Ichigo was confused. Where was he. His eyes were open and he was standing. His body didn't even hurt. The last thing he remembered was Grimmjow. The look of shock on his face and realization on what he had done. Ichigo moved his fingers to touch his throat. It didn't hurt like he suspected. This wasn't what death was suppose to be like. Where was his family? Instead he was in a white tunnel moving forward. Ichigo didn't want to die but he figured it was best anyway when Grimmjow didn't love him enough to snap out of what ever happened to him.

A light appeared causing Ichigo to flinch. What could possible go wrong now? He was already dead. Was God going to come forward spouting crap about how Ichigo was a sinner and going to hell for being a homosexual. Like hell he'd do that. He'd kick God's ass just to see his family.

Instead Ichigo was shocked. A womanly figure came forward and Ichigo noticed her figures. Soft wavy orange locks similar to his own. The woman wasn't as tall as Ichigo but she still held the same soft brown eyes Ichigo tended to have on occasions instead of his stormy brown ones.

"Mom?" Ichigo croaked out.

Well turns out strangulation did somewhat affect his voice since it hurt to speak. Or maybe it was the emotional factor of seeing his deceased mother in so long. Seventy long years. The woman nodded and moved forward. Her arms wrapping around Ichigo's giving him a hug. Ichigo hugged back. Tears freely falling from his eyes. This was his real mother. The woman he never thought he'd see again. Maybe the fates had been kind enough to allow Ichigo to be with his family in the after life. Holding on to her like a life line he sobbed. Babbling how he missed her and was so sorry for everything that happened. His mother soothed his sorrows though. Hushing that everything was all right and that no one blamed him. This made Ichigo smile. His mother was the nicest person on heaven and earth. Always forgiving no matter how much people had done to her.

"You got to go back," said Masaki.

"What?" asked Ichigo heart broken.

"It wasn't your time," answered Maski," you weren't meant to die. I was sent here to tell you such a thing because I love you sweetie. Your mate needs you. We can wait. Your new family cannot. Don't you wanna be a good big brother?"

"Yoroichi is pregnant?" asked Ichigo.

Maski nodded her head," I'm going to send you back now okay. It might hurt though."

Kissing her son on the forehead Maski then placed her hand on Ichigo's chest, pressing life into his body.

As Ichigo travelled back, something felt different and odd. Something that may have come back with him from the after life.

Grimmjow didn't know what to do. Frozen in place. Ichigo's heart wasn't beating. He had killed his lover. Why? Grimmjow was unsure. He loved Ichigo. This man was his whole world, his everything. The pain throughout his body made Grimmjow want to die himself. It was unbearable. His heart beat loudly.

"You can't be dead," whispered Grimjow to the lifeless Ichigo," wake up! You can't leave me! Your mom! Wake up!"

Grimmjow gripped Ichigo's shoulders, no tears were falling but his heart was breaking on the inside as well as his body on the outside. Grimmjow figured this must be what it feels like to loose your mate. Why so many mated pair once one dies the other soon followes. True dedication. True love. Stark had Lilynette from a previous mate. The only thing that must have kept him going instead of dying must have been the will to see Grimmjow. Lilynette wasn't born until after Grimmjow had been captured.

"I'm sorry okay!" Grimmjow scream with tears falling freely," is that what you wanted to hear?! I'm fucking sorry okay! I love you!"

A few minutes had passed and Grimmjow was about to leave Ichigo to go kill himself. There was no point in living. Not any more. Standing up, Grimmjow was stopped by the pressure that was on his wrist followed by some hysteric giggling. Turning his head around Grimmjow saw Ichigo. Laughing like a maniac. Grimmjow froze. Ichigo was...Alive. But how? He wasn't breathe a few minutes ago. In fact Ichigo had been dead.

"Just kidding," giggled Ichigo.

Grimmjow could only stare at his mate.

"Ichigo you really are a hopeless case!" said Ichigo in a watery tone.

Szayel had run to the room to go take care of Ichigo who was suppose to be dead. In fact, Szayel would kill all of them. He would find new and better toys. Holding out a gun with toxins inside that would kill anything automatically Szayel shot Ichigo. The man didn't die though. Instead he released Szayel only to cackle once again.

"You've been a bad boy!" sang Ichigo," now it's time for your punishment!"

The being was not Ichigo as far as Grimmjow was concerned. Grimmjow was right though. This was a possessive demon that came back with Ichigo from the afterlife. It wasn't a bad demon. This possessive demon was also a protector. As well as a part of Ichigo's magic that he had not known about. The creature was like Ichigo but not a carbon copy. It had a more...Insane personality from watching those go through the light but forever be stuck in between worlds.

The being moved closer and closer. Missing another poison dart only to move with great velocity and grasp the pink haired bastards throat. Smirking as he noticed the bugged out eyes and the man scratching to be set free. The gun had been released from his hand and "Ichigo" could only smirk. The moron probably had not injected himself with an anitode to make him immune to such a substance. To prove his point as the demon possessing Ichigo's body grasped the gun and held it to Szayel's throat he watched the man squirm even more. Trying frantically to free himself. This only made the demon smile even wider.

"Squirm pig, squirm," whispered the demon in a watery voice.

