Tesla is her mate," replied Yoroichi.

I wanna sleep but I can't Ichigo sent to Yoroichi.

Grimmjow heard the thought

I'll protect ya Ichi. Promise Grimmjow sent to Ichigo I'll sleep if you sleep.

I can't so please don't make me Ichigo pleaded.

Okay Ichigo replied Grimmjow

Ichigo watched as Grimmjow closed his eyes and soon joined after.

3 days later.

Ichigo awoke to the sense of familiarity. Opening his eyes he noticed his old room. Smiling Ichigo tried to move but cried out. The cry being heard Yoroichi entered the room and looked frantic.

"You're awake," breathed Yoroichi," you've been sleeping for three days."

Moving forward, Ichigo watched his mother. She picked him up and he felt so frail. He was wearing...Cloths. It amazed him how uncomfortable they were but he enjoyed it more than being naked. He wore black jeans that were a little shredded and a black Judist Priest shirt.

"C..Can I try walking?" asked Ichigo.

Yoroichi placed him down gently, her arms wrapped around his waist and his own arm wrapped around her arm. Ichigo wobbled as she moved forward and Yorichi smiled as Ichigo was talking his first steps. It was like he was a baby all over again. Kisuke was a weretiger and Isshin's brother and they could have children but Yoroichi was satisfied with Ichigo. They couldn't be around as much when Ichigo was a child. They trained him though. Trained him to strike so he could gain his pure instinct animals. To do so they attacked with a murderous intent. Ichigo was close to surpassing them by now. Had he not been locked away he would have surpassed his parents by age twenty seven. Ichigo's nostrils smelt the room. He at first was trying to figure where everyone was but he smelt something drifting through the air swirling around. His mouth being watering. Food.

"Food," said Ichigo.

"We made a lot," said Yoroichi.

"Mmmmmm," said Ichigo," I ahven't aten for over twenty years. Haven't had a drink for over a decade."

Yoroichi tensed," Then I'm glad I showed no mercy."

"Well it's a good thing we can't die from starvation or dehydration," said Ichigo.

Wereanimals were not immortal but they didn't age like a human would. Each year meant more power for them. The way to die while rip the animal to shred in human or animal form if they could and squash every single piece. Ichigo had powerful parents which was passed down to him. Ichigo stomach loudly growled for the first time in over a decade. After a certain amount of time when Ichigo could no longer smell food he could no longer sense hungry. The only thing he could sense was constricting pain. Though that may have been from the toxin injected in his body daily to keep him weak. Szayel took all precautions since he didn't have many wereanimals. Entering the kitchen there was a large table. Three large frying pans full of yellow eggs, a giant platter of bacon, toast, pancakes, strawberry sauce, whip cream, sausages, ham, platters of meat, crepes, breakfast burritos, french toast, cinnamon rolls, and some muffins. As well as fresh fruit. Strawberries, honey dew, cantaloupe, grapes, pineapples, blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate, oranges, cherries and a watermelon. There was at least twelve pitches of juice. Orange juice, apple, blueberry, raspberry juice as well. Three of each kind. All freshly squeezed.

"Is Grimmjow awake?"asked Ichigo

"I'm back from the dead bitches," said Grimmjow.

Ichigo turned to look at him but looked away when Grimmjow's gaze went to him.

"How's your tongue?" asked Ichigo.

"Huh?" said a confused Grimmjow.

"Piercings," said Ichigo.

"Oh," said Grimmjow and stuck out his tongue and winked.

The gold metal balls were no longer there however they were now silver.

"You're still keeping them in," said Ichigo.

"They hurt when I try to take them out," said Grimmjow," that bastard made sure it would."

Ichigo heard a blonde man growl low in his throat.

"Bastard," growled the man," no one harms my brother in law."

Ichigo then realized he was Tesla.

"Lets sit down Ichi," said Grimmjow," I'm hungry. Been out as long as you."

