"Hello? Anyone in here?"

A voice came from outside, it was a teenage boy sporting a messy hair, red hoodie, bright blue jeans and a silver pair of sneakers, walks inside the garage, he's looking for something.

"Agh Jeez, where is it?" he continued.

The room was filled with trash and gadgets, like it was the dumpsite for tech dudes. The boy kept on searching...

"Where the hell is it?" he asks himself.

He went digging through a pile of equipments, until,

"BINGO!" He blurted out.

he pulls out a wire, a speaker jack

"I hope he doesn't mind me using it." He said.

He digs for his pocket and pulls out his phone, hooks it up to the speaker, his hand slowly reaches for the speaker's volume button, slowly turning it up to maximum, and does the same to his phone's volume. Buzzing is heard as soon as both gadgets reach maximum volume.

The boy ingnored this.

He pulls out a pair of shades from his other pocket and puts it on, with a small grin on his face, he says,

"Time to ROCK AND ROLL."

He presses the play icon on his phone then...


The speaker explodes, the kid gets sent a few feet from where he was standing, crashing on the shelf opposite the blown-up speaker, causing the books on the shelf to crash on him. The teen grunts as he slowly rise through the heap of books, the shades on his face were out of place, his hair even messier and his brown eyes wide in shock, looking at the damage he's caused.

"Whoa, smash and boom." he said.

"What's going on in there?" another man's voice called out from outside.

"Oh, nothing" The teen replied.

The door wedged open, a familiar face took a peep...

It was MARTY McFLY, now aged, but not like the way he "shoud have" been, this Marty's younger, looking in his thirties but really in his late-forties.

"What's going on in he-?" He stopped as soon as he saw the mess the kid created.

"What the hell happened here?" He asked the boy.

"Uuuuh... the speaker blew up." the messed-up kid replied.


"I set the volume to maximum." the kid ended, with a scoff and a laugh.

Marty's eyes widened... deja vu?

"Oh, " he said.

"I'm sorry." apologized the boy.

"You really remind me of myself, Marty." Marty said to the boy.

Turns out, it was MARTY JR., but he looked REALLY different.

"Oh man, Doc's gonna kill me." Marty Jr. said

"Ah, you don't need to worry 'bout him, I also blew up his speaker when I was your age." Marty Sr. said, tapping his son on his shoulder.

They stepped out of the garage.

"You know son, you really did not look the way I remember you." Marty Sr. added.

Marty Jr. did not understand this, but he nodded anyway.

"Why did he ask you to come here dad?" Marty Jr. asked

"I don't know, maybe he'll ask me to do get something for him." said Marty Sr.

"Why this early?" The teen asked.

"I'm totally clueless," said Marty Sr. flatly.

The boy still didn't get that, but STILL nodded.

"Now, we better get going back home now, your mom's making breakfast." the old man added while taking a glance at his watch.

"What about Doc's errand?"

"I'll figure out a way to get to him later."

The two entered a car, then drove back to their house, back to HILLDALE.