Without another second Szayel had been injected with the fluids and was dropped on the ground. The demon above him smiled as he began to kick Szayel, having the man hit the wall and managed to indent it. The demon knew that the pansy was to weak and cackled, watching the man crumple to the floor and cease moving. Smiling he began to disembowel the creature with his own claws. Tearing out the man's heart, intestines. kidney, liver and wrapping some of the intestines around the lower class demons neck. Eyes full of glee.

Afterwards, he then ripped each limb off. Spitting an acidic like substance over the creature. Watching the skin bubble. The limbs would not be growing back. Some more was spat in Szayels stomach which made sure no organs would regrow either. This man would not be coming back no matter how hard he tried. The demon figured Ichigo would now be safe and took his leave to the far place in Ichigo's mind that was dark but not before giving his master his name. Ogichi.

Ichigo blinked in confusing. Seeing the dead man before him almost caused Ichigo to puke. The fact that he was standing before the man made him wonder that he did it. That was before the past few minutes ran through his head telling him a demon named Ogichi had done it.

Turning around Ichigo noticed Grimmjow and Ichigo wanted to run to him. He really did but he was still afraid. Yes, Grimmjow had done those things to him but it couldn't have been on purpose. It had to be Szayel's fault. Ichigo tried smiling at Grimmjow and warily watched him as he moved forward. When he was in front of Ichigo, Ichigo was afraid of what Grimmjow would say.

"Is that really you?" asked Grimmjow.

"Yes, it's really me," answered Ichigo in a hoarse voice.

Before Ichigo could say anything else, not that he wanted to since his voice burned, Grimmjow pulled him into a hug. Ichigo could feel something damp on his neck and realized it was Grimmjow's tears as he held tightly onto Ichigo.

"Never gonna let you go," Grimmjow breathed," you're mine. Forever."

Ichigo's breath hitched at that. Grimmjow kissed Ichigo.

The moment was ruined though when the wall was busted open. The door forgotten and a sense of familiarity went through Ichigo as he turned to noticed his family standing at the door. Yoroichi ran forward and held the two of them sobbing. Starkk moved to his daughter and everyone surrounded them. Grimmjow and Ichigo's bodies had decided that after so much of a commotion that they were tired. Soon after they fell asleep and were carried to the van. Where they would head back to their cabin.

*2 months later*

Yoroichi had had her cubs. There were three of them and they were healthy. Ichigo and Grimmjow had a hard time recuperating. Going nowhere without each other. Ichigo had the hardest time though. The first few days not allowing anyone to touch him. Ichigo had relented after a bad nightmare and an emotional break down. Soon enough they never left each others sides.

Bathing together, eating when each other ate and having their familiars close by to be their guardians. They were on high alert encase one of them were to get stolen in the middle of the night. One time Ichigo pulling a gun on his father out of fear it was Szayel coming back from the dead. Ichigo apologized and a voice in the back of his head whispered that the man was dead. What was in the fluids was fatal. It was also because the man named Ogichi had powers he shared with Ichigo. Affecting rebirth. That was Szayel's power.

Ogichi had made sure Szayel could not come back because his soul had been torn to shred. no way could it be prefabricated. Everyone shared the same soul from their previous life, their personalities could change but it was the same old soul. That's what deja vu was considered. Memories from a past life.

Ichigo and Grimmjow went to go visit their mother and noticed her smile. There was one cub that out of the three that was the odd ball. Snow white body and ashy colored hair, the child was a white tiger. Yoroichi held him forward for Ichigo to hold. She told him his name was Ogichi Shiro Shihohen. basically decline the cubs having Uruahra as a last name.

Ichigo cooed at the little cub who would be his little brother. Smiling at the name. Sometimes Ogichi would speak to Ichigo but lately he had been silent, it made Ichigo worry that the demon had disappeared and left. Ichigo was really starting to enjoy his company. He was a great conversationalist and helped Ichigo get over his fears.

"He's yours," whispered Yoroichi.

Ichigo and Grimmjow had a confused look on their face.

"You can have him as a son," said Yoroichi," me and Kisuke talked about it. Since he's the odd ball and runt of the litter he wouldn't make it far since the other cubs might treat him differently. But with parents as odd as yourselves I can see him go far. We won't take no for an answer."

Ichigo smiled at his mother. This was a true blessing. It was like having a son of his own. Grimmjow was still flabbergasted. Jaw open and Ichigo could swear it would touch the floor if it could. That was until the child opened his eyes.

Black on gold eyes stared back. Shining with happiness. It wasn't the strange colored sclera's that caused shocked. It was the color of eyes. It wasn't the same musty gold colored eyes Szayel had, Ogichi's eyes were more bright, a yellow of the sorts. It made Grimmjow stiffen until the child reached out to hold one of Grimmjow's thumbs in his tiny hand causing the child to purr.

Grimmjow's petrified expression became one of awe. The innocent child would not be like their monster of a capturer. They were sure of it.

Ichigo moved closer to Grimmjow. Tail wrapping around his arm as Grimmjow had Ichigo in his arms. The two smiling happily as Grimmjow placed a kiss on his lips.

"Together forever," promised Grimmjow.

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