Nodding his head Ichigo moved to sit down in an spot with his mother. His father beside his mother and Grimmjow beside Ichigo. While Ichigo sat beside Grimmjow he was envious of how easy the blue haired man could move about. How Szayel didn't have him restrained as harshly. Ichigo could only stare at the food. Afraid to touch it. He knew it was made for them but he hesitated until he saw Grimmjow dig in. Eating as if he were civilized. Not an animal. Ichigo was afraid to eat in case he messed up and ate like the animal he was. Yoroichi sensed hesitation and she began to fill the large plate with ten strips of bacon, four sasusages, a steak, five pieces of french toast with peanut butter and raspberry jam on it, six pancakes, a bowl of the fruit, scrambled eggs and took a pitcher of orange and raspberry juice knowing those were his favorites. The scents were intoxicating as Ichigo smelt them deeply. Picking up a slice of bacon Yoroichi put in in front of his face and he nibbled on it. he was still nervous. The taste landed on his tongue dancing around. The crunchy strips were delicious as the grease was on his lips. Crispy bacon was his favorite. Closing his eyes Ichigo savoured the taste. His stomach was ecstatic for the food that was in stomach. Ichigo didn't have to send his mother a telepathic message saying he could like more food. She cut a piece of sausage and placed it in front of his mouth. After finishing off the bacon, eggs and sausages Ichigo trusted himself to feed himself. Taking the juice first he had to quench his thirst and downed the raspberry juice in one go. Ichigo noticed Grimmjow was on his second the fork for the first time in so long and had a confused look on his face. He tried and managed to do so. He took the french toaste and ate it. His stomach was beginning to feel full. everyone was enjoying the meal. This made Ichigo smile a little. Family. So this was what it was like. Watching Starrk and Nnoi fight over a steak only to have Neliel punch them both. Ichigo laughed and that made Yoroichi's heart tighten at the sight of Ichigo happy. It surprised Ichigo and Yoroichi when Grimmjow wrapped his arm around Ichigo. Ichigo's eyes wide as his head was against Grimmjow's shoulder.

"Uh Grimm," said Ichigo," what are ya doing?"

"Holdin my mate," said Grimmjow nonchalantly.

Ichigo gaped and his mother growled.

"You have no right to say that," said Yoroichi.

"Don't need to I can feel it," said Grimmjow," can you Ichi."

Ichigo looked down. He did feel it. His hunger now curbed revealed the magnetic pull he felt towards Grimmjow. Wanting to kiss him, hug him, so when he and Grimmjow slept together in the van and hugged when Ichigo saved him. It was because he wanted to and he felt something towards the man.

"Is it true?" asked Yoroichi.

"I feel some pull," whispered Ichigo.

Yoroichi hugged Ichigo and kissed his forehead.

"I love you Ichi," said Yoroichi," I just don't want you to grow up. Being like us I'm surprised your mother only had you. Our kind always conceives more than one. Really rare to have one."

"Are you gonna have a baby?" asked Ichigo.

"We've been considering," admitted Yoroichi," but not matter what our biological son or daughters could never replace you. Ever. Though if we do have kids they would either be a tiger or a panther. So strong, like you."

Ichigo smiled at his mother," I would want a sister or brother. Most of all I'd want you happy."

Grimmjow kissed Ichigo's temples.

"So how ya feelin Ichi?" asked Grimmjow.

"Better," replied Ichigo," how about your hearing?"

"I can hear fine now," said Grimmjow," it's great."

"I'm glad I can feel my strength returning," said Ichigo.

"I as well," said Grimmjow.

"Good," said Nnoi," cause it wouldn't be fun if you were a puss."

"Where's Lilynette?" asked Grimmjow.

"She's somwhere," said Starkk.

"Good father you are," said Ulquiorra," not even knowing where your daughter is."

"She's probably with her mother Halibel," replied Starkk.

"Well you at least know where they are," counter ulquiorra.

Starkk paused for a moment probably searching for where his family was.

"They're safe," replied Starkk," I sense no danger."

Ichigo was excited to have a new family memeber possible. If Yoroichi could control her temper and not shift. It saddened him knowing he couldn't have a child but being in a pack meant that everyone took care of the young ones until they aged and hit puberty. Even afterwards the pack treated you as if you were their child.

"We've gone far with technology," said Ichigo," computers, dishwashers, washer and dryers, all these electronics. Man I feel like an old man."

Everyone laughed. Ichigo joined and moved away from Grimmjow.

where you going? asked Grimmjow

The living room. Laying on the couch

kay. See you in a few. I'm still hungry.

Nodding his head Ichigo agreed. Happy he could move about on his own. Though his legs no longer wobbled when he walked they still felt like jelly. He could hear Grimmjow's chair move and him run up to Ichigo. When his arm wrapped around Ichigo's shoulder Ichigo flinched.

"Sorry," said Grimmjow," I know your still touchy but I just wanna enjoy this feeling of matehood."

"We're not mated fully," said Ichigo," we still have a ceremony."

"And I'll make sure you love every minute of it," said Grimmjow and kissed his cheek.

Ichigo was flattered because both of them were sex slaves. Ichigo had special handcuffs made for him so he couldn't shift, use his strengths and was rendered powerless. As well as Szayel would often be knocked out. Szayel often enjoyed knocking out Ichigo while he would often fuck Ichigo without preperation and often punishing him by leaving marks. Hurting Ichigo as much as possible. Ichigo healed, but it hurt for the first while. Though Szayel took most of his powers there was still some that could help with the healing process and thats all he focused his energy on. It was the same back then as it was now. Energy to fix his body. So the fact that Grimmjow was being considerate and would not be rough with Ichigo was a nice change. So this was love. Sitting down on the couch Ichigo began kissing Grimmjow. His face heating as his mouth opened having his tongue slide into Grimmjow's. Pulling himself on Grimmjow's lap his cock twitched at the feeling of Grimmjow as the tips of his fingers ran over his tattoo. No one touched them. They were there for show explaining owner ship but when Grimmjow touched them they felt like nothing to Ichigo but just ink. Wereanimals spent time learning about themselves but often in the beginning especially when it was mating season spent the first little while fucking each others brains out.

"Ichi," breathed Grimmjow.

"I'm ready," whispered Ichigo," I'm certain you wouldn't hurt me."

"Never," swore Grimmjow," never because I love you."

Ichigo's breath hitched," I love you too."

Wrapping his arms around Grimmjow's neck and his legs around his waist Grimmjow began to walk away from the living room to his room. There were a few ways to get there so he took the way where he wouldn't run into anyone. The entire time Ichigo and Grimmjow's lips never left each other's mouths. Ichigo could feel Grimmjow's rock hard erection pressing against his own. This only let him moan and move his hips forward. Once they made it to the bedroom Grimmjow laid Ichigo on the bed. Ichigo and Grimmjow taking off their cloths in a rush and throwing them away as if they meant nothing. They both wanted this and were unable to deny the lust they had for each other. Each kiss increasing the rate of pleasure. Grimmjow moved on the bed. His body above Ichigo's as he dipped his head down and tenderly kissed Ichigo. in return Ichigo touched Grimmjow's chest pinching his ribs having Grimmjow growl in approval. Continuing to pleasure Grimmjow Ichigo rang his hands down Grimmjow's body and moved to the erect memeber. His hand closing around it as he began to pumping his cock forward. Not hard but fast.

"Harder," growled Grimmjow.

Even though they had been sex slaves, wereanimals happened to enjoy rough hard sex. It was usually the best thing for them. Though for mating it didn't matter if it was rough or hard. They just had to exchange blood with the person they knew they loved. If they even faltered or hesitated in doing so while sharing blood while being in each other the symbol would no show. Both partners had to have true lust for each other. Lust due to drugs didn't affect mating. It had to be true love. So basically if their kind wants to fuck around and be sleeze balls the could do so and as long as they never loved them they were good. Often they did enjoy sharing blood because blood was power. Ichigo didn't know if Szayel took his blood but he would never felt drained. If humans drank their blood it didn't make them stronger. Gripping Grimmjow's hardened penis and roughly jerked made Grimmjow hiss and moaned.

"Fuck Ichi," moaned Grimmjow.

"I know," breathed Ichigo," . I fucking love you Grimmjow."

"I..I love you too," said Grimmjow.

Ichigo managed to slick Grimmjow's cock as well s his fingers with precum. Smiling Ichigo laughed and kissed Grimmjow more forcefully. While removing his fingers away Grimmjow lightly bit on Ichigo's lip to hid the fact that Grimmjow moaned from the lack of contact. Moving his fingers to his behind, Grimmjow opened his eyes and moved back to look at Ichigo. Ichigo was fingering himself and it turned Grimmjow on.

"y..you," sputtered Grimmjow.

"I know how to please you," said Ichigo and winked.

"How?" asked Grimmjow.

While Ichigo continued to finger himself he decided to tell Grimmjow telepathically instead so he didn't have to waste time talking to Grimmjow. He wanted to spend his time kissing and pleasing Grimmjow.

For a week, when you showed up I was not touch by Szayel. He pleasured you and while you were drugged on occasions when you were drugged I noticed what you enjoyed. While when you weren't drugged I compared it to what you didn't like. To be honest it was fucking hot. I didn't get to talk to you though. Since you always had your head down.

You did too

Touche Grimm. But now I don't want to not look at you.

Adding a second finger Grimmjow moaned as Ichigo's face. He wanted his Ichi to make sure he was stretched good. There was no way he wanted to hurt his lover. Grimmjow moved his fingers in Ichigo's hair having him tense. It wasn't stroking. When people stroked his hair it was comforting. What Grimmjow did was more of a grip.

"Let go," breathed Ichigo.

"Sorry," apologized Grimmjow.

"There are certain things I don't like," said Ichigo," I'll tell you them later."

Grimmjow nodded his head and when Ichigo moved to Grimmjow's neck he knew it was time for what he wanted. Grimmjow's incisors growing. His body rock hard. Ichigo sucked in a sharp breath when Grimmjow licked his neck. Taking his fingers out of his ass Ichigo guided Grimmjow's cock to his centre. Biting down on Ichigo's neck the copper taste of the blood landed on his mouth. Cocking his head to the side more Ichigo leaned forward and bit harshly into Grimmjow's neck. It was strange for Ichigo going in inch by inch instead of thrusting in right away. Grimmjow grunted at how tight Ichigo was but enjoyed the taste of him. The copper taste didn't take long to dissolve and now Ichigo tasted of spice. Fierceness and power. While with Grimmjow, Ichigo tasted the night. The forest at night. That scent entering his senses. Ichigo felt a tear slide down his cheek.

Don't cry Ichi

Don't worry I'm not in pain. It's from happiness

Having Grimmjow slide deeper inside he began a rhythm. Slow and sensual as Grimmjow would stop to rub his dick against Ichigo's prostate. Ichigo's eyes widened at teh pleasure. He'd never experienced this with Szayel. With Szayel it was fear. Ichigo was thankful for not developing Stockholm syndrome. Though he was pretty sure Szayel had megalomania. The man believe he was superior over him, as well as he would rather be feared than loved. He wanted his slaves and everyone to fear him. The man's ego was big and when he lost his favorite items he would become enraged when it would disappear. He was controlling and a dictator. Grimmjow began a quick pace. The good thing about being wereanimals meant it was harder to die from blood loss but he knew they had a time limit. Ichigo seemed to find that out to as he met the thrusts Grimmjow gave. This had Grimmjow's mind racing about how good sex could actually feel. He'd been a virgin until Szayel had captured him while he had been hunting in a Argentinian forest. Ichigo felt the same. For once sex brought pleasure,not pain and fear. Pleasure sliced through his body and it felt good as it hummed through his body. Buzzing through him.

"Griwmm," moaned Ichigo against Grimmjow's neck.

It didn't sound right since he was still sucking out the blood. Grimmjow's hands moved to Ichigo's penis and began his thrust. Ichigo breathed through his nose and as his prostate was struck several times he came out and cried in his head. Screaming Grimmjow's name. Grimmjow in turn came inside Ichigo landing on top of him. Kissing his nose and then licking the wound.

"Are you gonna kiss my neck better?" asked Grimmjow.

Ichigo smiled and licked the puncture marks that were formed. Their saliva could heal injuries. Another reason why Szayel had learned that. The first time Ichigo was "alone" he spat on a cut and Szayel watched as the mark disappeared. It angered him and thats why Ichigo only got a drink rarely ever. Usually only a small shot glass though. Kissing Ichigo he felt a mark attack his neck and moved back. Grimmjow and Ichigo looked at their lovers neck seeing the mark of love form on the skin permanently inch by inch. In Latin there was written forever love. With a red rose there was a black vine nad thorns attached to it. The vines wrapped around the neck and went down their backs. There was another rose at the bottom of their spin. Ichigo's name was written on Grimmjow's neck and vice versa. Smiling Grimmjow moved forward and kissed Ichigo sloppily.

"Ew gross naked people," said a voice.

The two mean looked to see a blonde girl wearing a quiet revealing shirt though she was basically flat chested.

That must be Lilynette thought Ichigo.

Well idk if it was a one shot but I enjoyed writing this long possibly one shot. It was nice. I don't really like writting fluff. I prefer those down in the dumps where people suffer but in the end find happiness. Fluff is hard to write. Idk hence why I'm prob stuck for my CT story :/ anyways I hope you enjoyed the story.

http :/ tattoos design slive . com / img / celtic - cross - tattoo - 4 . jpg the sight for celtic tat but take away spaces.

http :/ i275 . photobucket . com / albums / jj308 / jcar 9271 /celtic3 . jpg ichi's other tat but take away spaces

http :/ 1 . bp . blogspot . com / _5-SfsDBoUZI / TG07 pqlL6rI / AAAAAAAAAKs / MKcPg2UMCwk / s1600 / flower + tattoo + tribal + design . jpg take away spaces. Mate tattoo but with roses.

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